For Purpose Kids Starter Kit Review + Coupon

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For Purpose Kids is a quarterly subscription box for kids. It provides a fun and engaging way for children ages 5-10 to learn about helping other people, animals, and the environment, whether its around your community, or around the world. The box costs $39.99 per quarter, and they also offer pre-paid quarterly subscriptions and sibling add-ons. Each toolkit contains a children’s book, activity guide, 2-3 activities or items related to the theme, and surprise goodies.

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This is a review of the The Be Kind & Do Good Starter Kit!

The box provides materials, simple ideas, and easy-to-do activities to help connect you and your kids to “do good” opportunities in your area.

Everything inside the box is packaged in a green tissue paper sealed with a heart sticker.

We are so excited about our very first “Do Good” Kit!

There’s a heartwarming welcome note from the makers of this box.

Everything in the box!

What is a Global Kid-izen?

A global kid-izen is a kid who wants to be kind and do good in the world.

It’s a kid who wants to plant seeds and grow a path towards a better future.

It includes a Starter Kit Guide explaining about everything that’s in the kit and more!

We are really thrilled to get on with the contents of this starter kit!

It also introduces us to our new For Purpose friends!

Here’s a page that the kids can fill to be truly committed to becoming a real kid-izen.

It even lists the stuff that the kids can do with their kits. This is very open ended and invites kids to explore what they can do after getting inspired by everything in their box.

Another card contains a fun word scramble!

Here are some paper cut-outs featuring the For Purpose Friends! They encourage creativity, kindness, and acceptance while the kids explore the whole box.

You can create puppets out of the cutouts by using these sticks that the kit also provided.

We attached the sticks at the back of each character and we’re ready to know more about their story and purpose!

Yoobi Journal ($5.49) They aptly included a journal where kids can jot down their ideas, or doodle their spur-of-the-moment art piece!

The journal measures 8.25″ x 5″ x 0.31″, while the pages measure at 5″ x 8.27″.

It has a sturdy cover, and it also comes with an elastic band that serves as an enclosure.

You can also personalize the journal by putting your kid’s name on it.

It comes with 80 lined pages for all your kid’s ideas, figures, scribbles, and more!

My kid started using the journal by jotting down her mission, and that is to help give homes to dogs who do not have one! That’s a great start!

The Giving Book by Ellen Sabin ($16.77)

An activity book, a journal, and a keepsake that inspires and records a child’s journey into a lifelong tradition of giving and charity.

This giving book will help and accompany the kids on their way to being compassionate.

The kids can be a co-author of the book by writing their name on the line!

Also, if you plan to gift it out, there’s a dedication page for a friend.

The book is full of fun and engaging activities that can help you or a friend make the world a much better place!

There’s a page that explains what the book is all about and how it works.

Isn’t it a great feeling when someone helps you or gives something you need?

Well, you can help other people feel special, too!

YOU can make them happier.

YOU can make them healthier.

YOU can make the world a better place.

This book will help you do just that!

They also explained the meaning and importance of giving and charity.

Giving and charity are when you see someone or something that needs help, support, or love and you decide that it matters to you to help so you jump in and do something.

It also aims for kids to realize their wishes and dreams, and encourages them to turn those things into reality.

It’s a colorful book where you can track down the good deeds you’ve done for somebody, it’s really a nice book to remind you that giving and sharing is such a noble deed.

There are also activities where you can involve others. Indeed, we can make the world a better place if we all get involved in helping.

This is one of our favorite pages on the book, as it lists down translations of the phrase “thank you.”

The giving book encourages kids to become a better kid-izen of this world, and also to influence others to do the same thing.

This is really a heartwarming box. It lived up to its promise of promoting compassion and care to others, and in a fun and engaging way at that. The contents are fantastic. I am one proud parent as I am seeing how the kids make use of it. Aside from that, this kit also teaches kids to take care of their surroundings! We already love this box, and we’re looking forward to more activities! It’s a great box to help you instill good values and lessons in young minds!

Any thoughts on For Purpose Kids box?

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