Doki Doki December 2018 Subscription Box Review & Coupon

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Doki Doki is a monthly kawaii subscription box from Japan Crate. Every month, you’ll receive super cute Japanese items – accessories, stationery, plushies, and other adorable Japanese goodies.

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It’s overflowing with cuteness!

The cover art this month is by Tomo.

The card also has a fun comic strip!

December 2018 theme is HEARTWARMING HOLIDAYS.

The info sheet includes photos of the items, plus a brief description of each.

Everything in the December 2018 box!

Rilakkuma Honey Blanket. The yellow blanket features Rilakkuma and friends feasting on a honeypot.

It’s entitled “Harvest Festival in Honey Forest.” The color is vibrant and the material of the blanket itself is really soft.

This is a nice blanket to keep yourself warm in the winter.

Holiday Mochi Shiba. This plushie is inspired by Shiba Inu, a distinct dog breed native to Japan. It’s really cute and it’s even dressed up!

How will you be able to resist that cute furry face of the Shiba Inu? The cap and cape with snowflake design add to the overall cuteness of this plushie. It’s a super huggable plushie as well.

Even from behind, that furry tail and soft bottom are like icing on the cake. They complete the whole look of the Shiba Inu.

No matter which angle you look at this plushie, you’ll find that everything is spot on. It can even stand on its own! Whether you will be placing it on your shelf, your desk, or even by your bed, this adorable Shiba is just perfect.

Pompompurin Planner. It’s a 2019 planner featuring Pompompurin and his friends who are wearing a Pompompurin costume.

Pompompurin’s friends are also at back of the planner.

The overall yellow design makes it bright and even more adorable!

The first page is in green and of course, it also features Pompompurin and friends.

There’s a calendar for 2019 and 2020 so you can easily plan ahead.

There’s also a monthly spread. The boxes are small but enough to write down a few things, just so you can have an overview of your month.

Each month has a corresponding color. There are also cute illustrations on the border.

There are a few blank pages which you can use to write more details about your day, week, or month even. You can even use it for doodling, or poetry writing, whatever it is that you want to write down for safekeeping.

Nyanta Claus Washi Tape. Well, washi tapes are a must when it comes to journaling and I got a pack of Nyanta Claus washi tape.  😂 It’s holiday themed.

This washi tape features different types of cats in their holiday outfits. So kawaii!

The cats are printed on a pink background. The tape itself is high-quality. It sticks well! I can’t get over Nyanta Claus. I die.

Latte Stencil Art. Here’s a pack of latte art stencil. I’m not into coffee, but the idea of creating latte art is awesome and you can do it with hot chocolate, too!

I got five stencils inside this pack. There is a kabuki mask, some flowers, origami, and a face too.

DokiDoki’s December box included kawaii holiday-themed items. My favorite among the bunch are the Rilakkuma blanket and the Mochi Shiba plushie. The rest are useful too, like the planner and the washi tape. I’m happy with this month’s dose of kawaii! If you love cute Japanese goodies too, this is a subscription for you!

What did you think of this month’s Doki Doki Crate?

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