CAUSEBOX Winter 2018 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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CAUSEBOX is a quarterly subscription box curated with socially conscious products for women. In each box, you’ll receive 5-8 seasonal lifestyle products that are focused on ethical and sustainable production, donate a percentage of profits to charity, or aim to inspire and empower others.

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A mini magazine welcomed us upon opening the box.

The items are wrapped in a thin tissue paper and sealed with a sticker.

The mini magazine is packed with useful information.

Here’s a message from the curators.

This page shows you a list of all the items in the box and their corresponding page.

There are full-color and high-quality photos…

…and the layout makes the text pretty easy to read.

The makers of the products are also featured which will make you appreciate the stories and causes behind each item.

This magazine is making sure we know what the whole subscription stands for and that we are a part of something special and productive.

The Winter Box Artist is Claire Ritchie!

The modern and chic layouts made this look like a fashion magazine.

There are also a series of interviews…

…which make the featured products more exciting to use.

The box is full! It feels like Christmas has come early for me.

Everything in the Winter 2018 box!

Art Print ($10) I love the simplicity of this artwork. Featuring different kinds of leaves in warm colors, it’s similar to the design of the box itself.

Just place a stamp, the name and address of your recipient, a short message, then off to the mailbox. The artwork is also made by this month’s featured artist. Claire Ritchie. The card was printed in Los Angeles, California.

I love this – but calling a postcard an art print and giving it a $10 value may be stretching it for me!

Vitana Earrings ($24) These earrings are eye-catching with its half disc design in gold color. It’s a pair of dangling earrings that can add vitality to your outfit, whether it is casual or formal.

What’s nice about MatrBoomie’s accessories is that they have a story behind them. If you are curious as to what the story behind your piece is, you can check out their website.

Also referred to as Deco Disc, this pair reminds me of the 80s with its groovy vibe. The silver and gold disc create a stunning look as they sway with every movement of your head. Annual subscribers got to pick between this and a coordinating necklace. It would be awesome if you could choose both for an extra cost (like FabFitFun), but I totally understand that would be incredibly difficult with artisan production!

Klei Detox Facial Steam ($22) Spearmint and floral ingredients make this facial steam so relaxing. Using this can help open your pores, so that your skin will be able to absorb any skincare rituals that you have, with aromatherapy as a bonus.

At the back of the bottle is the list of ingredients used in this facial steam which includes chamomile, rose petals, juniper, lavender, rosemary, and spearmint.

You only need to add a cup of this facial steam to a bowl before covering with hot water. Allow it to cool for a minute or two before bending over it. Be sure to cover your head with a towel, so that the steam will get trapped and circulate on your face.

The mini mag even included a step by step approach to using facial steam, with photos to be used as guides. How nice!

SiiZU Poncho ($115) Of course, a winter box won’t be complete without something to help keep us warm. This poncho is made with sustainable viscose yarn. And it is SUPER SOFT. The softest!

It has a checkered design!

From the weave to the tassels, this poncho definitely looks like a classic. It will look great with darker colored pants and boots. Annual subscribers got to choose, and I picked charcoal, which was labeled black on the tag. We tried our hardest to ensure this photo accurately represented the IRL color, which is more of a silver pine – it’s definitely more on the blue-green side! Lovely, but not what I was expecting!

LSTN Marbled Bluetooth Earbuds ($99) These are Bluetooth earbuds that makes it easy to listen to music or make a call even when you’re on the go.

The features and functions of The Crescent are listed at the back of the box. It has inline controls, microphone, 2.0Hz, 20 KHZ frequency, and 9.9 mm drivers.

The best part? Part of the proceeds that the company gets from any purchase will be used to provide hearing aids to hearing-impaired individuals. I’m all for it! I was also really curious how these ended up in this subscription, and now I know!

I like how they packaged the earbuds. It’s organized and streamlined. There is also an information card on how to use it.

According to the card, you can turn on your earbuds by pressing the center button for about 8 seconds. Choose “LSTN Crescent” in your Bluetooth preferences and that’s it! Your earbuds are synced and ready for use.

It also comes with a cable for charging. There are replacement earbuds too, just in case the current one becomes damaged or gets lost.

Would you believe that this earbud is made from recycled plastic? How eco-friendly! Anyways, my husband has taken every other pair of Bluetooth headphones we have for painting (and they are covered in paint!) so I was happy to have a pair of my very own!

CAUSEBOX even prepared a winter jazz playlist for us! I can’t wait to listen to the songs using my new earbuds.

Luna Nectar Metamorphic Jade Roller ($25) Jade Rollers are pretty much talked about in many health and wellness circles recently. It’s said to be an ancient beauty tool that encourages lymph drainage and promote blood circulation.

