Zamplebox E-Juice October 2018 Subscription Box Review + Coupon!

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ZampleBox is a monthly e-juice/vaping subscription box. Every month you’ll receive 3 ($23.99), 6 ($33.99), or 11 ($53.99) premium, American-made e-liquid bottles. Zamplebox has a ton of juice preference features that allow them to deliver a box that is customized to your taste preferences.

This is a review of the 11 bottles $53.99 per month box.

All ZampleBox Memberships now include ZB Wholesale ($9.99/month value) for FREE! You’ll get access to special member-only vape deals as well as the wholesale shop.

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Also included in the box is an information sheet that lists all the e-juices in your box for the month.

Brand labeling on e-juice is notoriously cryptic, so it’s sometimes a bit of a challenge to match up the listings with the bottles.

Here are two exclusive stickers from Zamplebox! Most boxes include a straight on a logo-type sticker and one that is a little wilder.

ZampleBox also sent us a rating card.

You just have to pick your top 3 favorite e-juices, post it on social media, and tag ZampleBox for a chance to be featured!

Everything in the box!

Banana Cream By I-Liquids Premium Line ($15) Flavors: dessert, vanilla, pudding, banana

Banana cream is a creamy and smooth e-juice. It has hints of vanilla and pudding that compliments the banana really well.

Blue Raspberry Cloud By I-Liquids Classic Line ($15) Flavors: fruit, dessert, cotton candy, candy, blueberry, raspberry

Another sweet e-juice! It’s inspired by circus-style cotton candy. Vapor production is high with a low throat hit.

Legendary By Levels ($15) Flavors: dessert, banana bread, cake, banana

This one is for dessert vape fans. It’s like an old-fashioned banana cake, made more special by a sweet glaze.

Milk Of The Poppy By Vapetasia ($12) Flavors: Fruit, dessert, cream, rich milk, strawberry

As you inhale Milk of the Poppy, there’s a vibrant and sweet taste of strawberries. Upon exhale, it leaves an exquisite smoothness of cream in your throat. It’s the perfect mixture!

Strawberry Cream Cannoli By DSRT ($15) Flavors: fruit, cream, strawberry

Next is an e-juice boasting of a creamy inhale and a strawberry delight as you puff it out. There is plenty of smoke, but a low throat hit.

Vanilla Custard by I-Liquids Premium Line ($15) Flavors: dessert, cream, vanilla, French vanilla, vanilla bean custard

Vanilla Custard is perfect for those who want to vape something sweet but not too overpowering. It’s a popular e-juice blend and it’s not surprising why.

Beverly By Vape City Uptown Line ($15) Flavors: fruit, cucumber, blueberry, melon, watermelon, strawberry, spearmint

With a name like this, you are probably expecting some high-end taste to it, but it’s actually a bit toned down. The hints of blueberry and melon are fantastic, though.

Cannoli By Hundo ($15) Flavors: dessert, cream, bakery

Sweet and smooth, this e-juice captures the taste of cannoli perfectly. It has a high vapor production with low throat hit. Ideal as an after dinner vape.

Maxx Fritter By Maxx ($21) Flavors: dessert, cream, donut, apple

This e-juice has a surprisingly complex taste. It’s similar to a baked apple fritter that just came out of the oven. A bit doughy and a bit appley, and with a nice sweetness to it.

Strawberries & Cream By I-Liquids Premium Line ($15) Flavors: fruit, dessert, cream, strawberry

There are lots of takes on strawberries and cream, and this is one of the best. It has hints of ripe strawberry and there are different layers of creaminess to it too. It does produce a lot of smoke.

Vanilla Bean Ice Cream Sugar Cookie Sandwich By DSRT ($15) Flavors: dessert, cream, cookie

With every inhale and exhale, this vape juice gives the flavor of a vanilla bean ice cream. If you like milky and creamy vapes, this one’s for you!

This month’s box from Zamplebox contains several surprising flavors like the Strawberry Cream, Maxx Fritter, and Legendary. It’s a great subscription for vapers, whether newbies or veterans, because it delivers a wide variety of e-juices every month including highly recognized and award-winning vape brands from all over the world. You can even customize the juices you’ll receive depending on your taste preference, so it will be unlikely to receive a flavor you won’t like!

Are you getting this month’s Zamplebox?

Visit Zample Box to subscribe or find out more!


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