Bespoke Post SOUS CHEF Box Review & Coupon – January 2019

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Bespoke Post is a men’s lifestyle subscription box offering sophisticated accessories, gear, and curated interest kits, although nearly all of their offerings are unisex and would be equally appropriate for any woman with a rugged and adventurous side.

Bespoke Post has a unique model – you can select your box from a variety of offerings, or receive their automatic monthly selection picked just for you. You can also skip the month if you’re not interested in any of the available boxes.

Our selection for this month, SOUS CHEF, is still available.This is one of the regular $45 selections.

DEAL: For a limited time, use code MYFIRST to save 25% on your first box!

Everything was packed carefully and arrived in good condition.

This month’s box is called SOUS CHEF!

The back of the intro card has a brief description of everything in the box, explaining why each item is such an awesome choice for this curation. Most boxes have a small selection of items — usually one main item and some accessories.

Everything inside my box!

Marlux Java Adjustable Pepper Mill ($34.90) The Marlux Java is an adjustable pepper mill that is made with beech wood that came from a sustainably managed forest. It has the right length and easy to use design.

It can be cleaned with a dry cloth. Also, it should be kept away from water and salt as they would damage the mechanism.

It looks durable as it’s made with high-quality materials. It is made in France and works the mechanism with hardened steel.

The adjustable grinding mechanism has a double row of teeth that captures the grains, drive them towards and then block them in order to grind them the way you want to. Twist the cap at the top of the mill and the finer grind will certainly be spicier but less flavorful and the coarser grind is less spicy but more peppery.

Its simplicity and sleek design make it suitable for any aesthetic. The results – wonderful cracked black pepper – are fantastic!

de Buyer La Lyonnaise Round Frying Pan ($34.95) The frying pan is made of blue steel that has temporary protection against oxidation. It heats up really quickly that makes it ideal for searing a steak, browning mushrooms, or reducing a pan sauce.

The back of the carton indicates an overview of the frying pan and how to maximize its use.

This pan has undergone a thermal treatment which gives it a bluish color and protects the pan from oxidation. If we want to maintain some of its properties then be sure to prep the pan before use!

The logo is engraved at the handle and indicates that the item is also made in France.

de Buyer carbon steel pan conducts heat like cast iron but handles like aluminum. It’s lightweight and has a durable welded steel handle that has an ergonomic design and makes it easier to use.

Before the first use, we should clean the pan with very hot water. We can apply a coating of high-smoke-point oil and place in a 400F oven. The pan will be darker in use. Don’t use detergents in cleaning after the first use and it’s not dishwasher safe.

There are a lot of instructions with illustrations in the pamphlet on the steps on what to do before the first use and how to correctly prepare the iron frying pan for sealing, browning, and grilling. To clean, do not leave the food in the pan after cooking and rinse with warm water, dry with kitchen towel and spread a small amount of oil while storing it in a dry place to maintain the temporary protection of blue steel.

They have a demonstration video link indicated in the pamphlet in case you were lost in the instructions. It’s very quick in heating time and a great diffuser of heat so it is not suitable for induction hobs. Glass cooktops are not recommended although it is compatible with all cooktops. Keep the heat in low if you are going to use an induction cooktop to avoid damaging the pan.

As promised for a $45 subscription, I got $70 worth of products. The theme is centered around kitchen items and I like them both. As a lover of grilling, steaks, and sauces, this is an ideal pan that is good for all purposes. It has specific steps on how to take care and use it effectively but once you got used to it, the experience of cooking delicious food with it will make those necessary steps worth it. I also love the sidekick product which is the pepper mill. Just by the look and feel of it, it is well made and high quality, and the pepper cracking mechanism is perfect. They will be good together in any kitchen.

What did you think of the Bespoke Post SOUS CHEF box?

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