Spiritual Guru October 2018 Subscription Box Review

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Spiritual Guru box is a new monthly subscription box of spiritually inspired items specifically picked to enhance your spiritual experience. Each box will contain a mix of 5-7 items that can include: spiritual or growth tools, a high vibration crystal or stone, essential oil spray or roll on, scented candle, boho jewelry, mala beads or other adornments, figurine or other mystical items. Many of the products are made by skilled artisans, natural or organic, cruelty-free, and eco-friendly. The box is 100% Vegan and cruelty-free.

Every new subscriber will receive the initial “Raise Your Vibration” theme box. Previous boxes are also available as one-time purchase in their store.

I’m always excited to dig in this box with all the fun colors and the Good Vibes that come from it!

This month’s theme is Meditation. The information card explains how you could receive a free gift in your next box by sharing a picture of your box on Instagram. Every month, we also receive our personalised oracle card from the Crystal angels Oracle Card. Mine is Clear Quartz to remind me to let myself feel all me emotions.

The information card details everything about this month’s items.

Everything in the box!

Hematite Mala Bead bracelets. The last couple of boxes, we received Mala necklaces, so I was quite happy to have something for my wrists! I love the simplicity of hematite, even thought the beads are heavier than other gemstones.

They are lovely together, or you could wear them one per wrists. I have small wrists, so they are a bit too big for me but I really like them.

Crystal Quartz Geode. Geodes are a hollow rock lined with crystals. My geodes was “broken” in three pieces, but I know that some subscribers got their’s in two pieces. Of course, it was broken on purpose to showcase the lovely quartz crystals!

Once again, I’m impressed by the size of the stone we received. Once closed, the geodes is the size of my hand!

And opened, you can see all the small crystals.

It’s hard to properly show the lovely crystals, because they are so many of them! They are so shiny! Crystal Quartz are helpful for meditation has they help raise our spiritual vibration and enhance any emotions that we have, and they can work with every chakra we want.

Tibetan Singing Bowl.  I love the sound of a Tibetan Singing Bowl. I found it soothing, relaxing and pure. You can use the bowl before and after a meditation to raise your vibration. At first, it might take some times to understand how to make it sing, and you have to learn to LET it sign and not force the sound.

Put the bowl in your non-dominant hand, and the mallet in your dominant one. The movement is with the arm, not the wrist. So keep your wrist steady and get the mallet all around the bowl, at the widest part. Some bowls will need a fast movement around until they start singing, then they want you to slow down a bit.

I love the design on this bowl with the gold and black colors. I’ll admit that my bowl was hard to get singing, even with a cushion underneath. I found out that it was easier with a different mallet. It was also a very “fast” bowl, meaning I had to move really fast around it.

Meditation Scarf. This is such a lovely scarf! I really like the soft green color, with the design in purple/plum color.

It’s quite a large one as well, making it easier to wrap around oneself for meditation. It’s made of a light and soft cotton. You can also sit on it, or use it as a table cloth under your crystals.

Spiritual Guru Meditation Candle. This month’s candle has notes of Frankincense, Myrrh and Sandalwood, all grounding fragrances.

It has some pyrite dust on top, giving it a festive look.

These are all the possible stones you may have gotten in your candle.

I’m always excited to receive my Spiritual Guru Box. I’m amazed by the variety of items, and they are things that I would have actually bought for myself (or wish I had!) I love my new scarf and the singing bowl is lovely. I’m happy that we received bracelets this month instead of a Mala for some nice variety. The value is always amazing and it’s probably one of my favorite subscription boxes as it’s full of good vibes, originality and I’m excited to see what else we will receive.

What do you think of this subscription? Let us know in the comments!

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