My Be Better Box January-February 2019 Subscription Box Review

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My Be Better Box is a new bi-monthly subscription box for “busy go-getters who appreciate guided self improvement, are excited about new wellness products, and love to give back.” You will receive two months worth of challenges and some products to help you complete the tasks. Complete the tasks and money is donated to a charity. My Be Better Box is $44.50 every two months.

  • Give a gift that will have meaning and impact all year long.
  • 2 months of printed wellness challenges in a keepsake envelope
  • 6 wellness products to excite and assist you in completing the challenges
  • An accountability check-off chart. If you complete all the challenges, than a bonus item is in your next box
  • A promised donation made to the charity, Every Mother Counts, for each completed challenge.

The box had an inspirational quote on the outside.

First look.

This cycle Layered Jewelry will donate on behalf of My Be Better Box members to give money to Every Mother Counts, “a charity that helps provide affordable transportation options for mothers, trains new skilled birth attendants, and supplies basic equipment to healthcare providers around the world.”

My items were tucked into white tissue paper.

There was a card with general info on the subscription.

The back of the card described how you can receive challenges and report your completed challenges so that money can be donated.

There was a tracker for noting whether you completed all 8 challenges. Complete them all and a bonus item will be placed in your next box!

Looking good. Everything was tucked into bright yellow shredded paper.

Everything in my box!

I received a collection of 9 cards, one for each of the nine weeks in January and February.

Each card contains a challenge for the week.

It includes the week, the challenge, the item that will help you complete the challenge (if included in box), and a place to mark whether or not you completed the challenge. Some cards have quotes or fun facts.

Zulay Kitchen Lemon Lime Squeezer ($13.99) goes with the very first challenge, which is to drink a glass of lemon water first thing in the morning.

According to Amazon, this is the #1 manual juicer on their site!

Place a lemon half in the yellow bowl and squeeze to extract the juice.

Put the green bowl down to use with limes. I even use these juicers with grapefruit, I just cut them into quarters instead of halves.

Barney Butter Chocolate Almond Butter Blend ($1.03) and Barney Butter Smooth Almond Butter Blend ($0.90) are put to use later on this month, in an effort to get us to consume healthy fats.

Ingredients and nutrition info was listed on the back of each packet. You can use it as a dip for fruit or celery, put it on toast, or eat by the spoonful, I won’t tell.

Cultures For Health Kefir Starter ($6.99) I grew up drinking kefir and even had a batch of starter at one time from a friend, so I was excited to see this product in my box!

It is basically a packet of bacteria that when used with milk will start to grow even more bacteria, aka probiotics. Kefir is a bit more effervescent than other drinkable yogurts and goes great in smoothies.

Theo Organic Fair Trade Turmeric Spice 70% Dark Chocolate ($2.75) I have no problem accepting a challenge to eat more chocolate, my only challenge is stopping at one piece!

Technically this bar is two servings but dark chocolate is pretty strong and I plan on eating just a bit each day and prolonging the experience over the course of a week. I haven’t tried this spicy flavor yet and can’t wait, it sounds very exotic.

One of the challenges is to display these messages where you will see them frequently. These ones are from Marigold Song Designs.

They are laminated so your bathroom mirror might be a good spot to place these so you can start the day on an uplifting note.

I found an envelope titled “Letters of Love”.

Peony & Lace Letters ($17) You may order your own set of “to be opened when…” letters at this Etsy site.

The envelopes tell you when they should be opened. They can be sent to loved ones and friends far away or near.

Each paper bag envelope has a seal and the cards inside are blank so you can write what you choose. The idea is to “spread love as thick as you spread peanut butter” and if you truly have no one to send them too then consider writing a positive note and leaving it in a library book or somewhere random.

I love the idea behind My Be Better Box! I thought the subscription box was full of useful items and I was especially happy with the totally doable challenges included for this cycle. I like that they were broken down by week and was happy to see that money will be donated to a worthy cause and plan on signing up for the texts so I can participate too. I know that there are 9 challenges in this box and not every one had a corresponding product, but the items sent for the others were of exceptional quality and I will definitely use them all up. The approximate value for the items sent was around $42.66, a little less than the price paid for the box, but the challenges and affirmation cards add to the value and overall I thought it was a lovely, well thought-out box!

What do you think of My Be Better Box

Visit My Be Better Box to subscribe or find out more!

My Be Better Box

We are a new bi-monthly subscription box for busy go-getters who appreciate guided self improvement, are excited about new wellness products, and love to give back. All challenges in box are part of the Be Better Movement campaign. For every completed challenge money, is donated to charity.

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