Japan Crate November 2018 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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Japan Crate is a monthly subscription box that helps you “experience the excitement of Japan every month through fun candy & snacks.” They have three subscription levels that start at $12 a month and offer 1, 3, 6, or 12-month plans that auto-renew at the end of the term. Japan Crate aims to send candy that is fun and exclusively available in Japan.

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This is a review of the Premium box!

The inside flap features cute Pacman doodles. Also, the box is full to the brim!

This month’s theme is PAC-MAN!

Activate this classic arcade game series on Steam by simply following the instruction given on this card.

Included in the box is a booklet that lists the contents of the box, as well as some fun food and cultural info about Japan. There are 3 different subscription levels available: The Mini includes 5 items, the Original includes those items PLUS another 5 items, and the Premium includes those 10 items PLUS another 5 items.

For the November box, Japan crate has partnered with Bandai Namco to bring these exclusive themed snacks.

The booklet features two classic games: The Pac-Man crazy maze and a word search!

Inside the booklet also is a chart of contents that lists all the snacks from three different box sizes. The tiers are cumulative, so our Premium Box has everything on the page!

Relive this classic arcade game exclusive only for your Nintendo Switch, the Namco Museum Arcade Pac!

Everything in my November 2018 box!

Ju-C Irodori Ramune. These Pac-man shaped hard candies taste like a real ramune drink with a blend of orange and grape soda flavor.

Pure And Natural Grape Gummies. As a fan of gummy candies, I can say that this one didn’t disappoint. It tastes fresh, sweet, and juicy, just like actual grapes.

Mr. Taro Onion Snacks. These puffed balls are strongly flavored with onion. Each piece is crispy and tasty, the perfect snack to munch on while bingewatching your favorite TV series. It pairs well with soda too. They’re sort of like high class funyuns, if that could be a thing.

Fruit Basket Gummies. A basket full of fruity gummy! This snack features a variety of gummy fruit candies such as pineapple, strawberry, grapes, orange, and apple. They’re all chewy and tasty.

Toppo Dark Chocolate. This luscious treat from Lotte features a bitter chocolate cream wrapped inside a crunchy chocolate flavored biscuit. It reminds me of Pocky sticks!

Kajiri Cho Grape Soda Gummy. The burst of grape flavor in this chewable candy is so refreshing. It tastes natural, just like the real deal, but has sour citric acid on the outside for some extra zing!

Parade Milkshake. This delectable drink features a classic milkshake flavor. It’s rich and smooth, no doubt it is well loved throughout Japan since the 50’s!

Melon Pandaro. This panda-shaped biscuit features a variety of designs based on moods such as: happy, sleepy, perplexed, angry, etc. I absolutely like the subtle melon flavor, it’s so rich and creamy.

Peach Gummy. More gummy candies! These are really chewy, and they are deliciously flavored with peach. Its juicy taste actually reminds me of summer. If you’re a fan of the fruit, you’ll definitely love this candy too.

Key Chocolate. It’s a key-shaped container that features a variety of colorful chocolate chip candies covered with a crispy shell. It’s a delicious treat that looks very much like an M&M’s.

Dragon Potato Butter Soy Sauce Flavor. It’s a bag of potato crackers flavored with butter and soy sauce. Each piece resembles a twirling dragon. It’s so light and crunchy, making it the ideal snack to bring on-the-go! We thought these were pretty delightful!

Ramune Pellets. We got another ramune flavored candy and this time it’s packed inside the ramune-shaped plastic container. This pellet works so great, it dissolves easily inside the mouth leaving a pleasant feel on the tongue.

Ninja Fuwumaru Soy Sauce Snack. Like a real ninja with quiet and stealthy movement, these snacks are so light on the tongue. You can barely feel the chips until it hits you with the strong soy sauce flavor.

Cherry Mochi. If you are a fan of mochi, then this candy is the real deal. They come in small square pieces so they’re easy to chew. If the image of the cherry is any indication, then this treat comes in sweet cherry flavor!

Nericho Soft Cider. This month’s DIY candy is quite simple. Just mix a tablespoon of water with the powder, stir until it becomes foamy, then scoop the blue stuff and topped it on the little wafer cones to make your own mini ice cream cones. Easy yet amazing!

Orange Gum. Sweet and juicy, these gummies taste like a real orange. It’s a power pellet you can easily carry around and munch on while traveling.

Saucy Senbei. Grilled with nori or lathered sauces, Senbei is a popular snack in Japanese festivals. This little senbei packet will definitely bring you the same vibe, just combine it together with the sauce and you’ll have your own instant senbei treat!

This month’s Japan Crate did not fail to impress, as they provided another loaded box of tasty snacks we can enjoy anytime and anywhere. What I like the most is how the Japanese packaged their snacks to make them more enjoyable. The taste of these treats were all so wonderful too. I love how the majority of the snacks in this month’s box had gummy and chocolate! They really made our palate happy and tummy satisfied! The Premium box is worth getting if you want to share the flavors of Japan with your friends or family! If you think it’s too big for you, you can also start out by trying the Mini box or the Original box.

What item do you want to try from this month’s Japan Crate? Let me know in the comments!

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