The Bouqs November 2018 Review & Coupon

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The Bouqs is an online flower shop that also offers floral subscriptions. Whether by subscription or one-off orders, you can choose a bouquet of flowers, which are grown in rich South American soil, and get beautiful flowers delivered to your doorstep. Ordering is simple and hassle-free. If you’re interested in a subscription, that will knock 20% off your ongoing deliveries.

DEAL: You can try code NEWB15 (all caps required!) to get 15% off or WELCOME10 for a 10% discount on your first delivery.

If you prefer a subscription, you can easily set your deliveries for every week, every 2 weeks, every month, or every 2 months. When you subscribe you select a Bouqs aesthetic (Farmer’s Market, The Classics, Volcano Roses, or Simply the Best) and the size of bouquet you prefer – Original, Deluxe, or Grand ($32, $44, $56). Instead of a subscription, you can also pre-schedule deliveries for important occasions.

This is a review of the Farmer’s Market subscription. For November, we received the “The Flamingo” Bouq. This is a review of the double size!

The packaging is simple and straightforward.

The flower care instructions are included with the packaging. I strongly suggest trimming stems and putting them into the water straight away. This collection of flowers didn’t appear to require flower food, as none was included (though it has been provided in the past when we’ve gotten roses and other arrangements).

You can also win free flowers from them!

To get a chance to win, just post a photo on social media platforms and use the hashtag #BOUQLOVE.

These flowers were sourced from eco-friendly farms on the Cayambe volcano in Ecuador. It’s good to know that these blooms are sustainably farmed.

The box comes with its own gift card in case you will be giving it as a gift to someone.

Inside the gift card is your note as well as care and design instructions.

The bouquet of flowers has been carefully packed and tied together at the stems so it is still fresh when you open them. This system keeps the flowers away from the walls of the box, so they don’t get beat up when jostled in transit.

I love how these bouquets arrive fresh at our door!

Our sub is for a Deluxe order, so it has two 12-stem mixed bunches. You can get an Original (12 stem) or Grande (36 stem).

They’re all looking good, can’t wait for them to bloom beautifully!

This beauty here is called The Flamingo. It is a tropical mix of red ginger, mini bananas, wool flowers, and some accents.

Everything in my box!

Here are some of the beauties that are included in this month’s bouquet, and we separated them stem by stem.

They arrive with very long stems, so you can trim them to fit your vase of choice. I trimmed all the stems at an angle to get some healthy vascular action and extend the life of the blooms.

I placed and arranged the blooms in my vase with the right amount of water.

Most of the bouquets from Bouqs arrive in partial-bud form so it may take some days for you to see them in full bloom.

This is a great way to ship these flowers, as most won’t really hold up to their beautiful form if shipped already in full bloom. Patience is the key.

Your patience will pay off after a couple of days!

The red gingers’ colors are so brilliant, and I love the addition of the mellow-colored pink wool flowers, it goes well with the others.

Aside from the mini bananas, it’s really refreshing to see the greens enveloping the blooms like they’re protecting them.

The flowers stayed fresh and vibrant for many days. I can’t help but stop and admire at their beauty. The pink wools really added beauty to the whole bunch as they set off the more vibrant red gingers. Plus the plant is so delicate looking!

The Bouqs never fails to send fantastic fresh flowers to our home. I believe this subscription is worth a try, especially for people who love to decorate their home with fresh and beautiful blooms. I love how I am able to see the flowers bloom, from their partial-bud stage to their full bloom stage. The flowers came fresh from the farms of Ecuador, and these farmers also have a mission: to actively protect the Amazon jungle by conserving native species for future generations.  We loved this selection and can’t wait for the next Bouq!

What do you think of The Bouqs?


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