Bless Box January 2019 Subscription Box Review & Coupon

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Bless Box is a monthly women’s subscription box by Sazan Hendrix. The box is curated around the categories of beauty, health, and style – all things that make you (and Sazan) happy. The box is $29.99 per month plus $7.50 shipping.

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The items were wrapped in white tissue paper.

There are also white squiggles inside.

Every Bless Box includes a mini-magazine.

It includes a note from Sazan!

Every corresponding number of the product has a paired description and little comments or tips from Sazan.

We have a lot of featured brands this month, mostly grooming or skincare essentials.

The wide range of things in the box are always a surprise and unexpected.

Usually, the things featured are innovative or something that can be practical and convenient to use or something that supports a cause.

Here’s an article about how to make your New Years resolution really stick.

There’s even a smoothie recipe that we can try!

Lastly, there are featured photos submitted by subscribers!

Everything in the January 2019 box!

St. Ives Hydrating Hydrogel Eye Mask Cactus Water & Hibiscus ($2.49) Putting on eye masks is one of my favorite skincare routines because my under eye area a moisture boost, preventing me from looking tired and wrinkly. Key ingredients include cactus water and hibiscus. To use, just leave the eye mask on for 10 minutes and pat the excess serum on the skin. No need to rinse afterwards.

St. Ives Hydrating Hydrogel Sheet Mask Cactus Water & Hibiscus ($2.49) It has the same formula as the eye gel, but it works for the whole face. This moisturizing sheet mask is made of natural extracts that soften and nourish the skin. To use, just peel the backing and place it on your face. All you need is just 10 minutes to revitalize your skin. This is a paraben-free 100% cotton mask.

I appreciate they gave us a pair with the same ingredients and coming from the same line. The formulas will not antagonize each other. The instructions of use and its benefits are indicated at the back of the pack. Other sort of random things I love is that it’s very clear that it doesn’t contain parabens, and they ask consumers not to flush this product.

Earthen Instant Peel The Natural Exfoliant ($8.33) This natural exfoliant is an alternative for harsh acid face peels or dermabrasion. It has a combination of proteins and enzymes that peel away and remove dead skin cells. You can use this not only on the face but also in any part of the body.

I am admittedly not in love with the ingredients, which contain both parabens and shrimp extract. It made me wonder about similar face peely roll off products!

There are six steps of peeling with this product. First, move it around so the ingredients will be mixed thoroughly (these instructions are some of the most comprehensive I’ve seen). Your face should be steamed for 5 minutes before applying a small amount with massaging motion with back and forth motion. Do this until all the dead skin comes off. Section and exfoliate one area at a time. After the forehead, you can move on to the nose, cheeks, jawline, chin, and neck. Lastly, rinse with warm water and then hydrate the face using your favorite moisturizer. You can only use this through moist skin and not on dry skin because it works differently than a mask.

It is recommended to be used weekly for oily skin, biweekly for normal skin, once every three weeks if you have dry skin, and monthly if you have sensitive skin. This worked well and removed lots of grossness. I love this kind of treatment once in a while!

HE Skincare Cram Session Hydrating Lotion ($33) Infused with antioxidants and vitamins, this lightweight lotion hydrates, nourishes and protects the skin.

The added melanin in this product helps protect the skin from blue light emitted from digital devices while the plant extracts and peptides restore the skin’s resilience. What a unique idea.

Don’t you just love the packaging? They even sent a matching sample of eye serum for us night owls. It will keep our undereye moisturized while we pull an all-nighter in front of our blue light emitting devices.

Cram Session has the antioxidants, Vitamin A, E and C that we need to maintain the overall health of skin, to minimize damage and to aid in collagen production.

The whole niche of the brand is about having step by step process of “teaching” your skin to look and feel its best according to its type. Even the names of the products relate to studying. Here’s a promotional card of the entire skincare collection.

L.O.V. Best Dressed 12hr Long-Wear Eye Pencil in Majestic Amethyst ($7.99) No need to carry this eye pencil around for touch-ups as it stays on the lids for 12 hours. It is vibrant and pigmented with an innovative high-tech oil complex that glides smoothly on the skin.

