Bespoke Post Black Friday Black Box Premium Review & Coupon

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Bespoke Post is a men’s lifestyle subscription box offering sophisticated accessories, gear, and curated interest kits, although many of their offerings are unisex and would be equally appropriate for any woman with a rugged and adventurous side.

Every Black Friday, Bespoke Post offers a special edition Black Box free with a $45 purchase. This year, they added a second tier to their offer — you get the regular Black Box free with a $45 purchase, but you get a free Black Box Premium with $90 purchase. This is a review of Bespoke Post Black Box Premium.

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Don’t you just love the simple packaging?

Unlike ordinary Bespoke Post boxes, the Black Box doesn’t have a specific theme — it’s more of a sampler.

They included the usual info card with a bit of insight into each item selected. The collection is supposed to be representative of the kind of things you would see in a monthly box.

Black box, black tissue, black card!

There are lots of promotional cards included in the box!

There are coupons from Keeps, Iessa, and Bespoke Post.

They certainly made a concerted effort to earn the name “Black Box,” as every item was black or in black packaging.

Everything in the Bespoke Post Black Box Premium.

Bespoke $10 Gift Card. We can use this $10 gift card in any store order over $75.

The given code will expire at the end of January 2019.

Ash & Fir Leather Refillable Journal. They gave us a journal! In preparation for the new year, of course. New year, new experiences, new pages to fill.

It’s very simple. It only has a mountaintop symbol engraved at the lower right bottom as a design.

This is a good journal if you like the leather and earthy aesthetic.

It has simple, blank white pages so you can free your mind without inhibitions.

Ezra Arthur Stainless Steel Tie Bar. This one is a sturdy tie bar.

Just the right weight to keep the tie and fastened and in place.

Sleek, simple stainless steel.

MVRCK by Mitch Skin + Beard Lotion ($15) The lotion is gluten-free and designed to shape and tame coarse hair so it can be controlled and moisturized no matter what style or length the beard has. It has refreshing agave citrus scent and rich formula with barley seed extract that restore the hydration of the skin underneath the scruff. You can even apply it to your skin as a stand-alone moisturizer.

Mefford Design Stainless Steel Cap Snap Bottle Opener ($12) It’s a thin stainless steel, with a no-fuss design one-handed bottle opener.

It fits perfectly and gets the job done easily. Convenient and travel-friendly.

Boarding Pass “This Bag Is Not Yours” Leather Luggage Tag. This leather bag tag matches the leather journal!

This is a hand-made premium leather bag tag with vegetable tanned leather. It is debossed with 8 tons of pressure to get this unique design.

It has a sturdy lock so it won’t easily get ripped off from your bags.

MVRCK by Mitch Beard Oil ($18) Apply this oil directly to your beard and smooth evenly. The oil softens coarse hair, making it ideal for unruly and dry beards. It’s gluten-free and it consists of shea butter, sunflower seed oil, and other hydrating ingredients. The formula is lightweight and can tame all beard styles and lengths. I like its energizing agave citrus scent too.

Izola Stashlight. It’s a part flashlight, part stash with a bottle opener at one end that you can keep in your car or bring when camping.

The box illustrates the parts of the stainless steel stashlight.

It has a classy matte gold finish and very handy for immediate needs.

At one end, it’s the flashlight.

You twist it and activates the LED light.

The other end is a sturdy bottle opener.

It has a spacious compartment inside. You can stash items you need in there like candies, or even matches and you can light them up using the handle of the stashlight.

Every product exudes sleek design, simplicity, and practicality. The moisturizer and beard oil are useful to keep our scruffs neat. I also love the leather tandem of the bag tag and journal. The handy bottle opener and tie bar are nice additions while the Izola stashlight is the main star of the box. I love its innovative structure and its multifunctionality. It will be very useful for people on-the-go. This Black Box Premium was really worth it!

What did you think of the Bespoke Post Black Box Premium?

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