Love With Food December 2018 Deluxe Box Review + Coupon!

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Love with Food is a fun snack discovery subscription available in three versions: classic tasting box, deluxe/family size, and gluten-free. This is the Deluxe Box, but you can see our reviews of the other versions too. The Deluxe Box is $19.95 a month but you can save a bit by going with longer plans, the lowest working out to $16.50 a box with an annual subscription.

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Everything in my box!

This month’s theme for Love with Food is GIVING IS A GIFT.

For every box sent to subscribers, Love With Food donates a meal to families in need. They also are encouraging us to celebrate the season of giving by doing something nice for others.

I received a few handouts with discount codes and one coupon.

First up are the bars. Garden Of Life Chocolate Almond Brownie Weight Loss Bar ($1.96) I haven’t tried this one yet because I’m not a fan of stevia as a sweetener. I may keep it in my bag for an emergency. Coffee bean extract is found in here along with the herb ashwagandha, plus peanuts and pea protein.

Made Good Mixed Berry Granola Bar ($4) has crispy brown rice, dried fruits (blueberries and cranberries), and vegetable powder (to help increase veggie consumption).

Zego Just Fruit Bar in Blueberry ($1.21) is pretty much just made of pureed fruits and my daughter consumed this one first.

Natural Cut Beef Snack Stick ($0.83) was also eaten by my daughter, although I managed to grab a bit off the end. I was glad to see that there are no preservatives or weird ingredients.

Pennysticks Brand The Pretzel Men Pretzels (27¢) are pretzels, nothing fancy. I stuck them in my lunch bag and used them to transport hummus into my mouth.

Ocean’s Halo Sriracha Seaweed Snack ($1.25) I usually only eat seaweed when eating California rolls but maybe my daughter would like this one in her lunch, she loves seaweed.

Madi K’s Almond Hickory Smoked ($0.35) Karina loves smoked nuts and happily toted this snack to school. She liked them and now I’m going to need to order more since I like smoked nuts too!

Sunny Fruit Organic Figs ($1.39) Fresh figs are my all-time favorite fruit but dried figs are tasty too.

On The Go Edamame & Goji Berry Fusion ($0.73) I liked this one a lot! It was a little sweet and a little salty and the edamame and goji went well with almonds and pumpkin seeds.

Yum, goji berries are tasty!

Foodstirs Modern Baking Organic Minute Mug Cake Mix in Chocolate Chip ($1.99) are perfect for when you want to make some cake but really only want a bit. Just mix in a mug with some water, microwave, and ta-da!

4th & Heart Ghee Butter in California Garlic ($0.92) We received ghee last month and now here’s a garlic-flavored one to try. I’m still not really sure how to use this, maybe instead of butter or oil for sauteing? On top of a baked potato?

The Organic Candy Factory Organic Gummy Cubs ($4.98) are peach flavored gummy bears and perfect for my teenager. They had some crunchy sugar on the outside and weren’t sour like some gummy candies.

Funky Chunky in Sea Salt Caramel ($3.68) Caramel, popcorn, cashews, and chocolate? Get in my belly!

Sunnystreet Chocolate Chip Waffles ($1.96) are “plant protein” waffles, in this case peas provide the protein. I think I’m going to share this with a family member since a whole waffle is 360 calories!

Joyfuls Chocolate Treats ($5.43) has a simple list of ingredients and I like that it is portion controlled because I love chocolate.

Good Day Chocolate Vitamin D3 Supplement ($2.99) Several things to keep in mind when eating this supplement in candy form. Each giant M&M sized piece has 1000IU of vitamin D3. A serving is 4 pieces, which is 1000% of your daily value, and there are two servings in each box. Also, the vitamin D3 is derived from lanolin (from sheep) so it’s not vegan or vegetarian.

Skinny Jimmy! Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Bar ($1.10) More protein, plus peanut butter and chocolate, which is one of my all-time favorite combos!

As always, I enjoyed the variety of snacks and appreciate the grab and go convenience that this subscription offers. Some of the snacks this month were more of a treat, and I think that is appropriate for December. There was something for everyone in my family, whether we were craving sweet, salty, crunchy, chewy, or gummy. I also appreciate that there is usually at least one meal replacement snack because sometimes that’s all I have in my bag and I don’t have to buy M&M’s for lunch from the vending machine.

What’s your favorite snack this month?

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