Zamplebox E-Juice November 2018 Subscription Box Review + Coupon!

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ZampleBox is a monthly e-juice/vaping subscription box. Every month you’ll receive 3 ($23.99), 6 ($33.99), or 11 ($53.99) premium, American-made e-liquid bottles. Zamplebox has a ton of juice preference features that allow them to deliver a box that is customized to your taste preferences.

This is a review of the 11 bottles $53.99 per month box.

All ZampleBox Memberships now include ZB Wholesale ($9.99/month value) for FREE! You’ll get access to special member-only vape deals as well as the wholesale shop.

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Also included in the box is an information sheet that lists all the e-juices in your box for the month.

Brand labeling on e-juice is notoriously cryptic, so it’s sometimes a bit of a challenge to match up the listings with the bottles.

Here’s the rating card!

You just have to pick your top 3 favorite e-juices, post it on social media, and tag ZampleBox for a chance to be featured!

Each month, an exclusive sticker is included inside the box. This month’s featured sticker is a vape with ZampleBox logo!

It’s well packaged to ensure that there will be no leaks or damages during shipping.

Everything in the box!

Apple Peach Strawberry By Cocktail Collection Co. ($15) Flavor: peach, apple, and strawberry

This juice has a fruity blend of peach, apple, and strawberries. It produces a smooth throat sensation.

Circus Coconut Cake By Circus E-Liquid ($15) Flavors: cake, coconut, cream, marshmallow, and chocolate

Smooth and creamy, this e-juice tastes like coconuts with a mix of marshmallow and chocolate.

Mango Berries By Confections ($17) Flavors: mango, kiwi, and strawberry

Another fruity e-juice! This one is dominated by the sweet taste of mango and kiwi with a hint of strawberry. It’s refreshing and satisfying just like a tropical drink.

Milkshake Man Strawberry By Marina Vape ($20) Flavors: dessert, ice cream, milkshake, chocolate

How about a delicious dessert? This e-juice combines chocolate ice cream and milkshake flavor, providing a smooth throat sensation with thick cloud.

Razzle Pop By Sweet Station By Cali Steam ($12) Flavors: fruit candy, kiwi, dessert, and strawberry

Razzle Pop produces a classic fruity, dessert-like taste that travels smoothly on the throat and leaves a sweet sensation. It’s light, yet flavorful.

Vanilla Custard By Emergency Vape Stash Vol 1 ($15) Flavors: vanilla and custard

Vanilla and custard will always make a classic dessert. Same goes for this e-juice dominated by tasty vanilla flavor in every inhale with a hint of custard. It has low throat hit but with high vapor production.

Brain Freeze By Cali Steam ($12) Flavors: blue raspberry, cherry, citrus, lemon, berry, ice cream

This juice provides a bit of cooling sensation to the mouth. Also, its lemon and cherry flavors are quite refreshing. It’s a great juice to try for new vapers!

Killer Kustard Lemon By Vapetasia ($12) Flavors: custard, lemon, dessert, and cream

One of the best dessert-flavored e-juices, this version of Killer Kustard features a blend of lemon and custard. The taste of lemon is easily recognizable but not too dominant. It has low to zero throat hit.

Marshmallow Man By Marina Vape ($20) Flavors: Marshmallow, yogurt, donut, cereal, milkshake, and custard

For those who are craving for a creamy vape, this one is a great choice because it has a nice marshmallow flavor with great vapor production and low throat hit. This stuff is exactly as described, smooth and creamy marshmallow!

Poolside Popsicle By Vape Craft Inc. The Classic Line ($16) Flavors: orange, cream, vanilla, ice cream

It’s an e-juice dominated by orange and vanilla flavor. It’s like eating an orange flavored ice cream, making it a great dessert vape!

Relapse By Vapors Anonymous ($20) Flavors: pineapple, cream, ice cream

Last but not the least is this e-juice featuring a creamy pineapple float flavor. It’s light to the throat with thick cloud production.

November Zamplebox is dominated by dessert, fruity, and flavorful juices. This subscription is an excellent way of testing new vape flavors, which is useful especially for vaping newbies and great fun for veteran vapers. It also allows vape enthusiasts to try and stock up on new e-juice flavors. And the most important thing is that you can customize the boxes depending on your taste preferences, so you’re less likely to receive a flavor you won’t like.

Are you getting this month’s Zamplebox?

Visit Zample Box to subscribe or find out more!


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