Doki Doki February 2019 Subscription Box Review & Coupon

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Doki Doki is a monthly kawaii subscription box from Japan Crate. Every month, you’ll receive super cute Japanese items – accessories, stationery, plushies, and other adorable Japanese goodies.

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The interior of the box is filled with cute doodles.

Everything inside the box is looking so kawaii!

The cover art this month is by Cheshii.

The card also has a fun comic strip!

February 2019 theme is SWEET VALENTINE.

The info sheet includes photos of the items, plus a brief description of each.

Everything in the February 2019 box!

Marshmal Park Plushies. This plushie is as soft as a marshmallow. I’ve gotten lots of plushies from this subscription but they always manage to make it more exciting by giving us plushies in all shapes, colors, and sizes!

Subscribers can get several kinds of adorable animal-themed plushies, and I got this cute pink sheep. I am loving those round eyes!

Because of its shape, it can also serve as a pillow. You can lay your head on it or cuddle with it while you sleep soundly.

There are cute little hearts at the side of the plushie. You can also share this with a special someone this season of love by gifting it!

Chocolate Stickers. It’s a tradition in Japan that you give chocolates to the people you love, and this crate included not real ones, but a set of sweet and delicious-looking stickers!

This set consists of 15 types of chocolate treats!

The stickers are looking yummy! You can stick this on greeting cards, use it to seal envelopes, or as added embellishments to a gift or note. Instead of a whole sheet, the stickers are readily cut-out into individual pieces.

The stickers are easy to stick, especially to flat surfaces, cards, and paper. I love the chocolate chip cookie sticker and the strawberry dipped in chocolate sticker!

Pompompurin Plush Charm. The charming golden retriever with a brown beret comes in a form of a fluffy and squishy charm, with a sweet and chocolatey bow tie!

The adorable pup has a ball chain so I can easily bring him along by attaching him to my bag, and squish him whenever I want!

Pompompurin Fluffy Socks. Pompompurin continues to charm me in this box and this time, it’s in a form of fluffy socks!

The ankle socks are so soft and fuzzy. My feet love this pair so much. The print is so nice, and we can see that Pompompurin is also accompanied by his friend Muffin, the hamster!

Yeastken Memo Pad. This set of beautifully designed paper is graced by the loaf-looking woof, Yeastken!

Some of the pages are lined, so you can write notes to your loved ones, or just use them to remind you of stuff.

There are also pages that are unlined. You can add them to gifts, along with the chocolate stickers!

Pokémon Figure. I really love this retro Gameboy packaging, and I’m more excited about what figure I can find inside!

You can get 1 out of the 11 first generation Pocket Monsters.

I got Pokémon # 151, Mew! Aside from the figure, there’s also a corresponding Pokémon card included and a piece of gum.

The card lists only 10 Pokémon that you can get from this box: Magnemite, Lapras, Raichu, Gengar, Metapod, Mewtwo, Charizard, Pikachu, Jigglypuff, and Eevee. However, I got Mew which isn’t on the photo, and the card that is included in my box is for its evolved form, Mewtwo.

Mew is a Psychic-type Mythical Pokémon and the last from the Kanto Pokedex. It is also known for its unique ability to learn every Technical Machine, Hidden Machine, and Move Tutor.

Mew is one of the most adorable Pokémon! It looks mostly white but is actually a pink bipedal Pokémon with mammalian features, and my favorite is its big blue eyes! The figure is also squishy!

The February 2019 Doki Doki Crate is full of squishy stuff, and that means less stress and more cuteness! Some of the items can be kept, and some can be shared to your loved ones, especially the notepad and the chocolate stickers. My favorites are the fuzzy fresh socks and also the Mew figure because it’s like I caught a rare Pokémon, and the giant squishable plushie! I love this kawaii subscription and I can’t wait to have the next box which, I’m sure, is full of kawaii-ness and useful items too!

What did you think of this month’s Doki Doki Crate?

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