Field To Cup January 2019 Subscription Box Review + Coupon – Discoverer Black Box

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Field to Cup is a monthly tea subscription that lets you try several wonderful teas and provides a steeping guide so you can get the best cuppa. They have 3 different subscription options available at varying price points and with different amounts of tea, and in some cases you can even choose low-caffeine or black.

If you enjoy teas that are orthodox, and un-blended, you’ll enjoy our Adventurer. We still send two seasonal teas,  so you get a taste of the season.

Our Discoverer gives you more of a tea type you love, and four other teas to enjoy throughout the month.

If you enjoy just a taste of tea, or maybe like exploring new teas periodically, you’ll enjoy the Explorer. It’s just enough tea to try something new, but not too much to overwhelm you.

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The first thing to do is pick which of the subscriptions you would like to receive! Two of the subscriptions give you the choice of black or low-caffeine, giving you 5 different subscription options. I am reviewing the Discoverer Black Box, which is $27.97 and includes a large pouch of black tea plus 4 other teas. This box sends enough for 60-96 cups of tea, depending on whether or not you re-steep your leaves.

First look!

There was a quick guide to the perfect cup on the inside of the lid.

The presentation was simple. I found 5 bags snuggled in black tissue paper and each bag featured all of the pertinent information. The bags are resealable and will keep the tea fresh for a while.

I received a card…

…with the name of my subscription listed. It spelled out what I would find in my box. Not happy with a tea that you received? Contact Field To Cup so they can replace it in your next box.

I also received a steeping guide.

Each tea was listed, along with flavor notes, amount of caffeine, steeping tips, and iced tea directions. They have also listed the price for both a 10g sample or 3oz full-sized pack, which makes valuing the teas in the box a little hard, since most of them are 20g and the large bag is 40g.

The back of the guide had a place for me to jot my own tasting notes.

I received some disposable filter bags, similar to the ones found here.

Field To Cup only sends loose leaf teas so you need a way to steep your teas effectively. I use a Teavana Perfecttea maker, but you can always use more disposable bags, a strainer, a stainless steel tea ball, or a French press.

I am loving this assortment – I especially love black tea and found 3 bags of it, along with an oolong and an herbal.

All of my teas! Steeping instructions are found on all of the bags, along with hints on getting the water temperature right in case you don’t have a thermometer or programmable kettle (I don’t own either one of those).

Field To Cup Black Tea Pistachio Marzipan Wow, the aroma hit me in the face as soon as I opened up this bag! I can’t say I’m a fan of marzipan, but if you are then this is a winner!

Black tea, pistachios, rose petals, marzipan, and natural pistachio flavoring are the ingredients, see the little marzipan balls? This was like drinking a cookie, especially when I added milk and sugar. It wasn’t bitter at all. This was the biggest bag of tea in the bunch. I have a lot of basic black tea hanging around so in the future I will mix this with some plain black tea to help bring the flavor more to my taste.

Field To Cup Black Tea Malawi Grand Cru is the priciest of this month’s teas. I filled my tablespoon up, then added a bit more since this tea is “wiry” and nobody likes weak tea.

It expanded A LOT but the flavor wasn’t overwhelming or strong, it was just right. It had a lovely black tea flavor and just a touch of tannins and yes I still added a bit of sugar and milk.

Field To Cup Oolong Tea Ancient Vietnamese Reserve Oh my goodness this was one of the best teas I have ever tried! Oolong tea falls somewhere between a green and black tea although this one was like a fine black tea.

This was another wiry tea. I measured out a tablespoon and it really didn’t look like much so I measured another tablespoon and then added water that was just under the boil. It had that classic black tea flavor, but with none of the tannic bitterness that it usually takes milk and sugar to tame. To me this tea was magnificent. Can be re-steeped a few more times, too!

Field To Cup Rooibos Tea Gingerbread House Keep the holiday spirit alive by steeping this wonderfully scented herbal tea!

Rooibos, almond pieces, pistachios, orange peel, coriander, and pretty pink peppercorns are the ingredients and I enjoyed this blend in the evening since it’s caffeine-free. Rooibus makes for a hearty herbal tea and the orange peel makes it smell absolutely lovely.

Field To Cup Black Tea Espresso Shot ($10.87) Coffee plus tea plus amazing flavors? Wow, this was a great way to start a Monday morning!

Pu-erh is the black tea used, and it is a fermented black tea that often has an earthy or musty flavor. The rest of the ingredients are coffee beans, almond, butterscotch drops (contains dairy), and jasmine petals. I used 2 teaspoons of tea and probably could have used just 1.5 tsps because this looked like a cup of coffee after it finished steeping. Unlike coffee, it wasn’t bitter and it had an interesting flavor note from the pu-erh, but wasn’t funky. I added milk and sugar and it was like drinking a flavored latte from the coffee house.

Field To Cup consistently sends amazing teas and is one of my very favorite subscriptions! The mix of varieties and flavors never fails to delight me. My very favorite flavor this month was the oolong, but the others were all just as worthy and I look forward to enjoying them the rest of the month. I appreciate that the teas are not flavored with citric acid or artificial flavors. Most of the teas can be steeped more than once. Even if you are not into re-steeping, it’s still a good amount of tea.

What do you think of this month’s box?

Visit Field to Cup Tea Discovery Box to subscribe or find out more!

Field to Cup Tea Discovery Box

The unique monthly Tea Discovery service that does things differently. Each month, you'll get 10gr of 7 different teas, enough for 28+ cups. Teas arrive in resealable tea pouches that protect your tea from moisture and light.

Our Tea Discovery service also gives you secret access to an exclusive Steeping Guide that's sent out monthly. It's filled with key information on how to prepare teas in different ways (no there isn't one way!). The key to any great tea experience is learning how to adjust it to your taste.

97 per month


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