PetGiftBox Cat January 2019 Subscription Box Review + 50% Off Coupon

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PetGiftBox is a monthly subscription box for dogs or cats. A selection of toys, treats, chews, and accessories are included based on your pet’s size. With each purchase you can earn points to redeem for free boxes and other great goodies. Plus, PetGiftBox donates to various charities and you can designate the one you would like them to support. PetGiftBox costs $29.99 for a monthly subscription, but the price drops for longer subscriptions, as low as $24.99 a month for 12 months. You can also change your subscription every month – maybe you would prefer a MomGiftBox or perhaps you have a dog that needs a box next time around.

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I think it’s cute that PetGiftBox uses themed paper to wrap the items!

Chewrassic World, rawrrrr!

Oh this theme looks fun!

The theme for the January box is Chewrassic World!

There was a card with a bit of info on each product. I think it is hilarious how PetGiftBox worked the theme into each product! Read the blurb on the card about the dinosaur tail, it cracked me up!

All the items in my January PetGiftBox!

I set the box aside so I could take pictures of my cats at a later time, but Sunny says there’s no time like the present!

Cat Scratch Pad (find similar item here for $10) I love that PetGiftBox goes out of their way to make a basic corrugated cardboard scratch pad fit into the monthly theme!

A pack of catnip was included to get those felines used to using the new board. Just sprinkle the catnip on top and kitty will come along to investigate and hopefully skip scratching the furniture.

Zoey knew exactly what to do, no catnip needed.

You will see the box in most of the pictures this time, the cats loved it!

Imperil Cat Prehistoric Pillow (similar item found here,  $3.19) is a durable pillow filled with catnip. The colors are bright and it is too cute.

Zoey claimed this toy right away. She didn’t really play with it, she just licked it forever.

Our Pets Prehistoric Pals Plush Dinosaur ($9.14) is an interactive toy. Just pull the plastic battery saver out of the back and get ready for some fun.

I had to put this one front and center to get Sunny’s attention.

Smells good, must have some catnip inside.

Sunny discovered that every time she touched the dinosaur it would make a bird chirping sound. Every once in a while I hear it chirping, which means she’s playing with it. I have even caught her throwing it up in the air!

Brachiosaurus Bites are dried pieces of beef lung to feed to your cats.

The pieces come in various sizes and at first Sunny seemed interested but she didn’t eat these.

Zoey smelled them but again, she wouldn’t eat them either.

Apollo Peak Nip Stix I love that PetGiftBox put a T-Rex puffy sticker on the pack to keep the theme going!

I wasn’t expecting this, so funny!

The pouch has 3 silver vine sticks nestled inside some catnip. Silver vine is a plant that gives a similar reaction like catnip.

Cats can even chew on it to help clean their teeth.

Sunny really enjoyed these sticks. One night she came running into the living room making a weird meowing sound. She was carrying the stick in her mouth and dropped it at my feet just like a dog might. I threw it but she didn’t fetch.

Even Zoey seemed to like the sticks.

Ellie Baba Designs Dinosaur Tail Every once in a while we receive a handmade item from this Etsy shop.

This one is a piece of felt with fiberfill stuffing.

While Zoey was sniffing the stick, Sunny was playing with the tail.

Rawwr, I’m a big T-Rex coming to eat you!

Zoey wanted to know if I got her good side. “I can pose like this.”

“Or I can pose like this.”

Silly kitties.

Just when I thought they were done they started up again. Sunny was so excited that she started moving the scratch pad around, trying to get underneath it I guess. Obviously, my cats had a blast with the January PetGiftBox! The theme was super cute and the toys and treat fit the theme perfectly. I can’t say which toy was the favorite, my cats loved each one and I have noticed them playing with them around the house. I can’t wait to see what February brings!

Let me know what you think of this box in the comments!

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