To use, just roll it across your face in an upward motion. It feels relaxing, like having a mini facial massage. You can even pop it in your refrigerator if you want a cooling effect.

Using this for a few minutes per day promises to help reduce the puffiness of your face. I like that this roller helps promote better circulation while removing fine lines from my skin. And it’s not hard to use!

More information about the jade roller is featured in the mini magazine. The jade crystal is said to promote healing too.

Idlewild 2019 12 Month Planner ($32) To help us prepare for the upcoming year, they included this 2019 planner with gilded corners.

The planner comes with a message from the artist behind it.

There is a monthly section in this planner, so you can plan your days ahead of schedule. You can also use this as a summary of tasks that you need to accomplish in each month.

Then, there is the daily planner for the more detailed tasks. I like the idea of having both monthly and daily planner style in one notebook!

As for the overall design of the planner, I find that it is easy on the eyes. You can even get to decorate it with stickers if you prefer.

Clair Ritchie Gift Wrap Sheets ($12) It’s another item featuring the art of this month’s CAUSEBOX featured artist. These pretty wrap sheets will come in handy for last-minute gift wrapping.

They have pretty much the same designs, but in all three colors (the box came in 3 colors too!). This is a fun addition!

In case you need tips for wrapping gifts, there is a section in the mini mag that shows you how to wrap like a pro.

CAUSEBOX for this quarter is filled with holiday-themed products that I really enjoyed. My favorites include the stunning disc earrings and the checkered poncho. Both are an excellent addition to my usual winter look. Overall, I loved the variety. There’s even a pair of Bluetooth earbuds for those who are techy and a jade roller that anyone can use to amp up their beauty routine. Another thing that makes this quarterly box standout is the art it features! Kudos to this month’s featured artist! I really love how CAUSEBOX is branching out on its products with a nice mix of artisan made and socially conscious products/companies. This makes the box even more appealing!

Astonishingly enough, this box is still available! Use coupon code WELCOME10 to grab one for yourself or for a gift!

What do you think of the Winter 2018 CAUSEBOX?

Visit CAUSEBOX to subscribe or find out more!


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  • Lauren H Clack

    By far the worst causebox ever. This winter 2018 release made me cancel my subscription and I highly doubt I’ll be back because of how bad this one was. Just really missed the mark.

    First, I’m okay with them forcing you to pay more money for choices, fine, I get it, whatever your marketing team wants to do to up your subscriptions. But I have a really hard time swallowing EARRINGS or NECKLACE being one of those choices. Not all women have or want their ears pierced. Color scheme choice? Have at it and don’t complain if you don’t get the color you want. But outright different functionality? That’s unacceptable.

    The planner. In this day and age of cloud/tech/paperless everything?! Really? Tone deaf choice there. And planners are pretty personal. I actually AM a paper and pen person and I can already tell I will not be able to use this thing, it’s not open enough for my kind of scheduling. Trash.

    Earbuds. Again, tone deaf (no pun). I’m an electronics enthusiast and I make sure to do in-depth research for the electronics I buy, ESPECIALLY something that is going IN my ears. I have over-the-ear headphones because in-ear ones always hurt. Not only that, I can’t believe these are priced at $100 normally. They feel and sound cheap, they don’t work very well, the buttons are not good, they don’t connect to multiple devices very well, tbh they are kind of ugly, AND I get nothing but complaints about how bad the mic sounds. Why try to give us electronics that we would have rather done the research to spend money on ones we would actually garner use out of? Trash.

    Finally, the jade roller pisses me off. I don’t adhere to chinese medicine to cure cancer, why would I use some hippy dippy roller on my face without evidence of it working? Just the whole way it was marketed is just terrible.

    The poncho is literally the only thing I find of value, and no I did not get a desirable color choice so I don’t have anything to wear with it, but I don it on around the house and it feels superb quality, design is fun, it’s functional and a joy to lounge around it. LUCKILY I find it to be worth the $55 of the box, otherwise we’d really have a problem

  • JJ Miller

    I ordered a year’s subscription and regret it. My favorite product is the SWELL bottle I got in the fall 2018 box, and I like the scarf. Otherwise, I donated the rest.
    As for the winter box, the calendar would have been ok if I hadn’t already purchased one. They sent me the wrong poncho. The earrings were heavy and cheap. They sagged off my ears because the posts were too small. The posts were also bent. I tried to give the earrings away, but no one wanted them. This time, I got rid of all of it except the wrapping paper.

  • Snowhitetwin

    Great review! I love how your layout was easy on the eyes.