Fortune Cookie Soap FCS of the Month February 2019 Box Review

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The FCS of the Month Club is a monthly subscription from Fortune Cookie Soap that features goodies from FCS. The box is now $16.95 a month with free shipping. You can also subscribe just quarterly.

The 2019 version of FCS of the month features $40 in value every month, with 1 full-size product and 3 deluxe samples. See all the details here. There will be a $10 discount code off $25 purchase that expires in 30 days emailed to you with your subscription.

The box is sealed with the FCS tape.

As we open the box, a card is placed on top of everything that’s wrapped in blue tissue paper.

Everything fits so nicely and color coordinated in the box.

February 2019’s theme is WONDERLAND!

Information about the individual items is listed in this booklet. Each item is thoroughly discussed. There’s a description, as well as usage instructions.

Everything in this month’s box!

Almost Alice Fortune Cookie Soap. This month’s featured Fortune Cookie Soap smells of fresh green snap peas, juicy pears, sweet pea flowers, freesia, and some sprinkle of ripe berries.

The soap is adorned with a glittery butterfly!

It’s beautiful! I’m not sure how I will actually use it, as I don’t want to take off the adorable decoration.

It also comes with a little piece of paper that has some bible verse on it, from the book of Matthew that says:

Therefore don’t be anxious for tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Each day’s own evil is sufficient.

There’s another quote on the other side:

It doesn’t matter which way you go.. So long as you get somewhere.

Eat Me Deep Conditioner. The smell actually made me think that I can devour this conditioner! It smells of yellow cake slathered with vanilla frosting that is topped with delicious pineapples and a sprig of cilantro.

The conditioner works as it smells really good. It leaves my hair soft and smooth, and makes it easier to comb while smelling clean and delightful. Note that it’s only 1 ounce, the sizes in this box are mini!

It’s Only A Dream Cuticle Butter. I’m glad that they also included a cuticle butter that nourishes dry and brittle nails, and at the same time, softens and moisturizes the cuticles.

This one also smells so good! Aside from being effective in keeping my nails healthy, I also love its citrusy scent mixed with verbena, lemongrass, and calla lily.

Who Are You? Charcoal Face Mask. It’s charcoal and black, and I didn’t expect that it would smell so sweet! It has the sweet smell of crisp pears, tart limes, vanilla orchid, and raw cane sugar.

To use, apply a thick layer of this face mask over face and neck, avoiding the eye area. After five minutes, where the product is completely absorbed by the skin, rinse it off with warm water.

The mask leaves the face feeling fresh, as it binds dirt and oil, and pulls out the pores, making them less visible. It was really easy to use, and not gritty!

Futterwacken Liquid Shampoo. Before the conditioner, I tried this liquid shampoo that cleans my hair thoroughly. I also love the smell of lilies and grapefruit. It really felt great and worked nicely.

We’re All Mad Here Perfume Oil. I also got this roller of earthy and floral scent perfume oil. Just rub a bit on certain points of your body, and this will give off a lovely smell of mint waters and leafy greens on rich, musky cedarwood.

One thing I love about this subscription is the theme, and how the products go well together! Everything smells really nice, and some are really presented wonderfully. I am talking about this month’s soap, Almost Alice, and I’m giving it an A+ for the shiny butterfly embellishment. Another thing I like is the charcoal face mask, that’s what I really need to minimize visible pores on my face. Everything in this box is enjoyable and smelling fantastic, they sure came from Wonderland!

What do you think of this month’s FCS The Soap Box?

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