Universal Yums November 2018 Subscription Box Review – Netherlands

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Universal Yums is a monthly international snack subscription box. Every month, you’ll take a trip to a new country and munch on brand new exciting snacks. There are three sizes of box, the Yum ($14), the Yum Yum ($25), and the Super Yum Box($39). This is the Yum Yum box, and it’s a fun subscription that we get a kick out of each and every month.

In November, the yums are from the Netherlands!

All of the items that came in my Netherlands Box!

If you’ve seen my other reviews or you already get this box you know that this one looks a little different already. Normally we have the countries flag as the topper in the box but this month we have map look. and the note inside lets us know they are changing things up and I can’t wait to see what all they do.

The information for all the yums come in a great booklet each month.

The information book has notes about all of the items and their ingredients.

These books are so informative – it includes a bit of the snack’s history and how it might taste.

Max and Alex Choco Stroopwafel – What could be better then a wafer cookie? A wager cookie covered in milk chocolate! Yes, Yes, and more Yes! Wafer cookies are always some of my favorites and then a the chocolate is just the icing on the cake.  Yums also lets us know that the un-chocolate version are served on United Airlines flights. Has anyone had them? That isn’t an airline I fly from my airport so I’ve not had a chance to get them.

Autodrop Bosvruchtrode Cadillacs – I’m a boy mom so anything with cars is on my radar. These are like the best of the gummies that my boys eat everyday. These reds are filled with strawberry, cherry, and blackcurrent flavors.

Chio Pinchacha –  A corn chip flavored with paprika.  These were crispy and pretty good. I love the snack on chips of any kind and these would work right in the  mix.

Roka Gouda Mini Cheese Crispies – These snacks give us a taste of the famous cheese: gouda. I’m not a big cheese eater so when I tried these they were a bit too cheesy for me but the cracker part of these were ok I just couldn’t get over the taste.

Roka Cheddar & Raspberry Cheese Crispies – These are some cheese crackers that I do like. I think the raspberry cuts the cheddar taste and makes them yummy. A crispy cracker and some sweet insides.  These could be a lunch staple for all the time.

Droste Orange Pastilles – Orange is the national color of the Netherlands and the color of pride in the country. I don’t know about all that but these orange flavored milk chocolates make me very happy. I laughed at these since I go for the orange chocolates in a normal chocolate sampler so a place that makes these a staple sounds fun.

Autodrop Zacht Wagens – These are not the licorice candies in the booklet but they sent an oops card that a shared below. I set these aside for my hubby since licorice is not my favorite. I do love the truck shapes of these candies and with the different flavors they look fun.

Jan Hagel – In Dutch Jan Hagel means ragtag and these are going to be some of the ugliest cookies Universal yums shares with us. They are a staple of their holiday season and I can see why. They are made with peanuts, cinnamon and pearl sugar. I can see why they have them over the holidays as they have a homey taste to them. I’m thinking its the cinnamon.

The smaller items are sent all in a fun little “Yum” Bag! These are always some of my favorites in my boxes. I mean who doesn’t love candy and treats and everything small seems like such a treat.

Dutch Best Pralines – In the Netherlands they call pralines any chocolates filled with something. Universal Yums sent us a couple different flavors to try and they’ve all been great.  Again chocolate with filling is always good in my book and the Dutch know how to make good chocolate.

Holland Hopjes – These are a coffee flavored hard candy. These were a bit strong for me but my coffee loving friend thought they were great. They recipe includes caffeine and coffee so what coffee addict wouldn’t love it.

Milk Chewies – A chewy milk candy that reminds me of the cowtails we have here in the states.  The Dutch are famous for their dairy and they attribute it to mud! I know crazy but they used to be very swampy and then when they started settling they had rich grasslands that the cows graze on and then produce delicious milk. It then works its way into all kinds of foods and snacks.

Napoleon Zwart-Wit – A black licorice hard candy with a salty filling. The Dutch believe the saltier the licorice the better and this is one of their most popular.

The November Netherlands Universal Yums box was as interesting as always.  I love pretending to go to all of these different countries and thinking of what I might be snacking on as I’m exploring. My family always looks the countries up and plan imaginary trips. Maybe one day we will get to go and visit some of the locations but for now we can pretend with our yummy boxes each month.

Have you tried Universal Yums? What do you think?

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