Barkbox January 2019 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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Barkbox is a monthly subscription box just for dogs. Each box has 4-6 dog products and is customized to the size of your pup, plus it has a cute theme that you and your dog will get a kick out of.

DEAL: You can get a $10 credit to the Barkshop with your Barkbox subscription with promo code MS10X1213. 

This Barkbox is for small dogs like our miniature schnauzers, Lindy and Dean, but you can get them for medium and large dogs too. Check out our Barkbox reviews for a peek at the big dog boxes! Plus, they now offerBarkbox SUPER CHEWER – the heavy chewer box!

Aside from the wrapping paper, there are no other packaging material or fillers.

This month’s box includes a brochure that features a pop out Viking helmet and headband.

The theme of this month’s box was Vikings of Valhowla! Here, they listed clues about some of the items we might find inside the box.

This Viking helmet looks so cool, it even has a Barkbox logo printed on the forehead part.

The wrapper is so colorful and informative. It features 3 different scenarios, on both ends is a picture of 2 different Vikings village, and the one at the center is a picture of the ocean full of sea monsters and Vikings!

The other side of the wrapper features the Barkbaric Vikings’ family tree and different parts of a De Viking Dog Ship!

Check out all the members of the Wagdrasil de tree of all tails!

There’s even a fill in the blanks activity, so you can complete the Norse Sniffology!

De Viking Dog Ship is pretty interesting. It’s so detailed and entertaining too. Their both even has a poop deck and mastiff’s mast where they can pee at all time!

Look closer on the 3 pictures and you’ll see a hidden word. Have you noticed that?

Everything in this month’s box!

Jones Natural Chews Windees Dog Treats. Meaty and chewy! This delicious dog treat is made in the USA using high grade ingredients.

This sumptuous treat is designed specifically for small and medium-sized dogs.

It’s also rich in protein, fats, and, fiber, giving your dog a total package of nutrients he’ll need for his everyday activities! So gross, but my dogs love trachea treats!

Barkbox Erik The Red Squirrel ($10) The first plush toy for this month is a red squirrel named Erik!

It’s a bouncy, squeaky, spiky ball with crinkle paper in the tail and a long fluffy fur.

Since this plush toy is designed for small to medium sized dogs, it’s spiky, bouncy, and squeaky!

It’s so cute and very detailed, he’s like a barbaric squirrel from the Viking era!

Barkshop Jormungandr & Steve ($10) The next plush toy is a sea monster named Jormungandr & Steve!

It’s a two-headed sea turtle that hunts down every ship that crosses on their territory.

Like any other sea monsters, Jormungandr & Steve has a scary looking face. It also has a pair of huge widely opened eyes and a hairy chest. On the other hand, it looks like my pups were not scared, they even played tug of war using this.

It’s a long plush toy stuffed with fluffs, squeaker, and crinkled papers on the body.

It’s so soft yet very durable, Dean and Lindy absolutely love this!

Barkshop Feast Of Valhowla Berserk For Peanut Butter Dog Treats. It’s a pack of all-natural treats made without wheat, soy, and corn. This treat features an unbeatable combination of scrumptious peanut butter and yummy bacon!

The treats are square-shaped. They also contain flaxseed, which is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, and blueberries that are packed with fiber and anti-oxidants.

It’s so crunchy and chewy at the same time, an ideal treat to give your dog for training.

Barkshop Feast Of Valhowla Quack Na Rok Dog Treats. We got another pack of treats in the box, and this time it’s made with duck, pork, and cranberry.

This treat comes in small cubes, which are easy to chew.

Same with the first snack, it’s without wheat, soy, and corn. Ingredients include nutrient-rich sweet potatoes and food grade pork.

This month’s Viking themed Barkbox is so fun! We admire the people behind this subscription because they never fail to come up with awesome themes and witty names for their products. Our dogs Dean and Lindy had a great time munching on the treats and also played a lot with the toys. Seeing them like that makes us happy too. If you love to see your pups happy and healthy all the time, this is a fun subscription box!

What did you think of Barkbox this month?

Visit Barkbox to subscribe or find out more!


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    How can I just buy one of the treats we received in the box?