For Purpose Kids Helping People And Communities Review + Coupon

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For Purpose Kids is a quarterly subscription box for kids. It provides a fun and engaging way for children ages 5-10 to learn about helping other people, animals, and the environment, whether its around your community, or around the world. The box costs $39.99 per quarter, and they also offer pre-paid quarterly subscriptions and sibling add-ons. Each toolkit contains a children’s book, activity guide, 2-3 activities or items related to the theme, and surprise goodies.

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This is a review of The Be Kind & Do Good Starter Kit!

The box provides materials, simple ideas, and easy-to-do activities to help connect you and your kids to “do good” opportunities in your area.

Everything inside the box is packaged in a green tissue paper sealed with a heart sticker.

We are so excited about this second kit from For Purpose Kids!

Everything in the box!

There’s a heartwarming welcome note from the makers of this box.

It includes a Tool Kit Guide explaining about everything that’s in the kit and more!

Now for some fun, there’s a word search/bank activity that the kids can start with, while they can fill the other page to be truly committed to becoming a real kid-izen.

Uncle Willie And The Soup Kitchen by Dyanne Disalvo-Ryan ($6.99)

A gentle and age-appropiate introduction to two key issues of our time—hunger and homelessness—from a kid’s point of view. This empathy-building book is good for sharing at home or in a classroom.

“Based on the actual volunteer experience of the author, this picture book provides a look into the soup kitchen without an overly sentimental view of the hungry or a dose of pessimism for the reader. With a note about soup kitchens introducing the story, this is informative and new, but not scary,” praised Booklist.

“A boy wonders about the people he sees on his city’s streets until he goes to the soup kitchen where his uncle works. The varied needs of the individuals there become clear to the young narrator. The watercolors use earthtones and careful detail to illustrate aptly the warm, friendly story,” according to The Horn Book.

Recommended as a resource for teachers and librarians to build a connection with their local community and the school, as well as a way for any adult to help foster a conversation and respond to a child’s natural curiosity.

This book will let the kids volunteer along Uncle Willie and his young nephew for a day’s work at a helpful place, where a kid can make a difference.

These are really beautiful illustrations! The book is a great read that teaches the kids that helping others can make the world a better place.

There is also a list of stuff that the kids can do with their kits. This is very open-ended and invites kids to explore what they can do after getting inspired by everything in their box.

My Giving Bag. This bag is meant for gift-giving. You can fill this up with goodies and share it with others. Sweet treats, toiletries, even school supplies will do. Whatever you put inside will surely draw a smile on the face of the person who will receive it. We’re filling this up with goodies and placing it on top of our monthly Jared Box donation for kids in the hospital.

Color-Me-Kind Tee. The kids can design or color their own shirt using this Color-Me-Kind Tee set.

The kids can use different colors on the letters printed on the shirt, or they can also draw around the shirt. It’s in white so any color will be effective, let the kids’ creative juices flow!

Printed on one of the sleeves is the name of the box.

The mini-washable markers that are included with this shirt consist of 10 colors, more choices of hue for your shirt!

My kids were excited, so they started working on with the shirt right away.

Aside from the coloring the letters, they also doodled on the shirt! This was basically the most fun ever.

The kids really got artistic with this shirt. My son tried the shirt, it’s quite big for him but still, it looks good! It’s the fruit of their hard work, that’s why!

Discovery Ball. This inflatable globe will let the kids go and explore around the world!

The kids used the For Purpose Friends paper cut-outs from the Starter Kit with the inflatable globe.

You can go back to the For Purpose Kids Starter Kit to know more about the For Purpose Friends and make it easier for you to locate where they’re from on the globe.

There’s also a card that you can answer with the use of the Journal of Purpose and Action, which is also from the starter kit.

That’s a very nice answer from my kids. Education is really important and it’s one thing that many kids, especially from poor communities, don’t have access to. It’s really heartwarming to know how my kids give importance to education, and how they want to share the privilege to less fortunate kids.

My son really enjoyed this month’s kit, he loves the shirt and the inflatable globe.

We really love this subscription box! It teaches the kids the importance of love and care for other people, and how these traits can help make the world a better place to live in. The kits are really helpful, and the activities are really fun and engaging. The kids particularly enjoyed designing their own shirt. We can’t wait for the upcoming boxes that are sure to give us more love that we can share with other people!

Any thoughts on For Purpose Kids box?

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