SnackSack November 2018 Subscription Box Review & Coupon – Classic

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SnackSack is a monthly subscription service that sends boxes filled to the brim with a combination of organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, all-natural, vegan and fair-trade snacks to your door every month!

SnackSack now offers two new subscriptions – SnackSack Vegan and SnackSack Gluten-Free! Regular SnackSack is still priced at $22 per month, while the new SnackSack Vegan and SnackSack GF are available for $24 per month. Plans are also offered in 6-month and 12-month options, plus they now ship to Canada!

DEAL: Get 10% off for the life of your subscription! Use coupon code HELLO.

Everything arrives stacked neatly in the box. This is a review of the SnackSack Classic. This box has undergone a little bit of a redesign — it has the same great snacks, but the look has been upgraded.

The box includes a promotional card from Ona.

It also includes a 25% off discount code.

Smarter snacking starts now!

The box arrives with a list of its contents. Snack Sack makes it easy to find the gluten-free, vegan, and non-GMO snacks at a glance. Snack Sack sends between 11-15 snacks a month.

The menu card lets you know what is your box. This review covers the Classic box, but you also get to see what is in the vegan and gluten-free versions of the box!

Everything in this month’s box! Our review box was missing a pack of crackers – if we’d been paying subscribers, SnackSack would have made it right!

Snack Sack Tote Bag. We’ll be stashing all our snacks and treats in this tote bag that says “Smarter Snacking”!

Bubba’s Fine Foods Savory Original Snack Mix ($1.84) If you are craving for something savory and crunchy, then this healthy snack is for you. It’s made with real ingredients like banana chips, cashews, turmeric, paprika and pecan tossed with olive oil. This is one way to unjunk your junk food. It’s perfect as a travel snack because it doesn’t have sugar, MSG, GMO, gluten, grains, dairy or soy but it’s still tasty.

Dandie’s All Natural Vanilla Marshmallows ($1.61) Who doesn’t like marshmallows? This one is vegan, kosher, and made without GMO, gelatin or gluten. It’s perfect with hot chocolate in the cold weather. Speaking of….

Nib More Traditional Drinking Chocolate ($1.54) Hot chocolate for the cold weather warms the senses and calms the nerves. This vegan chocolate drink has no artificial sweeteners but it’s still tasty and creamy. It is made of organic ingredients such as coconut palm, cane sugar, cacao powder, and sea salt. It can also be added to a warm milk, smoothies, coffee or be in place for cocoa powder when baking.

Blake’s Seed Based Raspberry Snack Bar ($2.25) This is a seed based snack with real raspberries, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and flax seeds. Seeds are healthy superfoods that have antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. The high-end natural ingredients give us a tasty treat. It’s also vegan, and free of gluten, peanut, nut, egg, soy, wheat, fish, shellfish and milk.

Ona Chocolate Chip Cookies ($5.26) There are no refined sugars in these cookies. Instead, they’re sweetened using organic honey. Each piece is soft, chewy, salty and sweet like a cookie dough. It also has a flavorful blend of almond and coconut flour, shredded coconut, maca powder, coconut oil, and cocoa nibs. The best thing is that it’s gluten-free and paleo-friendly too.

Organic Ocho Coconut Bar ($2.83) The chewy, sweet, and creamy coconut filling made this snack bar a standout. It’s made with fresh organic coconut flakes, cane sugar, and vanilla extract. The bar is also covered with rich dark chocolate which easily complimented its flavors. It is vegan, organic, non-GMO, and gluten-free.

Iota Roasted Sunflower Kernels In Pink Himalayan Salt ($1.40) These roasted sunflower kernels with a touch of pink Himalayan salt easily satisfied the crunch I crave for. It’s more nutritious than most nuts and seeds and it’s also packed with antioxidants and phytosterols. This snack is organic, gluten-free, and non-GMO.

Justin’s Organic Dark Chocolate Cashew Butter Cups ($2.91) These cashew butter cups have the perfect combination of chewy and crunchy. It contains artisanal peanut butter and high-quality dark chocolate. It is also certified organic, gluten-free, non-GMO, and kosher.


Enlightened Roasted Broad Bean Crisps in Sriracha ($0.90) Bursting with flavors, this snack is lightly roasted in sunflower oil. It’s a snack I can’t resist, most especially with the satisfying crunch and the spiciness it has. It’s also packed with protein and fiber.

Kodiak Cakes Oatmeal in Caramel ($13.99) The caramel gives this oatmeal the perfect sweet twist. Other than being high in fiber and non-GMO, it is also packed with protein.

It’s perfect for camping or any occasion that you need a quick fix. Just add hot water or milk and you can already enjoy your whole-grain rolled oats.

Quinn Pretzels in Classic Sea Salt ($1.44) These are light and crunchy cookie sticks made with real whole grain instead of cornstarch. It’s free from gluten, corn, dairy, and soy. Quite buttery tasting!

Artisan Tropic Cassava Strips Yuca with Sea Salt ($1.87) If you get bored with potato chips, this is one great alternative. The cassava strips are more fibrous. They also have long strips so you can pair it with your favorite dip! They also used sea salt to bring more beneficial minerals into the mix.

We can never go wrong with this box because it introduces us to a variety of healthy snacks that make great alternatives to the usual snacks we get. They always have a little bit of everything, from sweets and chocolatey snacks to savory and spicy ones. It’s a great box for sharing with family and friends, especially if you want to introduce them to healthier snacking too.

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