November 2018 Snack Fever Subscription Box Review + Coupon – Original Box

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SnackFever is a monthly subscription box that delivers all your favorite Korean snacks, as well as other hard-to-find Korean treats. Each month, subscribers will get 5 to 12 Korean snacks and treats, depending on their subscription. Snack Fever is available in three boxes, the mini box, the original box, and the deluxe box, and subscriptions are $12, $22, and $35, respectively, every month.

DEAL: Save $3 off your first box (Mini, Original, Deluxe). Use coupon code HELLOSUB3.

Yum! We’re excited to try all of these out!

November 2018 SnackFever theme is Eleven-Eleven Day!

The booklet features selfies of subscribers with their Snack Fever boxes, as well as some Korean vocabulary words.

Of course, there’s also a list of all the items in the Snack Fever Mini Box, Original Box, and Deluxe Box.

Here are the full contents of the Original box. To see all of our SnackFever reviews including the big box, click here.

Snack Fever Sticker. Each month, Snack Fever includes a sticker related to its theme.

Aside from the delicious snacks, the box also includes two bonus items! The first bonus item is a cute cashbook!

Frugality is a great revenue.

A lot of cute pages with columns and rows but without translation.

I suggest just make up your own titles and customize this how you want it.

The second bonus item we got is an adorable pen.

It’s so cute designed as a wafer stick dipped in what looks like strawberry and chocolate.

Tongkeu. It’s a box of cereal sticks filled with rich chocolate, ideal for a quick on the go snack. Each stick is crunchy and yummy.

Watermelon Jelly. These jellies are naturally fruity and chewy. If you’re a fan of watermelon, you’ll probably love this one too. It makes a delicious lunch box treat!

Mango Banana Almond. Where would you find another snack with a unique combination of mango, banana, and almonds, besides this? If you want some excitement and new experience in the snack game, you are in for a treat with this one.

Hot Break. This bar doesn’t only offer us chocolatey goodness, it also supplies us with a daily dose of protein and chocolate. It even has almonds and peanuts inside!

Smokey Bacon Chip. Bacon is good in any form, so we’re excited to try these bacon flavored chips. Each piece is crunchy and savory. The smokey flavor is there but not too overwhelming.

Jelly Day Peach. They’re the cutest shaped jellies ever! You can munch on these chewy goodies and get a good dose of vitamin C boost plus AMAZING peach flavor!

White Cookie Pepero. It’s a classic Korean snack that everyone loves! It is a must that you try this flavor. I love cookies so I love the extra crunch the cookie bits add to the flavor.

Crunky Chocolate. What better way to cheer yourself up than having loads of chocolatey goodness in your snack tray? This chocolate bar is effective comfort food and a quick fix for your crunchy cravings.

Big Pie. The sour but fruity strawberry and sweet chocolate make this pie really yummy. It’s similar to choco pie, except that it has a strawberry filling inside. Yum!

This Korean snack subscription makes it exciting this month by featuring a lot of different and unique flavors. You might think that the flavors didn’t mesh well together only to end up surprising you that can be added to your snack list addiction. I love the variety of kinds of snacks as well. We have candies, pies, bars, cereal stick, wafer stick and more, plus the official snack of 11-11 day!

Have you tried Snack Fever?

Visit Snack Fever to subscribe or find out more!


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