Loot Crate DX December 2018 Subscription Box Review & Coupon

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Loot Crate DX is a deluxe monthly subscription box from Loot Crate. It’s themed with the regular Loot Crate theme, except it contains premium next level loot for discerning geeks! It’s like a special edition box from Loot Crate – every month!

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There’s a sticker on the box that says “I’m Batman.”

All the items are neatly packed inside the box!

There’s a $60 gift card you can use at Hello Fresh. But you can just visit and subscribe using this link and still get $60 off your first 3 boxes, $20 each box schedule.

The box comes with a tri-fold booklet.

The theme this month is DC!

The booklet gives you a list of all the items in the box. It’s super sturdy and has a nice premium feel.

Everything in my box!

Batman Villains T-Shirt. The Loot Crate Exclusive shirt for this DX box showcases some of Batman’s notable villains!

Aside from the beautiful overall blue color of the shirt, the print for the villains looked like they are taken from a classic comic page. I love it!

The villains featured on this cool shirt are the Joker, Catwoman, the Penguin, Harley Quinn, and at the bottom mid, there’s the Riddler!

Hero Sock Set. I got not only one, but three fresh pairs of super socks!

The socks size is 10-13 which can fit most men with shoe size 8-12. The socks are made of polyester, cotton, and spandex.

The first pair is perfect, as the featured superhero on this one just had his movies released in the theaters!

The green and yellow socks have Aquaman’s symbol printed all over.

Just by looking at the color combination of this next pair of socks, you’ll know that it’s the Flash!

The face of the socks also has the Flash’s symbol on it.

The third pair of socks features the alluring Wonder Woman.

That’s really a mesmerizing smile coming from the Amazonian Princess!

Justice League Dark Knight Batman Plush. This plush is really adorable, and I was amazed at how cute can the Dark Knight get!

The cuddly plush is really soft and I don’t mind it sleeping beside me!

That smirk though… It looks like Batman is brewing some plan… Or he just seems so happy being a cuddly plush!

Aquaman & Batman Origin Comics. This is awesome! I got not just one but two DC Origin comics, and it features the Dark Knight and the Atlantean Ruler!

The first one is Vol 1 #27 of the Detective Comics. It was published in May 1939 and it stars none other than Batman.

It also came with a certificate of Authenticity! Fantastic!

The comic contains Batman: The Case of the Chemical Syndicate, Speed Saunders: Killers of Kurdistan, and more!

Here’s Buck Marshall and his story of the Bullet Bluff.

And here’s the story of Mysterious Murders for the Spy.

The next Origin Comics features Aquaman on this vol 1 #73 of More Fun Comics published in November 1941!

It also came with a certificate of authenticity, just in case people doubt that it’s an original!

Here are some pages for Green Arrow’s Case of the Namesake Murder. Also included in the comics are Dr. Fate: Mr. Who,  Radio Squad: Murder Takes the Spotlight, Johnny Quick: The Black Knight, Clip Carson: Secret Mission in Honduras, The Spectre: Vanishing Menaces…

…and last but not the least, Aquaman appears in the story The Submarine Strikes. It’s really nostalgic seeing classic comics and old designs of the well-known DC superheroes!

Loot Crate DX is actually one of the best geek boxes! The box is full to the brim with geeky and DC items that are really useful, especially this season. I love the Batman villains’ shirt, the design is really good and the choice of the overall color is just perfect for the classic prints! The Batman plush also looks good sitting beside our bed! I don’t think this box is really meeting the values that DX should have – lots of socks and some comics reprints – but somehow I still liked the box.

What did you think of Loot Crate DX this month?

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