Universal Yums December 2018 Subscription Box Review – Everywhere

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Universal Yums is a monthly international snack subscription box. Every month, you’ll take a trip to a new country and munch on brand new exciting snacks. There are three sizes of box, the Yum ($14), the Yum Yum ($25), and the Super Yum Box($39). This is the Yum Yum box, and it’s a fun subscription that we get a kick out of each and every month.

In December, the yums are from Everywhere! Universal Yums is sending us their favorite winter treats from all over the world.

All of the items that came in my Everywhere Box!

We have the same box layout as last month and the note lets us know they are sending yums from 12 different countries!

The information for all the yums come in a great booklet each month.

The information book has notes about all of the items and their ingredients.

These books are so informative – it includes a bit of the snack’s history and how it might taste.

Qualitats Marzipan Brot from Germany – My maiden name is full on German and my dad and brother are always bringing German items into the house and going out for German food. So with that, I already have had Marzipan and it’s an ok treat. Marzipan Brot is Germany’s top holiday treat with a mixture of raw almonds and pure sugar and then coated with pure dark chocolate.

Pierniki Uszatki from Poland – My oldest son’s favorite holiday treat is gingerbread. These were a big hit. They are also one of the twelve dishes of a Polish dinner and they even make different versions to hang on their tree as ornaments. I may need to do that next year. I have some really cool Sci-Fi cookie cutters that would be a hoot to have gingerbread ornaments made from.

Straznicke Bramburky from Czech Republic – I’m a chips girl but these are a bit odd. They have a whole holiday meal right in a chip. I’m all for having chips for dinner but ones that have all the savory, spicy and tangy flavors in one is a bit more then my senses can handle.

Prickly Pear Yugwa Candy from South Korea – Yugwa is strictly reserved for special occasions and is strictly regulated by the Korean government. In fact, Universal Yums is the first company to bring it to the United States. It really wasn’t my thing but I’m sure others will love it.

San Andres Crunchy Chocolate Turron from Spain – Turron is enjoyed in Spain from December 25th until January 6th and Universal Yums sent us the new chocolate kind that is becoming more popular. It is a mixed blend of rich cocoa and puffed rice for a crispy creamy combo.  I’ll agree that it was delicious and I didn’t share at all. Not even one bite.

PopSmile Sweet Egg Yolk Popcorn from Taiwan – Eggs have significant importance to the Taiwanese culture. This is salty popcorn with a sweet buttery coating. It had a bit of an odd taste but was overall pretty good. I just told my youngest it was popcorn and he gobbled it right up.

Piselli Pandoro Chocolate Cream from Italy – Pandoro means “golden bread” and is often bought instead of made home-made due to the process to make it.  I can see why it is so popular it was delicious and I could have had some more.

Jabri Mixed Baklava from Jordan – Call me the oddball but I’m not a Baklava girl. I just don’t care for it but it is Jordan’s favorite holiday treat. I’ve never seen it packaged up in these cute little boxes but I do love the presentation.

Sol Del Cusaco Chocolate from Peru – Hot chocolate in a bar! I’m saving this one for a cold night which I’m sure is coming up soon. I’m laughing as I write this since Christmas is summer in Peru and they still sip the hot drink and here I am complaining about the warm Christmas weather.

Jumbo Raspberry Hamantaschen from the USA – Hamantaschen is a special treat created for the Jewish Holiday of Purim. Some suggest that the filling inside the cookie means that miracles are not always openly visible, but they still exist. It was a nice surprise and really yummy.

Stockley’s Mince Pie Fudge from the UK – No, no, no some things I’m willing to try even after I read the name and the description but Mince Pie and fudge should not be in the same name. Nope, not gonna try it. Mince pie is a preserved meat with fruit, sugar, and spices and then to mix it with fudge. Ugh, gross I just couldn’t.  It is well eaten on Boxing Day in the UK by many and maybe if I’m there with people I’ll try it but for now, I give it a pass.

Pink Champagne Candy from the UK -These are so yummy. I love a good hard candy and anything named after champers is all right by me.  These are from Scotland and represent the start of a great year brought by the first person to set foot into your house after midnight. They have to bring a gift that includes a drink and these are a spin on that fun.

Lucky New Year’s Candy from China – I’ve always loved the idea of the red envelope and I have friends who participate in its traditions. I set these aside to have on Feb 5th and the official Chinese New Year calendar transition from the year of the Dog to the year of the Pig.  I used to know what I was but I don’t remember now. Does anyone know? I was born in 1975.

Universal Yums sent a great end of year box with lots of countries represented.  As usual, some were so good and others I’m not sure how people call them a yum but that is the fun of the box. I love reading my insert and learning a bit about the countries and the how and why they like certain things and then getting to check them out. Being the end of the year and sending an assortment seems like the perfect ending to all the fun we’ve had.

What’s coming up?

The perfect place to ring int he New Year?
A Country with castles, and cabbage, and lots of good beer.
There’ll be unusual chocolate and a lucky coin sweet,
So say “Hello 2019,” and get ready to eat!

Next Month Universal Yums is going to Germany!

Have you tried Universal Yums? What do you think?

Visit Universal Yums to subscribe or find out more!


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  • Beth Rang

    Mincemeat doesn’t have meat in it anymore. Just dried fruits and candied peel. I’ve seen recipes for putting it in fudge, flapjacks, etc.