DC Comics World’s Finest: The Collection Fall 2018 Box Review – VILLAINS

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DC Comics World’s Finest: The Collection is a subcription box delivers 8-10 100% exclusive DC Comics items every quarter, including apparel, accessories, homewares, and a unique vinyl figure. The subscription costs $48.99 per season with a retail value over $120.

Here’s the first Villain sighting on the box!

I love how they played with the design of this month’s box!

The theme this quarter was VILLAINS!

Is it the worst collection? Let’s find out!

The box looks promising. I love that they went all out with the box design.

There’s also an included information card.

It comes with an illustrated list of all the items included in the VILLAINS box.

All the geeky goodies! Everything is totally exclusive to this box!

Black Manta Art Print. This print features the arch-enemy Black Manta getting hold of one of our superheroes, Aquaman, and we can see how Aquaman tries really hard to free himself! The movie will be out this month so… I bet we will see him there?

That change in the box’s name always gets me! I just find it funny that just because this is the villains’ box, the box could be the “worst,” but I don’t think so, it’s just a play! Clever thinking, World’s Finest!

Glow In The Dark Kryptonite Enamel Pin. Lex Luthor definitely put this one inside this box to get hold of the Man of Steel! This pin has a really cool design… That also made me think if Batman also has something to do with this one making an appearance in this box.

It glows in the dark too! I’m not Superman so I can use this pin however I want!

Harley Quinn Hammer Pen. This is actually one of my favorite items in this box. It’s functional, cool, and adorable, same as the character it’s derived from!

It’s the most recognizable weapon of Harley Quinn, as it’s a really huge wrecking device!

The hammerhead serves as the pen’s cap, and you can detach the handle from it as it serves as the pen!

The pen’s cap also keeps the pen in place, I don’t think I still need to put this one on a holder.

Despite its large cap, I can see that it’s really handy, especially when I left it on top of my desk. I just have to easily grab it for emergency scribbles and writings.

Sinestro Keychain. Sinestro is a former member of the Green Lantern Corps, who turned into a villain founder of Sinestro Corp. and made himself the Yellow Lantern!

The keychain features Sinestro’s chest emblem as the Yellow Lantern or known as the Sinestro Corp. emblem. The key ring and link chain looked like they’re rusting, but that just added a fantastic appeal to the item.

Starro Sleep Mask. This starfish alien mask is so unique! I tried it and it looks like this villain attacked me!

This one’s a little bizarre, but fun!

The Joker Vinyl Figure. The figure for this month is non-other than one of the well-known DC villains… The Joker.

The figure is placed inside a giftable window box.

Also, there’s a good illustration of the villain inside the box.

It comes with a base, aside from the whole character figure.

The Joker stands at 6″ tall. Also, the base is plain looking, nothing special about it like an emblem or a logo.

The figure comes in the classic Joker version, wearing his classic purple suit, yellow undershirt, with green vest and tie.

This look came from the original TV series from the 60s, truly a classic!

The Joker Hoodie. Another purple item from this box that also features the Joker is this hoodie! I think this is the perfect item for this season too!

There’s the Joker with his wide smile, printed at the right chest part of the wearable.

It has a zipper enclosure, and several pockets to keep some small items.

The back also features a classic Joker illustration and print! He’s one of the villains that you can really hate – or hate to love! He’s also a good design for several items, and definitely, one I’ll love to collect.

Who said that being a bad guy is a bad thing? This box proved that even the bad guys can do good, especially as designs for useful stuff! For this box, I really love the Harley Quinn pen! It’s made very useful too! The hoodie comes in a close second, as I’ll be using it to protect myself against the cold wind and light drizzles. The Sinistro keyring also has this cool rustic appeal. Overall, this isn’t the worst collection, it may be one of the best! The Joker figure is going to have his spot on my figures shelf. This box definitely sends out high-quality and well-made geek items that any collector would love to have!

Any thoughts on this month’s box?

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