Wow Box Fun & Tasty December 2018 Subscription Box Review

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WOW Box is a Japanese candy subscription coming right from Japan! For only $24.99 (Regular) or $34.99 (Large) a month, you can enjoy Japanese sweets  and snacks delivered to your door every month. WOW Box did some restructuring of the subscription model last year. WOW Box no longer sends out printed information cards, but product information is available on their website.

This is a review of the Fun & Tasty box. (Despite what the sticker on the box says!)

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Everything in my box!

Pizza Potato Four Cheese Chips — These were hands down my FAVE thing in the box. Crunch potato chips with a super savoury blend of four cheeses including brie. There is a light tomato base (bc PIZZA CHIPS) but I didn’t find it super noticeable. I scarfed these down within minutes.

White Chocolate Stars — Star shaped corn snacks coated with a white chocolate flavouring. Super cute and Christmas-y!

Strawberry Caramel Corn — Tohato has billions (maybe an exaggeration…) of flavours of their caramel corn curls. This is a strawberry one and it’s quite sweet and sugary, almost too much for me! I had a few but shared the rest. They are addicting, though!

We have a few licensed products as well!

Yokai Watch Corn Snacks — Potage-flavoured snacks. I found these to be quite savoury and had a more herb-y flavour than plain corn potage snacks which are super popular in Japan. These were addicting!

Super Mario Odyssey Chocolate Egg — These are basically Japanese kinder eggs. And I mean the real Kinder eggs, not the ones you get in the US that have the toy separate from the chocolate. But here in Canada it’s all one piece, and honestly the toy is the best part.

Here’s the inside of the egg, which is a blend of milk chocolate and white chocolate.

Sorry for the blurry photo! It’s an Easter Island head wearing sunglasses and Mario’s hat and stache!

More corn snacks!

Christmas Hugashi –– A light and fluffy center covered in a sugary maple sort of topping. This practically dissolves in your mouth, it’s delicious!

Christmas Umaibo — Classic corn potage flavour on the long umaibo shape. So yummy!

Caplico Stars — Caplico makes great chocolate, I’m most familiar with their ice cream cone treats. These are small stars in milk and white chocolate.

Melon Fettuccine — Flat noodle shaped candies with a sweet green melon flavour.

Here is a closer look at the Caplico stars which you pop out of the tray to enjoy.

Choco Banana — Banana flavoured candies with a chocolate center. These are really addicting!

Tsum Tsum Biscuits — These are sets of milk and white chocolate cookies. The cookie part is also delicious!

Aren’t these cookies cute?

The December WOWBox had a lot of seasonal Christmas treats! I loved the chips and the cookies. I think there were a lot of corn treats, and not as many savoury items as I would have liked to see more variety. But it is still a great box!

Do you like Japanese snacks? What’s your favorite snack from this box?

Visit WOW Box to subscribe or find out more!


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