The Gentleman’s Box November 2018 Review & Coupon

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The Gentleman’s Box is a monthly men’s subscription box providing the required essentials for the savvy man. Boxes contain specially-selected items that range from accessories to grooming. When you subscribe, you also receive a subscription to GQ magazine, which is delivered separately through the mail.

TIP: This box is still available through the last day of the month!

There is the signature gold seal of the Gentleman’s Box holding the wrapper together. The presentation is simple and elegant, making this a great ready-to-gift subscription.

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All the items are neatly packed and wrapped in white paper. They usually have a some interior packaging to protect any watches, cufflinks, or other delicate items.

Each box includes a copy of The Gentleman’s Post, a well-designed booklet describing the products in the box and offering styling suggestions for each one.

The Gentlemen’s Post walks through everything in the box, and more. There is a handy table of contents that gives a quick list of the contents and the total retail value of the box. They regularly have a feature that introduces us to members of the Gentleman’s Box team.

Each month is dedicated to someone who has had a significant influence on culture or fashion. This month’s box is dedicated to honoring “Our Favorite Secret Agent” and emulates the style of Daniel Craig, the current James Bond.

The booklet starts off with a style guide to give you some visual cues on wear and pairing options.

I really like the layout of the product guide, it’s so clear and informative!

A page is dedicated to each item — they include the usual picture and blurb, but they also include a handy section denoting the level of attire (e.g. formal, business, casual) for which the item is appropriate, as well as colors that best complement it. They also sometimes have discount promotions littered throughout.

The styling tips are really helpful! This month had a roundup of items from past boxes assembled into a Winter wardrobe.

The Feel Good section is all about having healthy holidays at home.

This month’s Gentleman’s Tip:

A gentleman knows that if he’s helping someone and expecting something in return. He’s doing business, not kindness.

Occasionally they include additional promotions. Here’s a coupon from Scotch Porter.

At the back of the card are more details on the deal. I dislike the use of the term “on us” when you have to pay something. They should heed Gentlemen’s Tip #151!

Everything in my November box!

Urban Haberdash Lapel Pin ($15) No suit will be complete for formal events without a lapel pin. This month’s lapel pin takes any suit to a whole new level of class and style. The white rose is exquisite looking and will definitely catch anyone’s eye too.

It’s a pretty straightforward lapel pin with a cover for the bottom so as not to prick myself while wearing it.

Urban Haberdash Tie ($30) This sleek black tie is a classic. It’s made from high quality materials and it has a luxurious feel.

There are two loops that keep the longer tie from flying around.

The interior lining has a noice striped pattern. No one will really see it, but you’ll know it’s there.

I may not be a connoisseur when it comes to neckties, but one look at this and I know that I am getting my money’s worth. You can wear it to work or reserve it for more formal occasions. Either way, I love it!

Meyash Socks ($12) To match the tie, this month’s socks come in a dark color too. It has small white specks that appear like dots from afar.

It’s made of 80% cotton, 17% polyamide, and 3% elastane.

The cuffs, heels, and toes of the socks are in pure black. It’s soft and comfortable on my feet, I can wear it all day!

Barrel Brands Vanilla Hair & Skin Oil ($10) As the name suggests, this oil can be used on both hair and skin. It can be applied on your beard, used as a tattoo oil, and even as a moisturizer. It is a unique combination of vitamin E oil along with natural ingredients such as patchouli, Texas cedar, Madagascar vanilla beans, and others. This is a great product for Movember and No-Shave November participants!

Vintage Gentlemen Watch ($55) The watch arrived with its own classic black box.

I like its simple and sleek look!

The leather strap perfectly complements the silver clock face. It has an inset calendar reel too.

It’s adjustable and comfortable to wear, using a standard buckle fastener.

Even from the back, you can tell that this watch is made from high-quality materials and it is exquisitely made too.

I love the size of the clock face of this watch, as it is big on the wrist and the time can be clearly seen. It’s lightweight too.

Everything complements each other well! As one would suspect with a 007 themed box, the items are in a fashionable black and geared toward the formal.

I am happy with The Gentleman’s Box this month because all the items, except for the lapel pin, came in black. What stood out for me the most is the vintage watch with its elegant watch face and sleek leather strap. The socks are comfortable on my feet and are not that loud or have too much going on in it in terms of design. I thought this month’s theme was a great way to work some restrained, elegant, and classic gear into a subscription that normally strives to add some flair to boring workday attire.

Have you tried Gentleman’s Box?

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