Supernatural Box Fall 2018 Review

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Join Sam, Dean, and Castiel with the only officially licensed Supernatural Box! Each premium box will deliver over $100 worth of collectibles, apparel, accessories, and more directly to your door – only $49.99 per quarter!

This box is priced at $49.99 per quarter, a bit less on an annual subscription. Our box was individually numbered out of a run of 3000.

Join the Winchester brothers and feel like one of the family with this amazing assortment of premium collectibles, apparel and artifacts from Supernatural, delivered four times a year, right to your doorstep. You won’t get these exclusive items anywhere else, not even in a  deal with a Crossroads Demon.

The info card also mimics the cool cover design from the box lid.

It includes a list of all the items with photos.

Everything inside the Fall 2018 box!

Supernatural Temporary Tattoo. They gave us not only one but four temporary tattoos. If you want to be safe from demons, this anti-possession symbol will work its charm and can be shared with your friends too.

The box also includes a Culturefly custom print.

Crowley Print. It’s a good quality print of Crowley. At one point, he became the King of Hell because he helps the Winchester brothers put Lucifer in a cage. Too bad his character is not around anymore — I always enjoyed him and, apart from Cass, he had the best rapport with Dean. With the way people come back from the dead on this show, I wouldn’t be surprised if he made an appearance at some point in the future.

Charm Bracelet & Anti-Possession Charm. Because the anti-possession charm temporary tattoos can fade, this bracelet will make sure you’re still covered!

It has two clasp hooks and two different sizes of chains attached to each other. It can be adjusted if you want to. I like the chain they used for this — if is nice and thick and feels fairly durable.

The symbol of the charm is etched perfectly and the design is clear.

Ruby’s Demon-Killing Knife Necklace. Last time, they were sending knife replicas, now they are sending it as a charm in a necklace. Ruby was a big part of the early seasons, and she even came back to betray the Winchesters after a season or three hiatus. This is the second time we’ve gotten a Ruby’s knife item, so I’m wondering if we might see her again at some point. She’s actually really an easy character to bring back from a show-runner perspective, as she’s shown herself willing to change vessels.

This can also be adjusted to your liking. The necklace has a long chain with a hook clasp as a lock.

The details of the knife are etched clearly. It is also attached to the chain by two little hoops so the charm sits level when worn.

Crowley Figure. Where’s our Sam figure? Just kidding. I’m glad they’re honoring Crowley with a figure, because he did so much to help the protagonists over many seasons.

It’s a good thing the figurine has pupils now. Compared to the other vinyl figurines they sent us with white eyes only, this is the least creepy.

I can’t help but admire the details, even the back of the coat has a crease. This is a worthy collectible. The details of the vinyl figure capture the essence of the character.

They didn’t even overlook the fact that he has a receding hairline. They just have to get that important detail down.

Look at him being so serious.

He’s not fully perfect, but close.

Sucrocorp Syrup Dispenser. This will be the next home for your tasty syrups, courtesy of Dick Roman!

To be honest it doesn’t look durable. The glass is fine, but the top is a little flimsy. I do like the witty nod to Sucrocorp from the Leviathan storyline.

It’s handwash only.

There’s a slide mechanism at the top for easy pouring of syrup. I was surprised at how well the mechanism worked.

Dia de Los Muertos themed Supernatural Pillow Case. The elaborate design is in a black backdrop with little red pompoms as lining.

Crowley is at the side of Dean, looking fierce as ever.

Castiel is being angelic and heavenly at Sam’s side.

The brothers are sporting their trademark smolder and glower, respectively. They both have the anti-possession charm and the print does an incredible job even capturing their subtle expressions.

There are roses, candles, and skulls which add spookiness to the whole pillow.

It’s a unique and eccentric pillowcase but Supernatural fans would understand.

Salt & Burn Shirt. This shirt looks like ordinary wear from the front, other than the label at the bottom.

The comfortable shirt fits me well.

It looks really simple as the different shades of green makes the details, like the lining of the shirt and the pocket, pop out.

The faded design is simple and subtle at the back. It can be a go-to everyday wear, as the innocuous front means no one will be staring at a pentagram while you talk to them.

I’ve been waiting on that Sam vinyl figurine for a while now but I’m not complaining about the Crowley figurine either. I appreciate the multiple temporary tattoos they gave us plus the matching bracelet and necklace. The pillowcase is a bit outlandish on its design but if we think about it, everything about Supernatural is out of the norm. The Crowley print looks like an activist poster and the syrup dispenser is kind of random but showed the range of selection in the box — I love it when they have nods to certain storylines or specific episodes among the items. The t-shirt’s design is subtle but interesting to see for Supernatural fans. I also like the green color of the shirt. Overall, this box is a hit and I’m looking forward to their surprise items for the next quarter!

What do you think of the Supernatural Box?

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