Creepy Crate December 2018 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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Creepy Crate is a subscription box full of items from many different horror properties. There are items you may not expect, but unlike that noise you hear outside your window, it’s generally something pretty cool.

All of the creepy contents!

DEAL: Save $5 off your first Creepy Crate! Use coupon code HELLOSUB5.

Murder, Lies, and Cover-Ups: Who Killed Marilyn Monroe, JFK, Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, and Princess Diana? by David Gardner – $24.99 cover price – This book could shed some light on some of these celebrities and how they met their untimely demise.

Uncover the real truth behind mass media accounts of how they died, and learn the reason for their murders.
These five deaths stopped the whole world in its tracks. We all famously recall where we were and what we were doing when JFK was assassinated, as well as the moments Elvis, Princess Diana, and Michael Jackson died. As for Marilyn Monroe, the candle flickered out long ago, but only now can the truth be told about how—and why—she died.
After combing through thousands of recently declassified FBI files and interviewing key witnesses, crime analysts, and forensic experts during years of research, investigative writer David Gardner has unearthed new information that will transform the way we look at these iconic tragedies that have long fascinated and intrigued the general public. Murder, Lies, and Cover-Ups reveals that Elvis Presley died not as a self-obsessed caricature but as a genuine hero who may have signed his death warrant going undercover for the FBI; how Marilyn Monroe’s secret affairs with JFK and his brother, Robert, left her in the crosshairs of a lethal conspiracy; why Princess Diana’s death was no accident; who ordered President John F. Kennedy’s assassination; and how on three occasions Michael Jackson “died” of painkiller drug overdoses in the months before his death.
In the wake of new evidence and testimonies, Murder, Lies, and Cover-Ups provides many of the answers that have been elusive for so long, while explaining what it was about these enduring legends that made their legacies burn so bright.

Serial Killer Pillowcase – I don’t know how a person can sleep on this.  It is absolutely creepy!

The Lineup’s 2019 Unsolved Mysteries Calendar – The stories that go with each month are some of the most chilling unsolved mysteries.I like to open up to my birth month.

Police Line Socks – These would be appropriate if you’ve been walking around all day.  The look pretty awesome too.

Birthday Card – Someone would need to be pretty special to receive this card.  It’s available from

CrimeCon Coupon – There’s a percentage off if you use the promo code from your Creepy Crate.

The Unibalmer – Well this is a nice and weird way to keep your lips from being chapped.

Creepy Crate was totally creepy, yet fun to look through. I like the homages to some of my favorite properties. My favorite item this month is the socks, and of course, the pillow case!  It’s a great subscription to try whether you’re simply into spooky reads or a horror fan in general!

What do you think of this spooky subscription?

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