Marvel Collector Corps November 2018 Subscription Box Review – THE MARVEL STUDIOS 10

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Marvel Collector Corps is a bi-monthly subscription from Marvel Comics and Funko, now available through Amazon! The box promises 4 to 7 collectibles in every box, including an exclusive vinyl Pop for $29.99

Funko recently ended managing their own subscriptions but has made the past boxes available in their shop with no subscription required. Boxes are $35.

Looking at the box, the theme is apparent – Marvel Studios: The First Ten Years!

To fit the theme, the box features an overall MARVEL STUD10S and I am seeing a really interesting POP! figure!

The info card lists all the items inside the box! Although this card is smaller, it’s nice to see it return!

Here’s a glimpse of Marvel Collector Corps’ January 2019 theme!

Everything in the November box!

Pop! Pez Marvel Hulk. It’s an exclusive golden Gladiator Hulk PEZ!

Indicated at the back of the box are some nutritional facts about the product. Peanut, tree nut, and gluten-free!

Inside the box are an assorted PEZ candy and PEZ dispenser.

Gladiator Hulk was first seen in Planet Hulk! He became noticeable in Thor 3: Ragnarok, wherein he fought toe-to-toe with Thor the thunder god!

This dispenser is nicely detailed. It even has the word PEZ etched on the side of the handle for authenticity.

To use, simply pull the head up, insert the candies to the container, and return. Get a piece of candy by simply tilting the head upward.

Pint Size Heroes. We got two pint-size collectibles from Funko!

Each pack contains one superhero from Marvel Universe!

According to the back of each package, you can get a hero from the different Marvel movies like the Iron Man, Captain America, Guardians of the Galaxy, Thor, Avengers, Doctor Strange, and Black Panther!

The first pint-size hero we got is the god of thunder, Thor!

Remember the time when Hela destroyed Thor’s famed Mjolnir? He then started using other weapons like this dual sword and his newest weapon, the Jarnbjorn ax!

The second hero we got is the mighty Thanos!

Like the first one, it’s gold colored too. But he isn’t wearing his infinity gauntlet.

Pop! Whiplash vs. Ironman Movie Moment ($34.99) Save the best for last! This month’s Pop! features Whiplash and Iron Man from the Marvel movie Iron Man 2!

It features a fighting scene from the movie. Definitely a great collectible item!

This thrilling battle between Whiplash and Iron Man is still fresh in my memory. That battle really did give me chills!

The heads are bobbleheads, as usual! Such a nice bonus for this subscription.

These figures are well-detailed, from the suit to the debris, and even the whip has an electric current flowing on it.

Wait! I can’t remember a moment where Whiplash is smoking on that fighting scene. Still, I find the figure cute!

From this view, they seemed to be playing tug-of-war!

LOVE the toothpick in Whiplash’s mouth!

The energy from this battle was intense! After that Iron Man made his suit electricity resistant. It really came in handy later!

This set would make any Marvel fan happy but I think the theme was weird. I think the gold was a nice touch but I felt this box really could have used say…. a shirt with a collage of all the major and semi-major characters??? Gold foil that up and I would have been thrilled.

Marvel Collector Corps is still a fun way of growing a Funko Marvel collection. Every month means new and licensed Funko pops and other collectibles from the Marvel Universe. They’ve been very consistent in sending us high-quality stuff but the theme for this month fell a little flat for me!

What do you think of this month’s box?

Visit Marvel Collector Corps to subscribe or find out more!


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