Candy Club February 2019 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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Candy Club is a premium candy subscription box. They bring the old-fashioned candy store (with candies both old and new) to your front door. They promise that their boxes will have an amazing variety of different candies for your snacking enjoyment.

Candy Club recently updated their box – now each box contains 6 containers of candy in smaller twist-lid jars, all with weights and printed nutritional info right on the jar.

The Candy Club Subscription Box is now $29.99 + $9.99 shipping per month. The Party Box size is also available for $49.99 per month + shipping.

DEAL: Save $12 on your first box! No coupon code required, just use this link!

Inside the box, the candies are securely packaged in round plastic containers.

The containers are set inside a cardboard stand with holes cut out to hold them in place. It really makes for a nice display when you open the box. Also, the lids of the containers now have a solid aqua blue color, plus they’re reusable.

You can now choose between Mostly Sweets or Mostly Sours for your taste profile, but you can no longer select particular candies. Our choice is Mostly Sours!

Everything in this month’s box!

There are no information cards in this month’s box, but the containers come with nutrition facts and an ingredients list.

And of course, there’s a best by date. It’s stamped at the base of the jar.

Each jar is carefully sealed to keep the candies at their freshest state.

They maximized the use of this seal by stamping the promo code on it. How clever!

Pineapple Rings. The tangy pineapple taste and the sweetness of the powdered sugar blend perfectly in every piece of these gummy rings. I think it can be part of our next Hawaiian-themed party. This one is definitely a fave!

Sour Strawberries. It’s the fresh strawberry taste and the mouth puckering sour sugar that make these gummies so yummy. The candies are even shaped like real strawberries!

Watermelon Slices. These gummy candies are not just packed with the sweet and juicy flavor of watermelon, they look like small watermelon slices too. It has a delicious sour twist, which is refreshing and not overwhelming. The green part is marshmallowy!

Sour Gummy Octopus. They’re called octopus gummies, but they actually look more like spiders!  They also only have 7 legs? We don’t mind though, because they taste wonderful. The fruity flavors just bursts in every bite! This was everyone’s favorite!

Grape Licorice Laces. We were absolutely tongue-tied by the pleasant purple taste experience of these long and skinny laces of juicy grape flavor. If you love both grapes and licorice, this one’s for you!

Cookie Dough Bites. The only chocolatey treats in our box are these cookie dough bites. They are small, but definitely packed with flavor thanks to the creamy milk chocolate coating. So undough-tedly gooey!

Full of colors, full of fun! Now, where’s the candy tray?

Our box of mostly sours gave us a mouthful of sugar rush!

A candy a day keeps the stress away! Everything in this month’s box is the ultimate comfort food. Eating them gave us a happy cheer. We each have our own personal pick of flavors and mine were the cookie dough bites and the octopi because they’re not too sweet and not too sour.My kids indulged on the pineapple rings and watermelon chews. The Candy Club revamp doesn’t allow us to pick particular candies anymore, but at least we can still choose and change our taste profile. Overall, this subscription is a fun and easy way of getting our monthly supply of candies. If you can’t live without candies too, or you just want to share some delightful treats with your family and friends, this is a perfect box to try!

Have you tried Candy Club? Are you thinking about trying the new version?

Visit Candy Club to subscribe or find out more!


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