YumeTwins November 2018 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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YumeTwins is a monthly Kawaii subscription brought to you by the same people behind TokyoTreat. Every month, you’ll receive an assortment of super cute and adorable kawaii products from Japan which might include accessories, plushies, figures, keychains, stationeries, and other collectibles. All items are licensed merchandise from popular Japanese brands. The box is $35 per month.

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The theme for this box is Twinkling Transformation!

Here’s a short overview of this month’s theme and what to expect from the box.

Inside the magazine is a list of items with pictures and brief descriptions.

This month’s featured item is the Changing Pouch! You can also take a photo of it with your YumeTwins box for this month’s photo contest.

Everything in the November 2018 YumeTwins Box!

Sheep Microfiber Cleaner. This cleaner is so handy, I can use it in my car or have it ready for cleaning time at home!

Everything’s in Japanese, but thanks to the magazine, I know what this item is used for!

The sheep looks like it’s dozing off, it’s so kawaii!

It has microfibers that pick up dirt and dust. It also contains bamboo charcoal with deodorizing property that helps eliminate unwanted odor.

Costume Pet Plushie. Subscribers will get either a dog or a cat plushie. We got the dog and it’s adorable!

There are several variations of this costume pet plushie, and I’m really happy with what I got. Look at those puppy eyes!

The dog doesn’t quite look happy though, maybe he’s hungry for some adventures?

The dog is even wearing a cute bunny costume!

This is how it looks like when the hood is up! A dog with rabbit ears? Why not!

At the back, it does seem like a bunny, especially with that cute pom tail.

Sumikko Gurashi Peg Set. I can use some pegs to hang my photos or notes on the string I set up in my bedroom, just above my working table.

The pegs come in three, with four possible designs. I got several poses of Neko with Zassou the shrub.

Neko is a chubby calico cat, and the design in the center is what it is most likely to do to feel safe: snugly covered inside a pouch!

I wish I had more of these pegs because I have a lot to hang!

Sailor Moon Cleaner Cloth. This is really nostalgic! Sailormoon is one of the most popular anime from Japan, and is well-known around the globe. Subscribers will get one out of five designs: Sailor Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus. We got Sailor Jupiter!

The packaging for this cleaner cloth is quite clever. The cloth itself forms the Sailor skirt.

When unfolded, it reveals a circular cloth ready for some cleaning action!

“Jupiter power, make up!” Now I can hear her inside my mind with this transformation phrase! The cloth also features some of the Sailor Soldier’s items like her transformation pen and star power stick.

Kawaii Mini Mini Memo. It’s useful to have mini notebooks or notepads inside my bag or purse for sudden ideas that I need to write down. This one is really handy and kawaii!

Subscribers can get Mochi Mochi Panda, Yeast Ken, or Animal Life. I got the oh-so-adorable Mochi Mochi Panda!

Each page has different images of Mochi Mochi Panda, along with its friends. It’s the perfect tear-off memo pad!

Kawaii Changing Pouch. Here’s this month’s featured item, the Kawaii Changing Pouch! Subscribers can get Sanrio, San-X, or Doraemon characters. We got My Melody!

The back of the pouch is all pink, paired with a cool blue zipper enclosure.

The other side features a sequined My Melody design.

Just look at how adorable our little rabbit looks with her big blue bow and pink hood.

Wow! Upon swiping against the sequins, it changes to a gothic scene, and there’s My Melody’s enemy, Kuromi!

You can make them appear together on the surface by just swiping their sides to reveal each character! It’s so kawaii!

It’s another box full of cuteness! YumeTwins is definitely one of the cutest boxes I look forward to each month. I always can’t wait to see what kawaii stuff they’re sending us, and when I get my hands on the items, I am never disappointed. My favorite this month is definitely the pouch. I can use it to store small items, like my cables and clips. Its changing design is awesome too. For those who collect, or just love anything cute, this box is just perfect!

What do you think of YumeTwins this month?

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