Fortune Cookie Soap FCS of the Month November 2018 Box Review

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The FCS of the Month Club is a monthly subscription from Fortune Cookie Soap that features full-sized products including past scents making a revival, current releases, and at least one brand new product. The box is $28 a month and shipping is calculated at check out based on your location.

Head’s up, this subscription is changing starting with the January box! See all the details here – in 2019 it will be $16.95 per month including shipping, but you can also get the box quarterly – with the actual Fortune Cookie Soap again!

HMMM, looks familiar to me! It’s a superhero-inspired box!

November 2018’s theme is Unite The League!

Information about the individual items is listed in this booklet. Each item is thoroughly discussed. There’s a description, as well as usage instructions, and a list of ingredients used.

It has the images and their corresponding retail price.

I find this booklet interesting and really informative, plus it really gets you into the theme!

Everything in this month’s box!

The Dark Knight Bar Soap ($10.99) This bar soap that represents no other than… The Dark Knight.

The 100% natural script soap has notes of dark cedar and vanilla with subtle notes of cranberry and autumn mist.

Everything’s impossible until somebody does it.

It’s vegetable-based and easily cleans up dirt, leaving you clean and fresh after each use!

Flash Solid Perfume ($9.99) The fastest of them all, The Flash, joined the FCS league by gracing the solid perfume tin!

It’s formulated with natural oils and fragrances and has notes of nutmeg, candied apricot, and the November breeze! Smells amazing! You can rub it on your wrists and neck to get that really alluring scent!

Lasso Of Truth Body Frosting ($12.99) This body frosting, which is Diana Prince-approved, has a formula of butter and oils that makes skin smooth and young-looking, while it’s antioxidant-rich blend softens and leaves the skin moisturized. It has notes of Themysciran grapefruit, dried jasmine petals, soft sandalwood, and Amazonian musk. The frosting melts into the skin leaving it greasy at first, then the skin fully absorbs the product, making the skin smooth and hydrated.

It smells SO good! One of my faves ever!

Boo-Yah! It’s A Doodie Toilet Spray ($9.99) One to two sprays of this product is enough to keep bad odor at bay in the toilet. You just have to spray it before proceeding with your business, it will form a scent layer on top of the water that will trap the unwanted smell! The toilet spray has notes of blackberry, sweet orange, and red apple.

The kids gleefully ran off with this one for their bathroom! No complaints!

Atlantis Bubbling Bath Salts ($12.99) These bubbling bath salts represent the Atlantean race! It smells of salt water, nectarines, lemon sea leaves, and water lilies, with a base note of weathered driftwood.

To use, just add 2 tablespoons of this salt to your hot bath. It makes bath time relaxing and therapeutic! And bubbly!

Brightest Day, Blackest Night Body Wash ($7.99) Green Lantern’s light will shine with this yummy smelling body wash! It’s made from aloe vera, witch hazel, and flower extracts, with scents of warm honey and spiced red plums. It leaves your skin clean and smelling great.

Symbol Of Hope Facial Cleansing Oil ($16.99) This facial cleansing oil will work on all skin types, as it contains Vitamins E, A, C and D with fatty acids and antioxidants that regenerates skin and fights acne-causing bacteria. It smells of Krypton green apples and persimmon puree, with subtle notes of thyme. The sunflower oil in this formula doesn’t just cleanse the skin but provides moisture too.

The Justice League made a great appearance on this month’s FCS box! I love every inclusion, but I have to pick several favorites: the solid perfume, toilet spray, cleansing oil, and bath salts. We are fond of relaxing baths so the salt is perfect for that me-time routine. Oil cleansing the face is another good thing that I have tried and it’s great that they included one in this bunch. The toilet spray is really handy for emergencies, and the solid perfume, well, it smells nice! I love this league of essentials, and I’m looking forward to more cool themes and products from this subscription and excited for the next version!

What do you think of this month’s FCS The Soap Box?

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