Disney Movie Club December 2018 Review + Coupon!

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Disney Movie Club delivers the latest (and most-loved classic) Disney Movies for you to build your ultimate Disney Movie library. When you sign up for the trial offer (see below for full details) you can get 4 movies for $1 shipped. Not just Disney you can also get Pixar and Marvel Studios!

The way these subscription works is that you’ll get a featured movie title offer that you can accept or decline. If you forget to decline, it will be sent automatically. Just like pick or skip in other subscriptions. Some months have 2 featured titles, and that’s why we have 2 reviews this month!

DEAL: Get 4 movies for only $1! The deal applies automatically, just VISIT AND SUBSCRIBE. Terms & conditions apply. In order to fulfill your Club purchase commitment, you’ll need to buy 5 movies at full price.

All the promotional details are outside of the pack.

For this month, we got the Olaf’s Frozen Adventure and 101 Dalmatians!

There are also some fun activities for kids included in the mailing!

As a member of the club, you’ll be eligible for special promos and discounts for genuine Disney movies and merchandise, plus other exclusive perks.

There’s also a reservation card you can fill up in case you’re interested to buy a Dream Wish Believe ladies hoodie.

I actually love this cool packaging where we can see some of the DMC’s classics!

Everything in my box!

They gave us a bag tag that has a design that nods to the upcoming Avengers movie.

There’s no elaborate design at the back, just the essential info blanks to fill up.

I love these cute Mickey Mouse boxes. It’s giving me winter wonderland vibes.

This is the authenticity card for the pin. See the Mickey Mouse rubber backing? It also looks like a postcard though.

Disney pins have always been made with high-quality and this also deserves a good spot in your collection.

Olaf VIP Pin. I love that they gave us a Disney pin with the movie! The more collectibles, the better! VIP members can get this when you check out online – be sure to add it to your cart!

Frozen Lithograph. It is inside a transparent envelope so that it’s secured. You can see and appreciate the design even if you don’t want to it open yet.

Each lithograph from this subscription is exclusively made for the Disney Movie Lithograph Collection.

It’s a good thing that Olaf has time to shine now. This character is a scene-stealer at the movie Frozen. In order to get the litho, you need to add it to your cart when you check out. It’s free!

These are the two movies!

Olaf’s Frozen Adventure Blu-ray – If your kids love Frozen, they will go crazy with this one. It’s not an hour special of a movie though. The Olaf’s Frozen adventure is only 20 minutes. They still included the 4 main characters so it’s all good.

The Blu-ray also includes six winter-themed tales with Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Pluto, and Goofy.

Same with every Disney Movie loot, we have the 2 CDs and the card which contains the digital movie code.

101 Dalmatians Limited Release Blu-ray + DVD – Oh the nostalgia! Well, who can resist dogs a hundred and one times over? I can’t even muster hating on Cruella de Vil anymore because we miss watching this and it’s a good thing that we can share this movie with the kids.

Even though this is an old movie, the cartoon registered well and was very clear. No problems at all. There are a lot of extras too like animated short, the movie hosted by Cameron Boyce, and a 1961 version movie to expand the viewing experience!

If ever the CDs get scratched or worn out, you can still use the digital code so the kids can watch it anytime, anywhere, online. It can be very convenient too.

They entertained us this month with some new and old movies. To make the classic Disney characters relevant to the younger generation, they mixed the old shorts to Olaf Frozen Adventures and gave the viewers a digital code for their convenience. A bit of a bummer that 101 Dalmations didn’t have a digital code, but my kids pretty much just stick their DVDs into the Xbox and watch them anyways, the digital codes are more like a bonus for us. Always a fun time when we get our new movies, and this month we got 2 movie nights out of our new shows!

What do you think about this month’s movie picks? 

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