Boxwalla Film October 2018 Subscription Box Review

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Boxwalla Film Box is a bi-monthly film subscription box. Every Film Box will contain two films from the Criterion Collection, along with inserts with detailed information on each film. They also send additional material via email, some to be read before, and some after watching the films. Subscribers may choose between DVDs and Blu-Rays. The box is $49.95 per month.

Boxwalla is a subscription box company that offers three themes – natural beauty, international film, or books! With Boxwalla, you’ll be able to discover great artisans and artists from across the globe.

The box itself is a luxe cotton rag paper covered box handcrafted by artisans in Rajasthan, India, and no child labor is ever used. The outside of the reusable box indicates which variety of Boxwalla you received. I love how the box itself supports socially and environmentally conscious goals.

I like the giftable box!

The information card is a letter from “The Drunken Boxwallas” detailing each of the products. It describes

Everything in my box!

Film Struck 30-Day Trial Gift Card. Film Struck is a streaming service where we can watch our favorite classic films and the ones featured in The Criterion Collection.

Filmstruck has all the great movies, from Hollywood classics and arthouse films to the Criterion Collection and foreign cinema.

There is a code indicated in the card to redeem the free 30-day trial.


We have disappointing news for you all. Every U.S. October box contained the @filmstruck card with a code for a free month of Filmstruck streaming film service. We were going to start the online film festival on Nov 1. However, we were just notified that Turner and Warner Bros. Digital Networks, is shutting down Filmstruck and thereby the streaming of @criterioncollection on that platform. The whole streaming service will disappear by Nov 29.

As you know, we are big fans of @criterioncollection and their HUGE contribution to the preservation of our collective cultural heritage as expressed through film. They carry out the restoration and preservation of great cinema from all over the world. And we were thrilled that people could now stream many of these movies online via The Criterion Channel on Filmstruck. We are all rather depressed by this news. But I guess, the lesson from this is, if you love something, a product, a small business, independent publishers, support them (if your resources allow you to). We can’t take the continued existence of any business or company (especially small businesses that run largely on passion) for granted.

We are working on trying to get all of you at least a few weeks of streaming with the codes you received. The folks @criterioncollection will try their best to allow that to happen. But at this point it’s looking highly unlikely..:(. I’m really sorry about this. I know many of you were really looking forward to this. But we will figure out if there are other ways to make such a film festival featuring @criterioncollection, happen.

The Tree Of Life Bluray Edition ($27.97) Jessica Chastain is a revelation in The Tree Of Life. She really portrayed the character well and brought out a layered performance. The movie tackles the beauty and depth of life.

The movie is restored and in Blu-ray special edition CD.

The stunning cover art features Jessica Chastain’s character.

It features the new 4k digitally restored movie with a master audio soundtrack. It includes the extended version of the film featuring an additional 50 minutes of footage.

There’s a documentary featuring the collaborators including David Fincher and Christian Nolan. There also a lot of interviews with actors and critic plus trailer and video essays.

The artwork shows some of the amazing visuals this movie features.

It is a complex movie that incorporates different visuals to the narrative of the story and you will have to let yourself be immersed in it.

The characters are well played by the star-studded cast.

It is definitely a unique and a well-deserved critically acclaimed film.

It brings a new kind of experience for film lovers.

The movie is filled with narrations over voice over that centered around the individual struggles particularly of Sean Penn’s character and family drama. It is artfully done in a way that it makes a lasting impression even after you watch the movie.

Andrei Rublev Bluray Special Edition ($27.97) Andrei Rublev is a masterpiece. Even though everything is in black and white, every shot is inventively and skillfully done.

The director doesn’t really follow the protagonist exclusively as the usual movies do. The director combined different scenes wherein the protagonist portrays a major or a minor role, sometimes he’s not even in the scene at all.

It’s a unique way of narrating the story and showing the scene’s metaphors. The people should determine what the common denomination is between the scenes that relate them to each other.

The print is high-quality.

It is definitely worth keeping and a great addition to your collection if you have one.

It contains two discs like the first featured movie, but instead of having a booklet, this one has a bonus poster.

Even the cover art of the discs are like paintings.

The whole poster didn’t waste any part of the page as they used the backspace to narrate the plot, the conflicts and the impact the movie made to society and their country. It also indicates where the artist’s headspace is at and the purpose of the movie.

Everything in this subscription curation just screams artistry.

The films are presented in an artful way and showed the sophistication of both movies. The packaging amps up the ante with the additional booklet and poster about the movies featured. The modern way of packaging and the quality of the video certainly made the movies timeless. It’s not something to watch if you are stressed though. They can be cumbersome. They are both thought-provoking and conversation starters. If you want a light binge watch, these movies are not the way to go. If you want something for a change and give these movies a chance, you will be immersed in the directors’ minds of how they see the world and be enthralled with the unique way of their storytelling.

What do you think about the Boxwalla Film box?

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