Barkbox November 2018 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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Barkbox is a monthly subscription box just for dogs. Each box has 4-6 dog products and is customized to the size of your pup, plus it has a cute theme that you and your dog will get a kick out of.

This Barkbox is for small dogs like our miniature schnauzers, Lindy and Dean, but you can get them for medium and large dogs too. Check out our Barkbox reviews for a peek at the big dog boxes! Plus, they now offerBarkbox SUPER CHEWER – the heavy chewer box!

DEAL: You can get a $10 credit to the Barkshop with your Barkbox subscription with promo code MS10X1213. 

A Christmas-themed packaging welcomed us upon opening the box!

There’s a cute envelope included in this month’s box.

It includes a letter addressed to us “from our dogs.”

It’s a fun letter!  I think all dog owners will relate to it. We’re so busy grumbling all the time that we are missing out on the fun of having dogs around us. And yes, time to check out the items!

BarkBox always does a great job of making the box decor, treat and toy selections fit the theme.

The theme of this month’s box was The Grinch! Here, they listed clues about some of the items we might find in the box.

The wrapper is just perfect for the holidays too. From trees to mountains and everything in between, it’s totally Seussical!

The surprise is found at the back which features these adorable dogs with a special reindeer antler! You know your dog is going to look GREAT!

“If I can’t find a Reindeer, I’ll make one instead!”  So he called his dog, Max. Then he took some red thread and he tied a big horn on the top of his head.”

Everything in this month’s super special Grinch box!

Barkbox Max’s Antler Plush. This antler can be worn by dogs for photo ops or any holiday festivities.

The headband is in red and the antler itself is in brown.

It fits our pup well! Dean is totally frozen by his antler, but he’s adorable!

Not so different than the story!

Barkbox Nutty Stu Plush ($10) The squeaking sound from Nutty Stu is making my pets bark with delight and anticipation.

What goes inside Nutty Stu? Well, it comes with a tube squeaker plus crinkle which complete the sound effects needed for our play time.

Nutty Stu has become quite a sensation with our pets.

It doesn’t matter whether your dog will bring it by its hair, or any part of the body because the toy is hardy and can withstand the constant pressure. I might need to clean it after a week or two depending on how battered it becomes.

Barkbox The Grinch Plush. I guess this box would not not be complete with a stuffed Grinch! If you are a fan of the Grinch, you’ll love the silly look of this squeaky toy for your pet. I don’t mind seeing him getting some love from the dogs. He keeps them happy, anyway.

What goes inside this toy? There is a disc squeaker that will sound off with every bite, a bungee rope that stretches with ease, and that fun crinkling sound. Everything about this toy is designed to keep our pets entertained.

This Grinch plush looks adorable, don’t you think? He may look sad here but he does give a lot of happiness to my pets. I like that the plush doesn’t hurt my dogs’ jaws when they bite on it.

It doesn’t matter whether you are going to look at it from the front, at the sides, or even at the back. Playing with your dog doesn’t have to be boring, especially when you have some fancy toys like these.

Happy Howie’s Beef Burger Chew ($2.99) If you want your pet to be responsive to your commands during training, this beef burger chew will be a good reward to give them. Made from real slow-cooked beef, it’s really tasty! At least that’s what Dean says!

You can see all the ingredients listed at the back of the pack as well as words of caution to pet owners. Make sure that you break this into small pieces that are easy to swallow to prevent choking.

From the looks of it, I understand why my pets keep staring at me and this treat. It’s soft and smells good, and I think they know they will be in for some tasty delights.

Barkshop Roast Beast Tis My Chicken Tisn’t Yours Dog Treats.   Well, the packaging is catchy already with the Grinch on it but Roast Beast? I cackled! This definitely puts me in the holiday spirit!

The treats are all bite-sized and made with chicken. It’s packed with protein and the dogs loved them!

It’s a wheat, soy, and corn free treat so it’s safe to give to your pets. These are great whether as snacks or as training treats.

Barkshop Roast Beast Chew On This Pork Dog Treats. It’s another pack of dog treats, but this time has a combination of roast beef and pork.

Smaller pieces mean it’s easier to feed them to our pups. We used them as training treats too!

Just like the previous dog treat, this is also free from wheat, corn, grain, and soy. It’s ideal even for pets with a sensitive stomach.

The box started off with a cute headdress, which will be useful for holiday photo ops with our beloved pups. We also got two squeaky toys, namely Nutty Stu and The Grinch, plus a burger chew and two bags of treats. I love that the treats are safe even for the sensitive dogs and that they are healthy too. This box is just full of surprises and I can say for sure – the BEST holiday themed box ever from Barkbox!

What did you think of Barkbox this month?

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