We Craft Box October 2018 Subscription Box Review + Coupons!

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We Craft Box is a craft subscription for kids. Each box comes with a themed story to inspire your children, and 2 to 3 prepared kids crafts with multiple blanks so parents or siblings can craft along. All materials are included (with the exception of scissors).

Crafters can sign up for a month-to-month, three-month, six-month or annual subscription that automatically renews. All plans can also be sent as a gift that does not renew. A month-to-month subscription starts at $29.99 per month and includes free shipping.


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There is an information card that described the activity through a lovely poem! This is a super fun and engaging way to start the craft.

Subscribe and share your creation online and get a chance to win a We Craft Box for free!

Also included is an instruction guide, supported by images of the steps. We have four activities in store for us. All the materials needed are included in the box.

Everything you need in the box!

#1: Little Monsters

To make the little monsters, we’ll need some paper bags, art stickers, some squiggles to make their frizzy hair, and tissue paper as stuffing.

There are 3 little monsters to work on. My 3 little monsters sweethearts started out with designing their own monsters by attaching the art stickers.

After sticking some decorations and frizzies, the kids started stuffing the monsters with some tissue paper.

Here are the three little monsters, ready to attack… Nope! They look adorable than scary! I love how each monster has a unique look and character.

They used the squiggles as hair and it’s funny that the monster in the middle only has a couple of strands!

#2: Monster Headbands

To make the headband, you’ll also need a boa, pipe cleaner, antenna, and the monster eyes!

We wrapped the boa around the headband and secured it with the pipe cleaner.

We made two headbands! Here’s how they look like after it’s done!

The kids added eyes on each band too. Here they are posing for the camera!

#3: Blow Monster Art

To make the monster art, we’ll need some colors, canvasses, glue, googly eyes, and straws.

Again, each of my kids got his/her own canvass.

After dropping some colors on their canvasses, each grabbed a straw and blew away!

After some blows here and there, their art is almost finished. Just some googly eyes and they’re ready for display!

Look at that creativity. The monster ink art looks awesome! Each of my kids did their best and the results were fantastic!

#4: Blow Monster Art Gallery

After finishing up the monster crafts, we’re ready to put them on this display in this mini art gallery! We’ll be using the craft box, and they even provided easels for the art pieces.

Even the box received some cool decorations!

All the decorating pieces left from the monster-making were used for the art gallery. My kids, like all children, are obsessed with tape. (It’s not part of the box.)

This three-eyed monster ink art looks terrific!

The other monster ink arts were attached to the gallery’s “wall.”

Our display is now ready for viewing!

We put the little monsters on display as well!

This is such a fun Halloween themed activity box! It is not only enjoyable and engaging, but it also showcases my kids’ artistic side! Personally, I love the monster blow ink activity, it’s where they can design their canvas how they want, and each of their finished artwork looks fantastic. It’s really a fun bonding activity for our family. Also, it’s just heartwarming to see my kids enjoying what they’re doing. This box is definitely worth a try as it develops not only your kids’ creativity but other positive traits in them as well!

What do you think of this month’s box?

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