Luxor Box Limited Edition BLACK Box 2018 Review

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Luxor Box BLACK Limited Edition 2018 is a super premium once a year limited edition box from Luxor Box. The 2018 Luxor Box BLACK was $700 with an astonishing $2300 retail value and is now sold out! They also periodically release other special edition boxes – make sure to get notifications for the next one!

Luxor Box is a luxurious bi-monthly women’s lifestyle subscription box full of high-end products and treasures: home, body, bath, accessories, jewelry, and more! The regular Luxor Box comes with 5-9 full-size and high-end products worth more than $250 in value. There’s also a petite version of this box that comes with 2-4 items.

The items come in an elegant black box, with its name printed on the top lid.

It’s like opening a box of precious jewelry!

The items are wrapped in printed paper and sealed with the box’s logo sticker.

Aside from the beautiful box, the items are protected with lots of squiggles.

Each item is also contained on their own protective packagings, like pouches for the leather goods, and boxes for the jewelry.

Even the info card is wrapped on printed paper.

Here’s the Luxor Box Black edition info card.

At the back is the damaged product policy.

Everything in my box! This box was so giant it was hard to get it all in!

Every item had its own info card, which we are showing with the item! One of the things we love about this box (including the regular subscription) is that you can gift the items – and even include the card for your recipient. Or, you can pluck out each card and absorb all the information as you delight in your new goodies!

La Soula Jewelry is an affordable, luxury diamond line , created by Kimberly DeTomasis, born and raised in Providence Rhode Island. She now finds her home in Fairfield CT with her husband, four children, and a bustling diamond jewelry line to create!

From La Soula, we got these 2 precious items, the Lux Baguette Diamond Necklace and a pair of the Lux Baguette Diamond Earrings.

There’s another card and it contains a 10% off coupon code for your next La Soula purchase.

Here’s a note from the jewelry creator Kimberly DeTomasis.

The jewelry pieces came in their own box too…

…and each piece is contained in a drawstring pouch.

As I took them out of their pouches, the jewelry is also placed inside plastic pouches. That’s a lot of protection for these precious items.

La Soula Jewelry Lux Baguette Diamond Earrings ($750) It’s a pair of silver diamond baguette studs. The diamonds weigh 0.248.

The studs are small in size, but the attention they can get is enormous, as they’re truly beautiful and shiny. They also look perfect with any attire, whether formal, or just dressing up for a casual day.

La Soula Jewelry Lux Baguette Diamond Necklace ($580) To pair with the beautiful earrings, I also got this precious necklace, with diamonds that weigh around 0.224.

It is a silver and diamond baguette piece that perfectly complements not only the baguette earrings but any silver piece in my collection. The style was a little different than on the card, but I loved this one!

The necklace comes with a sterling silver chain, and the lobster clasp enclosure comes with a tiny heart charm engraved with the jewelry brand.

The pieces look shiny and beautiful. Even if they’re small, they can easily be recognized.

If you wear dark-colored outfits, the small accents really stand out!

We tried them on and you can see how well balanced the earrings are!

The necklace has just the right length to make a statement.

Next up, we have something from Halcyon Days!

Established in 1950, Halcyon Days began as a small emporium of antique gifts in Avery Row, Mayfair, London. Although the art of enamelling on copper had flourished throughout the second half of the 18th century, it had almost completely ceased by the 1830s, and by 1950 the process was almost solely reserved for utility items such as saucepans.

Halcyon Days set about reviving this artisan craft and thus the renowned Halcyon Days enamel box was born. By 1959 the company had outgrown the little Avery Row store and moved to Brook Street, Mayfair, where it remained for some fifty years. Due to the installation of Crossrail (a new railway service running through the centre of London ), we were forced to relocate from Brook Street but were delighted to open our new luxury home in the Royal Exchange, in the heart of City.

I got the really stunning Palladium Sparkle Button in Snow Leopard Print bangle.

The box is also in elegant black, with the brand name in gold colored print.

I love how the box can also be used to keep other precious pieces, as it looks really sturdy and grandiose.

The bangle was also contained in a drawstring pouch.

Halcyon Days Palladium Sparkle Button In Snow Leopard Print ($215) This hinged bangle features a glittery clasp which is encrusted with glass crystals and plated in palladium. The design is inspired by the snow leopard. It looks really chic and gorgeous.

You can wear it alone, or stacked with other bangles you have.

Inside the bangle, the brand name is engraved.

I really love the coat pattern of snow leopards, as they look wild fierce yet full of elegance and grace.

Also, you can easily clasp it up. There’s no need for fancy locks and enclosure to keep it secured on your wrist.

The bangle looks great, even without other accessories and accompaniments. I love the shiny lacquer, and the accent in the middle is pretty!

