The Gentleman’s Box January 2019 Review & Coupon

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The Gentleman’s Box is a monthly men’s subscription box providing the required essentials for the savvy man. Boxes contain specially-selected items that range from accessories to grooming. When you subscribe, you also receive a subscription to GQ magazine for your first year, which is delivered separately through the mail.

TIP: This box is still available through the last day of the month!

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There is the signature gold seal of the Gentleman’s Box holding the wrapper together. The presentation is simple and elegant, making this a great ready-to-gift subscription.

Each box includes a copy of The Gentleman’s Post, a well-designed booklet describing the products in the box and offering styling suggestions for each one.

The Gentlemen’s Post walks through everything in the box, and more. There is a handy table of contents that gives a quick list of the contents and the total retail value of the box. They regularly have a feature that introduces us to members of the Gentleman’s Box team.

Each month is dedicated to someone who has had a significant influence on culture or fashion. This month’s box is dedicated to honoring “Our Favorite Englishman.”

The booklet starts off with a style guide to give you some visual cues on wear and pairing options.

A page is dedicated to each item — they include the usual picture and blurb, but they also include a handy section denoting the level of attire (e.g. formal, business, casual) for which the item is appropriate, as well as colors that best complement it. They also sometimes have discount promotions littered throughout.

I really like the layout, it’s so clear and informative!

There’s even a Super Bowl Party Checklist included in the booklet.

This month’s Gentleman’s Tip:

A gentleman must learn that one of the most sincere forms of respect is listening to what others have to say.

All the items are neatly packed and wrapped in white paper. They usually have some interior packaging to protect any watches, cufflinks, or other delicate items.

Everything in my January 2019 box!

Oak & Stone Bow Tie Lapel Pin ($19) This bow tie lapel pin dresses up any suit with elegance. The grey bow tie can be mixed and matched with light and dark colored suits to add that classic touch to it.

Oak & Stone is a company that aims to produce products that are stylish and functional at the same time, thus creating a more personal item geared to a gentleman’s needs. That being said, this bow tie lapel pin can also be used for those special events for an edgier look.

Made from high-quality fabric, this bow tie can add a striking contrast to any suit. The pin is sharp but can be secured with the metal casing at the bottom.

BKS Custom Clothiers Umbrella Tie Clip ($25) Customization is what BKS offers, and for this month, we got an umbrella tie clip packaged in a small drawstring pouch.

This silver tie clip in the shape of an umbrella will surely add that nice touch to my ties.

Who would have thought that tie clips can become fancy these days? BKS has taken their design to a whole new level with this beautifully crafted piece.

Dude Products On-The-Go Wipes ($0.66) A true gentleman is always hygienic, and The Gentleman’s Box made sure that we keep it that way by adding two packs of Dude On-The-Go Wipes. These are flushable wipes that you can carry with you wherever you go. Even if you need to go to the bathroom pronto, you’ll be feeling and smelling clean after.

Barnaby Socks ($15) The combination of stripes and dots on grey gives the socks a stylish feel without being too bold.

They’re made from 80% cotton, 15% polyester, 3% spandex, and 2% nylon.

The socks have a button set on the cuffs so you can keep them together without the traditional inside out fold.

I like how the grey color is complemented with the dark patches at the heels and toes.

They’re well knit! All in all, they’re designed for comfort and style, just what a true gentleman needs.

Oak & Stone Tie ($40) Of course, the tie matches the socks! It’s in gray with white and black lines crisscrossing one another.

I love the quiet tones that they used for this tie since it gives me more room to pair it with my collection of suits. I won’t have a hard time mixing and matching it with either light or darker colored shirts and suits for that matter.

With the loop to hold the inner tie in place, this one is really comfortable and convenient to wear.

Everything just goes perfectly together!

The Gentleman’s Box focuses on the essentials and this month’s selection centered around crisp gray tones which appeal to me the most. The Oak & Stones bow tie lapel pin and tie look great together, but they are also easy to pair with the other pins and ties in my collection. I appreciate the matching socks too, as well as the flushable wipes which ensure that you remain clean wherever you go. All in all, it’s a box with no fillers, just useful items that would make me look and feel like a true gentleman!

Have you tried Gentleman’s Box?

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