It will only take a minute to apply your winged eye! It has an easy grip rubber coat to facilitate easy application and make you feel like a pro. My favorite part is the sharpener included so it feels like a new product every time. The amethyst shade is also my favorite color for an eye pencil!

Strawsome Glass Straw ($7.95) This brand is saving the ocean one borosilicate glass straw at a time! There are 4 straw widths available, the skinny, regular, smoothie and bubble tea. They also have bent straws for kids. I think they gave us a clear, regular one.

This is a lifetime guaranteed straw made in the USA. It is dishwasher and heat safe.

Coulourpop Lipstick in Hey Mr. DJ Velvet Blur ($7) The rose gold packaging is everything! For $7, Colourpop did well with this one. The color stays on but you might need occasional touch-ups. It feels very lightweight on lips though.

It is a matte lipstick with a soft-focused blurring effect. It says pink in the description but it’s more of a peachy, coral shade. It has an exclusive LUX blend of extracts Pomegranate, Goji Fruit, and Grape Seed extracts to protect and nourish lips and maintaining its velvety matte texture without drying the lips too much.

I love the color!! It suits my skin tone and can easily be a go-to shade without being boring or being too bold. The matte finish isn’t drying either.

Yu-Be Lip Balm ($5) This hydrating balm can be comforting to the lips during the cold months. It has vitamin E and camphor that can be absorbed quickly and offers deep hydration for hours.

Nelson Beverly Hills Moisturizing Healing Mask ($9) You can use a lot of techniques to make this mask work. It works effectively for me by applying it after shampooing and leaving it on for a minute before rinsing again. The key ingredient is the argan oil 7 formula that detangles hair, controls frizz, prevents color fading, seals split ends, protects from chlorine and salt water, restores shine, and enhances natural body easily. I usually can’t stand products with a strong smell but this one has a subtle scent of coconut that makes me swoon!

J.R. Watkins Body Oil Mist ($8.99) I love using this mist after exfoliating. The product is absorbed quickly by the skin after the dead skin cells have been removed. The mist spray facilitates even application of oil. Massage until it’s fully absorbed and the skin becomes radiant. I prefer oil mists over body lotion post-shower any day, so a win for me!

Phyto Paris Rich Smoothing Oil ($11.76) You can apply a small amount of this oil and it goes a long way in taming the frizz. However, if you have thick and long hair, I think you can easily empty this 30ml bottle. The oil can be absorbed quickly for deep nutrition and has a lightweight texture that can define curls and make it shiny. It’s natural, silicone free and can make hair more manageable. This subscription sends quite a few products for thick textured hair, like Sazan has!

Eden Bodyworks Body Lotion in Coconut Shea + Vitamin E ($2.24) Enriched with vitamin E, this lightweight lotion leaves the skin soft and nourished. It works best when applied daily and when massaged to damp skin after bathing because the process seals the moisture. The formula gets easily absorbed by the skin, and there is no heavy or icky feeling after application. It smells delicious too!

Cora Organic Tampons – The tampons are secured in this simple but sleek resealable bag.

The pack contains four organic tampons with different absorbency capacity. All the information about it is indicated at the back of the pack.

The products are free of chlorine, fragrances and dyes, toxic adhesives, and other unsafe artificial ingredients. The tampons are made in Europe and the pads are made in the USA. The tampons are hundred percent organic with anti-wick string.

It is important that we know the ingredients of what we use to our privates. It’s a great thing Cora is a whole brand about celebrating womanhood and removing the stigma around a natural process like menstruation. Proceeds also help girls in need from a developing country by giving them period pads and health education. You can get a free trial when you sign up with this link!

This box supplied us with products from intentional brands. It makes me feel good about my purchase plus the goodies are all high-quality.  The makeup items like the Lov eyeliner and Colourpop’s lux matte lipstick are my favorites! This box is dominant with skincare items this month, as the gel mask and face sheet mask. They got carried away with the moisturizers and they gave us 3, 2 are lotions and the other one is a mist. We have a natural exfoliant and a sample of eye serum. We also have one lip balm and 2 hair products like the healing mask and the smoothing oil. The glass straw and the tampons came from brands that give back to the community and supports worthy causes. And a couple of coconut scented items made me long for spring! For a price of $29.99, getting $150 worth of loot is a great deal!

What do you think of this month’s Bless Box?

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