Pet Treater Cat Pack November 2018 Subscription Box Review + Coupon

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Pet Treater is a subscription program that treats your cat every month with quality items like toys and treats. The Pet Treater Cat Pack is $12.99 a month plus shipping is free. The items are sent in a plastic bag but so far all of my items have arrived in perfect condition.

Everything in this box!

I received a coupon code to save 50% off a pillow featuring a picture of my pet.

DEAL: Get 50% off your first month! Use coupon code CATPACK50.

There wasn’t really a product information card, but I did find a card with the monthly Pet Treater Pick of the Litter. It also gave instructions on how your cat could become next month’s superstar.

The back of the card mentioned that Pet Treater now has an online shop!

Pet Treater sends the best punny stickers! My daughter has started a collection on her closet door.

Cat It Terra Toys – SIMILAR ($7.42) My older cat LOVES raffia balls so I would expect to find her playing with this toy frequently.

See, I knew Zoey would go for this one first!

Kathy Ireland Catnip Sachet ($10.69) I was a little confused by this product. It is either a toy for my cats, or a fancy sachet to store catnip in, as opposed to a plain plastic bag or tin. When I opened it up it contained a plastic bag of, what else, catnip. It also says that this is not a toy and to keep away from pets.

We are rebels.

My cats had trouble sharing this month.

Sunny would play with the toys.

Then Zoey would stare her down.

Then Sunny would play again.

Spot & Socks Cat Toy Some of the toys sent are well out of production, and this one said it was made in 2013. It doesn’t have catnip in it and it seems ok to me.

Sunny really liked it.

Zoey kind of liked it.

Sunny really enjoyed biting the tag. I think she liked the noise the tag made. The toy has a bell inside.

Meow Love Snack For Cats In Tuna Flavor ($0.89) The snacks I receive in this box are never expired. This one is similar to dried cat food and I only expected one cat to eat it, since Zoey doesn’t eat snacks.

Sunny is now trained so well that as soon as I turn my lights around to take her picture she looks for a snack. She knows what’s coming.

She will even eat out of my hand.

Well surprise, surprise! Look who wanted a snack!

Zoey only eats dry cat food and since this was so similar she ate it up!

I think my cats were very happy with their Pet Treater Cat Pack! The toys were pretty classic and the snack was a hit with both cats. I had fun just watching them play together and was surprised to see them get territorial over “their” toys.

Are you getting this month’s Pet Treater Cat Pack? 

Visit Pet Treater Cat Pack to subscribe or find out more!


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