Kiko Leather, founded by the Kiko brothers in 2014 knows tanneries and leather production quite well as they have decades of experience:

Founded by the Kiko brothers in 2014 straight out of Los Angeles, the Kiko Leather brand and product line is a fresh chapter of a book boasting a story of generations of leather crafters, innovators, and distributors. The Kiko brothers are no strangers to tanneries and leather production facilities with decades of experience acquiring elite industry knowledge of the best materials, methods, and resources for top tier leather goods. In a unique blend of family trade history and modern day ambition, Kiko leather brings craftsmanship to ensure lifelong products with timeless design.

Not all wallets are created the same. There are limits to what leather can do. Given the right resources, time, and skill, those limits can be mastered. Don’t let the youth of Kiko Leather fool you. Like all good things, tanning leather takes time. For Kiko Leather, the time is now.

From this brand, I got a versatile shoulder bag and a top zip wallet.

Kiko Leather Top Zip Wallet ($65) This wallet is made from genuine pebble leather with button closure.

It has one large zip coin pouch where you can keep your, of course, coins!

At first, it looks like a large coin purse, but wait until you reveal what this wallet that measures 7 3/4 in. x 4 in. is all about! I love this outside pocket – it’s perfect to hold my most used cards!

The wallet has a button closure that actually hides 3 bill sleeves and 6 card slots.

Kiko Leather Versatile Shoulder Bag ($225) Like the top zip wallet, this chic shoulder bag is also made of genuine pebble leather.

The bag has a zipper enclosure and an adjustable handle/shoulder strap.

Aside from the shoulder strap, the bag also has adjustable backpack straps, so it’s really versatile and you can carry it however you want!

The bag also has side zipper pockets for more storage.

There are also internal pockets where you can keep tiny and important items.

The bag measures 14 in. x 11 in. x 4 in. It’s really a good bag to carry around with more compartments/storage space. The style can also go well with any outfit you have, as it’s really flexible! Plus it’s super buttery!

The last items I got from this luxurious box comes from Rose Et Marius:

Sometimes a simple childhood memory is sufficient to model a life – a memory buried deep in the heart, like an indelible mark which ends up shaping a destiny. The destiny of Magali Fleurquin-Bonnard is tied to certain scents. Those that greeted her arrival in Provence, reminiscent of delightful strolls at dusk when the hills exhale the earth’s vapours.

A singular and authentic story which she shares through exceptional perfumes. Perfumed objects decorated with patterns inspired by the cement floor tiles that decorated the family home where she used to play as a child, conceived as modern day jewels to make your daily life more beautiful.

I got several tumblers and candles from this brand.

The items also came in a beautiful white box.

The logo looks engraved on the side.

As I opened the box, I can see that the items are also wrapped on the brand’s print paper.

There are several foam packing peanuts that also protect the fragile tumblers during transport.

It comes with an authenticity certificate.

At the other side, the brand’s name is printed on.

Aside from certifying that the object/s are authentic Rose et Marius made, an info card also says that the candle is refillable.

The beautiful tumblers are handmade in France, using porcelain that came from Limoges and decorated in gold or platinum.

The patterns on each tumbler are absolutely amazing!

Rose et Marius Neou Beige Tumbler – Wooden Floor Candle ($150) This porcelain Neou Beige tumbler is decorated with platinum, and it contains a wooden floor candle.

At first I was really confused by “floor candles” but then I realized that both of these candles are inspired by historic floor designs!

The head notes of this Wooden Floor scented candle are wood and beeswax, evoking an ancient French mansion with the scent!

The tumbler is dishwasher safe so you can easily clean it off after the candle is finished. The design of this tumbler is inspired by the cement tiles with snowflakes design.

Rose et Marius Tometo Red Tumbler – Rose Wine Candle ($150) This Tometo Red porcelain tumbler is also decorated in genuine platinum, and contains the Rose Wine candle variant.

This candle variant has head notes of grapes, base notes of precious wood, and a heart of raspberry, blackcurrant, and elderberries. It’s such a sumptuous and sweet scent that reminds me of a bouquet of delicious red fruits.

The design of this tumbler is inspired by the maker’s cement tiles that covered the floors of her family home, found in the Provençal “bastides.”

Such a beautiful and high-end collection for this limited edition Luxor Box! I love all the accessories that they included, especially the Lux Baguette collection. They may appear small in size, but you can easily notice them once worn, especially over dark-colored outfits. The bangle is also a beautiful piece as it shows that fierce can also be elegant and chic. I love leopard prints on clothes and bags, but I didn’t know that this kind of print can rock a piece of jewelry too! The leather goods are fantastic and I love the quality of Kiko leather. The wallet has lots of card and bill slots, and the bag is perfect for everyday use. It can even be turned into a backpack, a shoulder bag or a handbag, depending on what I prefer to use for the day. Lastly, the scented candles are relaxing plus I love the patterns on each tumbler that holds them.  The tumblers can easily be cleaned and refilled, I think I need to explore the other candle variants from them too! This elegant box had a retail cost of around $2355!

What did you think of Luxor Box Black Limited Edition Box? Did you add it to your holiday haul this year?

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