Gacha Gacha Crate January 2019 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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Gacha Gacha Crate is a new box from Japan Crate that follows the gachapon craze in Japan. Each box contains six hand-selected gachapon capsules that may contain useful accessories, your favorite characters, and a whole lot more.  Boxes start at $28, and shipping is free.

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The presentation is really kawaii! It’s like a nest containing six gachapon capsules sitting comfortably in orange fillers.

Every box includes a monthly Gacha Gacha magazine!

Featured in the magazine are types of Japanese Toys. The Kendama is considered to be the Japanese counterpart of the yoyo, and the Metal Tin Toys that gained popularity in the country and also in the mid 19th century with the industrial boom.

There is also an article about Japanese traditional toys with their modern day counterparts. Here are the traditional Japanese spinning tops, the Koma, and the Beyblade.

It also contains a list of all the items inside the gachapon capsules together with their individual photos and a brief description for each.

Everything in my January 2019 box!

The gachapon capsules came in a variety of colors. Its concept is similar to surprise eggs and blind bags.

Snowman Squishy. The first Holiday-themed toy from the red gachapon is a Snowman squishy.

The Snowman squishy comes in a variety of animals, and we got a polar bear!

The back is all white, and it looks like it’s made of real snow. The toy is so squishy, I can use it as a stress reliever. It’s as soft as the yummy mochi!

Twitter Account x Danbo. From the manga Yotsuba and I comes these Danbo cardboard characters. Out of 6 (one being a mystery), subscribers can get one!

I got one from SEGA, which looks like a fierce fighter!

The details in this cardboard toy figure are fantastic. Just look at the dragon tattoo on his back, and the writings on his cardboard head!

Toilet Memo Pad Keychains. I don’t know about you but this unique gachapon had me really excited. It contains different types of tissue papers that can function as memo pads. Some come in rolls, or in a box!

I got a soft tissue, I mean a tissue paper in a box! It’s so adorable, and at the same time functional. You can hang it on your bag and just pull a piece of paper when you need something to write on.

Disney Friends Head Figure. The next toy I got is a character from Disney. I have to complete the parts to make sure of its identity!

The toy comes in 6 assemblable parts. That yellow-orange bill and feet are already telling who it is!

It’s the adorable anthropomorphic white duck, and one of Mickey’s best buds, Donald Duck!

Of course, he is wearing his iconic sailor shirt with a bow tie, and cap.

Pokemon Bell. Ringing a bell in Japan during New Year is believed to cleanse you from the sins of the previous year. It was what inspired this gachapon!

I feel lucky times two because I got the super cute Pikachu!

This yellow pocket monster can be attached on your phone, with your keys, or on your bags!

Little Bears. This little cute bear in a gachapon is looking for a place to stay warm, and you can find it in a knit hat, mitten, or a bowl of soup!

I found mine inside a pink knit mitten!

The bear can be taken out of the mitten too.

We love fun surprises and Gacha Gacha Crate is one of the best avenues for that. Everything is always cute and we can’t help but get so happy and excited whenever we are opening a capsule of surprise. For this month’s gachapons, we absolutely love the Pokemon with a lucky bell and the fantastically detailed Danbo! Japan fans or fans of adorable mini toys of any age will surely love this subscription full of cute surprises!

What do you think of December’s Gacha Gacha Crate?

Visit Gacha Gacha Crate to subscribe or find out more!


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