The Best Knife Subscription Boxes for 2019

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If you are a traveler, adventurer, or an outdoor person who’s always on the move, then you’ll definitely need a perfect knife-buddy to accompany you on your ultimate adventures. There is a lot of knives subscription out there in the market, and it’s really a headache just by checking them all out one by one. That’s why we filter them all and choose only the best knives subscription that will surely offer you the quality, finesse, and satisfaction you are looking for!

Here’s a list of some of the best knife subscription boxes you can try for 2019. Check them all out and leave suggestions if you have some on the comment section!

1. BattlBox

What you get: BattleBox is a monthly survival kit subscription that delivers hand-picked gears and tools for your extreme outdoor adventure. Each month, you’ll receive a manual, emergency supplies, outdoor gear, and survival tools. The box is available in 4 different packages such as Basic, Advance, Pro, and Pro Plus.

Check out the reviews of BattlBox subscription for more information!

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2. Knife Subscription Club

What you get: If you are a traveler or an avid knife collector, then this is the most suitable box for you. Knife Subscription Club is a monthly box subscription that provides 1 high-quality, stainless steel, branded knife and/or EDC gear delivered straight to your door on auto-pilot. This knife box is available in 4 different packages: Basic, Advanced, Premium, and Ultimate.

3. Barrel & Blade

What you get: Receive the best tactical, survival, and Every Day Carry gears delivered directly to your house monthly. Barrel & Blade subscription box collaborates with the top experts in the field together with their most knowledgeable friends to make sure that every subscriber will only be receiving the highest quality, most badass, and best value gear available.

See all of our Barrel & Blade box reviews to know more about this subscription!

4. Knife Pack

What you get: Knife Pack is a monthly box subscription that delivers high quality, unique knives from the best brands available, at the most affordable price. Each box includes a variety of knives like Karambits, folding knives, spring assisted opening knives, fixed blade knives, throwing knives, butterfly knives and many more.

5. Bladesman Club

What you get: Bladesman Club is a monthly box subscription that sends out premium knives, from premium brands. The problem with most of the exclusive blades is that they also come with an expensive price, but not for this subscription. Bladesman Club has partnered with top-notch companies to bring you the best blades available, at the fraction of the price.

6. KnifeBox

What you get: Get a premium, hand-selected knife delivered to your door every month. KnifeBox is a monthly blade subscription that sends high-quality knives from different well-known brands around the world. You can also upgrade your subscription to either TacticalBox, SwordBox, CS:GO Box, or AxeBox.

7. RavenPac

What you get: Love collecting branded knives but has a very tight budget? No problem RavenPac has the perfect deal for you. RavenPac Knife Club is a monthly subscription that delivers a variety of knives straight at your home. Each month you can get either a folders, fixed blades, exotics, assists, daggers, neck knives, or throwing knives. They also made sure you’ll get unique knives monthly.

8. Blade City’s Monthly Mystery Knife

What you get: If you love collecting a variety of premium blades from different countries around the world, then this is the right box for you! Blade City’s Monthly Mystery Knife provides a diversity of mysterious blades delivered to your door monthly! Each box might include a karambits, balisongs, throwing knives, and many more.

9. Monthly Knife Club

What you get: Monthly Knife Club is a monthly box subscription that supplies standard knives, normally spring assisted and made from stainless steel. If you want to start collecting a variety of knives, then this is the perfect subscription box to try on!


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