Birchbox January 2019 Box Review + Coupon

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Birchbox is a beauty sample subscription box that sends 5 new items to test out each month so you can try before you buy. Birchbox is $10 a month and you can choose a monthly sample during selection time, let Birchbox decide, or pick a pre-curated box. This is a review of a monthly box with sample choice!

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I filled out a profile when I joined so I could let Birchbox know which types of items I would like to receive, plus I selected my skin type, hair type, and other info so they could send products that work for me.

Hello, 2019! Birchbox wants us to double check our beauty profile and gave a few other reminders on this month’s product info card.

The information card gives brief details on each item as well as the price if you were to buy the full size. Keep in mind that Birchbox sends a variety of product combos each month and your box may vary from mine. Time to hit refresh and give our winter selves a boost this new year!

My items were packed simply in the box, and what a cute box it is! I reuse my boxes by setting them out on my dresser to corral beauty items, plus they stack nicely in my closet for the overflow items.

Everything in the box!

Blaq Peel Off Mask ($7.25) Sometimes I receive products that are not as personalized as I think they should be. One example is this mask, which is supposed to pull out blackheads. My beauty profile says that I have dry, sensitive skin and this product is not considered suitable for sensitive skin. I am past the age of using peel-off masks so I will pass this along to someone brave enough to use it!

The instructions say to clean face first and then place a warm washcloth on the skin to open pores. Spread it on the T-zone, wait 15-20 minutes, and then gently peel off. Right now this has a 2.6 star rating on Birchbox, with the majority (35%) giving it 1 star.

Arrow Revitalizing Undereye Brightening Serum ($8)  Yes Birchbox, help me send my under eye bags packing, or at least help me hide them for the day!

I received the shade “light/medium” and the only other shade offered is “medium/deep”. The full-sized product also comes with a sponge-tip applicator but I had to pat this on with my finger. I liked it! The color ended up working and it blended easily. It’s also a serum that may help fight the signs of aging. Swatched below.

Bioderma Atoderm Shower Oil ($0.47) is a no-foam shower gel, which is probably not a bad thing to use in the winter, when my skin is zapped of moisture. It had a light scent and didn’t leave any residue on my skin, but this sample was tiny!

Beautique Beauty Nourishing Mascara ($9.95) I am always happy to try a new mascara! This one claims to be volumizing and lengthening.

I think this is a pretty standard applicator. I used this mascara a couple of different times but, like most mascaras I’ve tried, it didn’t do much that I could see other than making me look like I have lashes vs not having lashes. No major lift. Last night I looked like I had raccoon eyes so I probably scared everyone at a meeting I went to. At least it was easy to remove before bed!

Model Co Baked Highlighter in Moonshine ($5?) There seems to be a size discrepancy since this says it is the same size as the full-sized one on the Birchbox site but this one is very small and doesn’t look like the full-sized picture.

The highlighter was my sample choice for January. A face mask and a hair mask were the other options. You don’t have to make a sample choice and choosing one item from the group doesn’t mean you won’t receive any of the others. I received the shade “Moonshine” but there are 3 other shades to choose from on the Birchbox site.

I really liked the color and formula of this sample! I swirled it all together with a brush and swiped it on my nose, across my forehead, and over my cheeks, plus just above my upper lip. It gave me a subtle glow and I was amazed to see it was still there when I checked the mirror at lunchtime! Overall it gave a light golden sheen.

Here are the swatches! On top is the concealor and on the bottom is the highlighter.

I think Birchbox sends a cute assortment of products every month! Some of the brands are pricey and I enjoy getting to try them out. I know the highlighter was small but it will take me months to use it up since only a little is needed. I liked the concealor and was happy to try out a new mascara. The shower oil was gone before I knew it and the only disappointment was the mask, and I reached out to Birchbox about it and they made it right! As for the value, my box was worth about $30.67! Keep in mind that you value may be more or less than mine depending on the products you receive for your profile!

What did you think of the January 2019 Birchbox Box? What did you get in your box?

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  • snowhitetwin

    Thank you Deb!!! Awesome review, I could really tell whether these products were worth it or not. I’m sorry you received that blaq mask again. Not only does that mask claim to remove blackheads, I’m pretty sure it was also trying to remove my entire face lol. I really appreciated your review, thank you so much!!!

    • Deb

      Awww, thank you SnowWhiteTwin, I appreciate your kind words! I am so sorry you lost your skin to this mask, seems like now more people have reviewed it on the Birchbox website and many reported a similar reaction. I forgot to mention that I did try it out on my arm and while I didn’t have a reaction there, I know my face and body are very different, and I did rinse it off before it dried.