Vegan Cuts Snack Box December 2018 Subscription Box Review

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Vegan Cuts Snack Box is a monthly vegan food subscription that brings 5-7 organic and vegan treats each month. Each subscription box costs $22.95 monthly, and delivers mostly gluten-free snacks (always vegan!) right to your door step.

It comes in a simple box.

The Dough Bar – Protein Packed Chocolate Chip Crispy Bar. This is a rice crisp snack packed with 15g of protein, from pea protein and is also packed with prebiotic fiber.

Enjoy Life Breakfast fruit & oat ovals – chocolate chip banana. This is an soft oat cookie with chocolate chips. It’s free from most allergens such as wheat, dairy, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, etc.

Bean Smash – Green Chile Pinto Bean. This is an easy way to get a snack or a dip with 11g of protein, it only needs to be microwaved for 75 seconds.

Mushroom Hot Cacao Mix with Reishi. This Hot Cacao Mix comes in an individual sachet, and contains Reishi Mushroom, organic cacao, cinnamon, coconut palm sugar, and stevia. You can mix it to any hot milk or hot water and it is caffeine free so you can drink it before going to bed.

Theo Peanut butter & jelly chocolate clusters. These little clusters are made with peanuts chunks and raspberries covered with chocolate.

Taza Chocolate Dark Chocolate covered Almonds. Delicious almonds covered with dark chocolate.

They are thickly covered, no worries about one not having enough chocolate!

Pop Zero Cinnamon toast Popcorn. Each popcorn was nicely coated with cinnamon, without the powdered feel that you usually get.

Dandles All Natural Vanilla Marshmallows. A nice addition to the hot cocoa we also got in this box, these little puff are so good by themselves!

Ginger Chews. These are so good! We love ginger in this house, I have candied ginger hidden in pretty much every room, so these little guys are welcome with open arms!

I keep some in my purse and gym bag for when I really need a little pick-me-up on my way to a good meal to avoid being hangry, and they are amazing with an upset stomach. Every time I see them at the store, I have to buy more.

Vegan Rob’s Probiotic Dragon Puffs. These delicious puffed crisps are made with whole grain sorghum flour and a bunch of lovely spices such as smoked serrano chili pepper, garlic powder, and raw cane sugar. They are satisfying and don’t leave to much of a residue on the fingers.

Vegan Cuts Cotton Candy – Churros. Yes, we received Cotton Candy!

It’s fluffy, sweet, sticky (as it should) and with a nice cinnamon flavor.

Paromi Full Leaf Tea – Sleep with me. This tea is a mix of organic chamomile, lemon balm, honeybush, apple, cinnamon, linden leaves, and apricot.

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts. These nice and tasty hemp seeds can be added to anything: oatmeal, yogurt, cereals, salad. They bring a nice nutty flavor, with a softer texture than nuts. This is actually a staple in our house, and I really love this company.

I always enjoy discovering new treats in my Vegan Cuts Snack box. I like the mix of sweet and salty, and that not everything follows the same taste profile (like having everything chocolate flavor). I really liked that we received both Hot Cacao Mix and the marshmallows for a nice cold winter night treat, and my husband asked me to buy more of the Dragon Puffs!

Have you tried Vegan Cuts Snack Box? Let me know what you thought of the box!

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