Box of Happies December 2018 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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Box of Happies sends a box of handmade products from different artists throughout the US. The contents vary every month but may include handmade jewelry, accessories, candles, soaps, home decor, bath & body, or more!

  • Discover new artists each month
  • Retail value ALWAYS surpasses the price you paid for your Box of Happies
  • At least 1 or more signature handmade jewelry pieces each month
  • Uniquely curated in a reusable craft box
  • Guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

DEAL: Receive a free handmade necklace with your first Box of Happies purchase. Use coupon code HAPPIES.

There are two levels to choose from: The Box of Happies Mini includes 2-3 items and is $17.99 a month. The Box of Happies includes 4-6 items and is $29.99 a month. I am reviewing the original Box of Happies and it was wrapped really well in bubble wrap!

Each box contains an information card with prices and vendors for each item.

Unlike other subscription boxes, Box of Happies comes in a plastic reusable crafts box and all the items are wrapped in cheery tissue paper and sealed with a sticker. Four to six items are included in each box, but you can also customize and add another bar of soap, candle, or piece of jewelry. Or, you can treat yourself to a little grab bag for just $15!

Everything in my Box of Happies!

Din Din Toys Rustic Candle Holder ($4.70) is a natural product, it is truly a slice of tree branch with a hole in the middle for setting a candle!

The candle sits inside the holder, so there’s no chance of it leaking out from underneath. You can purchase an LED Battery-Operated Tealight, (like the one shown above, 36¢) in a pack of 36 on Amazon. No worries about leaking wax!

The “candle” even flickers!

Box Of Happies Earrings ($12) I’m calling these “Silvertone Druzy Drop” earrings because I have no idea what material they are made of, but they are shiny!

I like the color, it looks nice for winter.

Dressy Paper Sticky Note Pad ($4.00) All of the covers on this Etsy’s site have embellishments, so I linked to one that looks like the same color cover as the one I received.

It’s a cover for sticky notes, but I can’t help feeling like it makes it less convenient to grab a sticky note. If you like pretty things on your desk then it does dress up a hum drum item a bit. It came with a pad of sticky notes already attached, and you can peel the last piece off of a new pad and just stick it in there to refill.

Box Of Happies Necklace ($15) has a padlock charm with a heart cutout in the middle.

The chain is 18″ long.

Here is closer look at the charm. It is 1″ long and the whole necklace is very lightweight.

Chloe Mason Soap Company Recovering Clay Mask ($8) is meant for oily and acne-prone skin.

Just mix a spoonful of the clay with the liquid of your choice and let it sit on clean, dry skin for 10 minutes before washing off.

Be careful when opening, mine was messy and you don’t want to inhale clay!

Mary Lou’s Art Magnetic Clip Set ($4) and Mary Lou’s Art Hanging Magnetic Board ($4) Mary Lou only has art prints for sale on her website, so the values, like most of the items in this box, are from the info card.

The board is a piece of metal with a hole punched in the top with a piece of twine for a hanger. The board measures 3″ x 4″. The clips are clothespins with peel-and-stick rhinestone borders on top. They have a magnet on the back so you can clip a paper note or something like that and then the clothespin sticks to the board.

I was pleasantly surprised to find the clips in my daughter’s high school colors, silver and blue!

Pen/Stylus ($8) According to the card this is a pen/stylus, but the pen part is useless to me, I believe I received a broken or defective product.

The pen clip says “Swarovski”.

The crystals are pretty but I can’t get the pen tip to come out, I think it may be missing a spring inside but I can’t even take it apart to investigate.

Box of Happies is pretty much a grab bag of items, although necklaces and earrings show up monthly, along with items from various Etsy vendors. It is hard to verify some of the values, which sometimes seem inflated. The $8 pen doesn’t work at all, which is too bad because it is cute. I was happy to see my daughter’s school colors though, that really made me smile.

What do you think of this month’s Box of Happies?

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