Pearlesque Box December 2018 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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Pearlesque Box is a subscription box that delivers full-sized and travel-sized beauty products from around the world to your home each month so that you can accurately judge how each product affects your skin. Each month features a different organic, non-toxic, natural skin care line. This box is $39.95 a month and promises a value of $90 – and it is often well above that!

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I like the product info cards that Pearlesque provides, they give a brief snapshot into the featured brand, which for December is Flower Mill:

Each of our products is made in small batches from the highest quality ingredients found in nature. Inspired by the healing a rejuvinating power of flowers and other active botanicals.

The brand only has 7 products in their line right now.

The back of the introductory card listed each product, its retail value, and how to use each item. I like that Pearlesque also includes their own #pearltip for the products.

First peek! The packing is pretty simple, just some wadded up paper and bubble wrap that keeps everything safe.

Everything in my December Pearlesque Box!

Flower Mill Beauty Vitamin C Serum ($75) “Our signature serum, curated to restore skin’s balance, texture and natural radiance. Helps to reduce dark spots and fine lines, revealing smoother, glowing skin.”

The ingredients were listed on the bottle. While I do like natural products, I am hesitant to use some essential oils on my face during the day due to the increase in photo sensitivity. Bergamot is especially problematic in the sun so I will stick to using this in the evening and applying sunscreen in the morning!

The oil has a light yellow color and smells wonderful, and I can really smell the ylang ylang, which I love. My skin absorbed it quickly and left it soft.

Flower Mill Beauty Balm Shell Cleanser ($42) “A luxurious way to remove every last trace of makeup (even the most stubborn water proof kind), while purifying, cleansing and refreshing your skin, leaving it soft to the touch.”

Coconut oil, shea butter, and essential oils are in here and the product is super solid, I had to scrape it out of the bottle with my nail.

It takes a while to soften up, just keep spreading it over the face. I tissued it off, and when I went to rinse my hands, I discovered a problem – it wouldn’t rinse off. It’s like when you have butter on your hands and try to rinse them, the butter doesn’t move. This was the same way. I used a warm washcloth to try to remove the rest, but honestly I feel like my pores were sealed by this time and nothing was coming off. Yes, my skin was soft afterwards, but that’s because it was most likely still covered in balm. I tried using a second cleanser, but maybe I would need a foaming cleanser instead and all I had was another creamy cleanser.

Flower Petal Mill Petal Mask ($25) “Made from a skin-loving blend of crushed flower petals to leave your skin naturally smooth and radiant.”

Rose petals, hibiscus, and clay are in here, along with other ground up flower petals.

Isn’t it pretty? I mixed it in a dish with some water and applied to clean skin. I waited a while and enjoyed the scent, most likely from the hibiscus. I jumped in the shower to rinse off my face, or you can rinse in the sink but use a dark colored washcloth since it will probably get stained. My skin felt good afterwards, with no irritation.

I had mixed feelings this month about my Pearlesque box. I loved the mask, it was gentle and full of natural ingredients. The serum/oil worked well and smelled great, but I’m a little worried about the citrus oils possibly burning my skin. I wasn’t a fan of the cleansing balm and prefer a cleansing oil instead, but maybe it would work well if followed with a foaming cleanser. The value for the December box was around $142, which is phenomenal!

Head’s up: The January box will feature products from Modicum Skincare!

Do you subscribe to Pearlesque Box? What did you think of this month’s box? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

Visit Pearlesque Box to subscribe or find out more!


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