Boxwalla Film December 2018 Subscription Box Review

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Boxwalla Film Box is a bi-monthly film subscription box. Every Film Box will contain two films from the Criterion Collection, along with inserts with detailed information on each film. They also send additional material via email, some to be read before, and some after watching the films. Subscribers may choose between DVDs and Blu-Rays. The box is $49.95 per month.

Boxwalla is a subscription box company that offers three themes – natural beauty, international film, or books! With Boxwalla, you’ll be able to discover great artisans and artists from across the globe.

The box itself is a luxe cotton rag paper covered box handcrafted by artisans in Rajasthan, India, and no child labor is ever used. The outside of the reusable box indicates which variety of Boxwalla you received. I love how the box itself supports socially and environmentally conscious goals.

I like the giftable box!

The information card is a letter from “The Drunken Boxwallas” detailing each of the products.

Everything in my box!

The Apu Trilogy – I truly love these movies because it showed the coming of age story of a young boy from Bengal. His whole being, his successes and failures, his childhood, education, and maturity are all shown in this film trio.

Restoration of art helps classic movies come alive again. Movies from the past aren’t necessarily unrelatable. There are a lot of issues addressed here that can strike a chord with a lot of people. These are timeless.

The way they tell the story through these movies is truly remarkable. It is not your usual recreational or light movie to watch but it definitely has a resounding voice that can enlighten and put people into perspective.

They just tell the story how it is. No sugarcoating or faking it. It is art in every way.

Pather Panchali means Song of the Little Road. It shows the trials and tribulations of a young child in a poor family.

Aparajito means The Unvanquished. He encountered a lot of changes in his life. He remains enduring and optimistic despite all his hardships – especially the death of his parents – and was forced to push through life alone.

Apur Sansar means The World of Apu. This is when we see the once child become a man. It was like the wheel of fate was never in his favor but he still manages to be the best man he could be in the end.

Every scene is well thought of. At that time, even though the film consists of mostly amateur actors and an inexperienced crew, they proved that having a powerful story and the urge to make a beautiful art can make anything successful.

These pictures from the director’s storyboard really look pure and sincere.

These pages tell the story behind the success of the movie. At the first edit, they didn’t even have subtitles and the movie was still well received.

It just shows how effective their storytelling even with the language barrier.

The magazine is really exciting to read. I can get to all the nitty-gritty of movie making and the process of making everyone see your vision.

Even the restoration is an adventure itself! It’s a good thing we have advanced technology. Thanks to the hard work of the institutions that care about art preservation this restoration is much improved, although many originals had been lost.

Boxwalla did a great job of curating this movie for this month’s box. It wasn’t necessarily in tune with the holiday season but at least we get to know the slice of life and culture in another side of the world. The life of the Bengali boy portrayed in the movie makes us realize how we should be grateful in everything we have and inspires us to be strong no matter what. The articles in the magazine were interesting and the pictures were an effective addition. Everything is so real about this movie and I hope more honest and creative young filmmakers can emerge so that we can have more refreshing and quality movies.

What do you think about the Boxwalla Film box?

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