Tokyo Treat December 2018 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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TokyoTreat is a monthly Japanese snack and candy subscription box that is shipped directly from Japan.

There are two box sizes — Classic ($25) and Premium ($35). As always, shipping is free worldwide.

  • The Classic box includes 12 items altogether — 4 popular snacks, 4 share packs (new), 2 dagashi snacks, 1 DIY candy kit, and 1 kinosei (quirky) snack.
  • The Premium box includes 17 items — 5 popular snacks, 1 party pack (new), 4 share packs (new), 3 dagashi snacks, 1 anime snack (new), 1 DIY candy kit, 1 kinosei snack, 1 drink.

This is a review of the Premium box.

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There are cute activities inside the magazine too!

This month’s theme is SANTA’S SNACKS!

There’s a holiday greeting from Tokyo Treat, as well as a fun on-page game.

Here are the items we should be expecting for this month’s curation.

This page of the magazine features Tomato & Cherry Gummies and DIY Kit Exciting Fishing.

Discover Japan page shares a bit of the local culture every month. This month, it’s about KFC and why their chicken is one of Japan’s most popular Christmas dishes!

It also features instructions on how you can activate your box so that you can earn rewards, discounts, and more.

This month, they even included a Reward Catalog, which is an exclusive access to the JapanHaul Point Market.

You can activate your streak and exchange points for cool and delicious rewards!

There’s a list of items you can redeem, depending on the number of points you have accumulated.

Everything inside the box!

Bourbon Sylveine Chocolate Cake. Cakes are staples on Japanese Holiday tables, so I got a chocolate cake! This is really the star of the show!

At first, I thought the cake will be a round one to slice, but it already came in slices that I can just form up.

Here the delectable slices, forming a circle.

I love how they generously covered the whole slice with chocolate…

…and how they filled it with mouth-watering cream inside. Delicious!

Fanta Mango Jelly Drink. Wow! This is really interesting. It’s a jelly drink and it’s even in mango flavor. It’s sweet and tangy at the same time, such a delight for any mango fan!

Kumamon White Sesame Cracker. White sesame flavor is really popular in Japan, and it’s featured in this crisp and dense snack that is also cute and fun!

Christmas Pizza Poteko. This season, they released a limited edition pizza-flavored potato crisps and I’m here for it! The potato rings are covered in savory flavor, at least this box is not about all sweets.

Bubble Cola Ramune Candy. This candy really tastes like Ramune cola, I thought I was quenching up with some of the beverage. It’s bubbly, sweet, and fun!

Bourbon Strawberry Chocolate Chips. They also included something sweet and savory: strawberry chocolate-covered potato chips. Not your usual combo but I’m willing to give it a go!

Salted Green Pea Mini Chips. Another savory inclusion is this handy mini chips which are dusted with salty green pea flavor. I can easily keep it in my bag, in case of an emergency snacking situation!

Shin-Chan Apple Chocobi. I love puff snacks from Japan, as they feature classic and some unique flavors. This season, they released a new flavor which is made from real apple paste from Nagano prefecture.

I love how tasty, sweet, and fruity this snack is. There’s Shin Chan as a freebie too.

Burnt Caramel Taiyaki. Taiyaki is a popular traditional snack in Japan, and this new take features a tasty burnt caramel flavor.

Vegetable Potato Sticks Share Pack. We got four small packs of this snack. It’s made with 9 different vegetables!

It’s cool that the potato sticks came in mini packs that I can share.

Tomato & Cherry Gummies. The combination of tomato and cherry in these gummies provide a blend of natural collagen and lycopene. They’re sweet and refreshing!

Takoyaki Umaibo. For this month’s umaibo, we got the popular Takoyaki flavor! I love this one, as it is really savory.

Melon Bread Cookie. Melon bread is another popular treat in Japan, and we got a mini version of it in the form of a cookie. It’s sweet and it does taste like melon.

Exciting Fishing DIY Kit. Every box includes a DIY candy. This month, we got a Fishing DIY candy kit!

This fun kit lets you make your own sweet candy!

It came with some tools that you can use to make your treats. There’s tray mold, spoon, the candy powder, and a fishing rod.

You just have to form the fish candies by combining the powder with small amounts of water. Then transfer mixture to the mold.

While you’re waiting for the candies to reach its final state, put the string on them like they’re newly caught fishes.

Then, you can pop the candies out of the mold.

We’re done! The candies are held all together by the fishing rod and string.

It’s cute!

This month’s Tokyo Treat box was really a feast! Everything’s delicious, fun, and adorable. The variety is good too, as they provided sweet, savory, and crunchy snacks. My favorite has got to be the rich and delectable chocolate cake. Snacking on it already felt like Christmas!  As always, the DIY candy is fun to make. It gives our family an enjoyable bonding activity every time. Indeed, Tokyo Treat is the perfect box if you’re looking for delicious Japanese snacks that can satisfy all your snacking needs! ‘Til next month’s box!

What did you think of this month’s Tokyo Treat?

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