Bath Blessing Box November 2018 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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Bath Blessing Box is a monthly subscription for bath and shower lovers! They feature artisan, natural, essential oil-based products and even create some of the items in-house. Plus they offer inspiration and tips to help complete the experience. There are 3 levels to choose from: The Deluxe Sanctuary Box is $39.99 and will feature 5-8 items; The Babe Box is $24.99 for 3-5 items; and the Mini Box is $12.99 for two items (soap and shower steamer).

Some of the items you may receive include:

* one or more luxury bar soaps and/or body wash

* one or more delicious body scrub, bath salt, bath soak, body butter or specialty item

* one or more bath bomb/shower steamer (you will get to tell us if you prefer just bath or just shower items)

*Additional items can include bath inspired goodies and accessories

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I received a product info card with my items listed. I am reviewing The Sanctuary Box, which is the biggest of the three options.

I received a card that said “Count Your Blessings”.

The back of the card had some ideas on how to bless yourself and others, plus, you can keep track by checking off the boxes.

The presentation was sweet, and I thought this flower adorned scroll was adorable.

While the scroll looked sweet, I had to use a knife to slice open the tape, and my sheet never did lie flat. I found a list of items to keep on hand to create a spa-like sanctuary in my own home.

Everything was kept safe in shredded paper squiggles and arrived in perfect condition.

Looking good!

Everything in my box!

Natural Annie Essentials Body Wash ($20.50) I love body washes and this one is a keeper! It put some pep in my step and that’s not an easy thing to do first thing in the morning.

Castile soap and olive oil form the base and eucalyptus, spearmint, and ginger essential oils provide the magnificent scent. It foamed well on my mesh sponge and rinsed cleanly away.

The Bomb Gals Restore & Relax Body Butter ($15) A luxurious body butter sounds perfect for helping soften skin after a shower. I encountered a bit of a problem though.

I would say this was more like a cream than a butter, and my skin absorbed it quickly without feeling greasy. There really was no scent to speak of, it just smelled like lotion. The problem I found was that there were particles of what may be plastic in the lotion, but I can’t tell where they came from. I rubbed it on my skin and felt the pieces, which were white, and ended up toweling the lotion off because it felt weird. I know that shea butter is one of the ingredients and that it can ball up but this was different and wouldn’t dissolve no matter how much I rubbed it.

Bath Blessing Peppermint Tea Tree Soap ($5?) I love mint and so, therefore, I love this soap.

The printing was a little wonky but the soap smells wonderful and stimulating. I appreciate that the color comes from parsley and not dye.

Spongelle Coconut Verbena ($9) I’ve received Spongellés in boxes before but usually, they are floral so I like that this one smells mostly of coconut.

This is the mini travel size and should be good for at least 5 uses. The sponge is infused with soap so you just wet it in the bath or under the shower stream and then rub it over skin to cleanse and gently exfoliate.

Natural Earth Cosmetics Shower Steamer ($3?) When you sign up you can choose to receive bath bombs, shower steamers, or both. I exclusively use my shower so I asked for shower steamers and received two different scents. I tried the Mental Focus one and it smelled good when I entered the shower but beware, as it melts it releases oils and may make your shower flower slippery.

Overall I was really pleased with the presentation and products in my first Bath Blessing Box! The body wash was my very favorite of the products but the other items will be used with the exception of the body lotion, I’m not sure why it had what felt like pieces of plastic in the container. I liked the checklist for blessing myself and my friends and family through small acts and although the scroll idea was cute it was hard to put into use since it was curled in different directions. The value for my items was around $52.50, which is more than the price paid for the box, plus shipping was free.

Are you getting the Bath Blessing Box?

Visit Bath Blessing Box to subscribe or find out more!

Bath Blessing Box

Bath Spa subscription for Bath and Shower Lovers! Artisan, natural, essential oil based products. Topped with relaxation inspiration and tips. 6-8 luxury bath and body treasures in our deluxe Sanctuary Box. Two smaller options also available. Focused on more natural and anti-aging ingredients.

Ships From US to US/CA/UK/AUS. ,
Shipping Free US Shipping.
99 per month

Get 10 % off First Order of Sanctuary Box! Use coupon code First10.


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