Mickey Monthly Subscription Box Review + Coupon – October 2018

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Mickey Monthly is a monthly Disney-themed subscription box. They offer snack boxes, souvenir boxes, and combo boxes with a mix of both types of items! Mickey Monthly selects items from a large selection of WDW souvenirs and treats and now offers many different subscriptions, with different size options (plus you can specify age and gender).

This is a review of the Mickey Size Theme Park edition combo box from Mickey Monthly!

Mickey Monthly offers various subscriptions for Disney fans. Monthly mystery boxes can include Disney pins, officially licensed Disney items, and Disney Parks items. Check the bottom of this post for a complete breakdown of their different subscriptions!

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Disney Coasters ($14.99) – As part of the Twenty Eight & Main collection these are 24 coasters in 6 different designs.  While I don’t make my kids use coasters I do love to have them around the house. I love the look and feel of them and how they seem to make an end table look like it has a purpose.

Since I just made fastpasses for my next trip this week these coasters are holding a spot in my heart. They are so iconic and classic looking.

Hidden Mickeys Book ($10.87) – Do you know what Hidden Mickeys are? They are different Mickey Mouse shapes hidden in designs and rides all over Walt Disney World. They are so fun to look for and fine. I have not really looked for them in years. I mean I know the classics and the ones that are always there but to really be on the hunt I haven’t done. We are taking this on one our next trip and letting the boys really go to town and see how many we can find.

Peanut Butter Banana Chocolate Bar – These bars are so good. I’ve yet to find a flavor that I don’t like. I need to add these to my to buy list for my Jan trip.

Chocolate Mickey Ears – Yes! These are a splurge that I will get when I’m on vacation. I’m not a huge chocolate eater in general but when they are shaped like a Mickey hat I just can’t refuse.

Being the huge Disney nerd that I am the Mickey Monthly box is a favorite. I can never get enough Disney in my life and getting a fun box each month helps tide me over between trips. I love all the different varieties that they offer so you can get whatever one works for you. They send things I wouldn’t always look for when at the parks myself but are so perfect when I get them home.  What a great way to keep the Disney spirit alive in us all!

What do you think of this month’s Mickey Monthly?

Visit Mickey Monthly to subscribe or find out more!

Here’s a little more detail about all the available Mickey Monthly boxes!

Theme Park Edition contains items from Disney Parks and has three varieties + a limited-time box:

  • Fairy ($29.99/mo) – A limited-time box which is a surprise mix of 2-4 basic Disney Parks items.
  • Mickey ($49.99/mo) – A surprise mix of 2-6 basic and medium Disney Parks items.
  • Castle ($79.99/mo) – A surprise mix of 2-8 basic, medium and large Disney Parks items.
  • Kingdom ($199.99/mo) – A huge mix of 4-12 surprise basic, medium and large Disney Parks items.

Pin Edition are all about Disney trading pins and has two varieties:

  • PinPal ($6.49/mo) – This gives you one, gently used Disney Trading pin that has endured the proud tradition of being traded by other pin collectors.
  • PinPro ($12.95/mo) – Get one shiny, brand new pin, every month. Guaranteed new and tradeable.
  • PinTastic ($19.95/mo) – One brand new pin with backing. Pins in this package are currently being sold at Disney Parks and are open edition.
  • PinCollector ($29.95/mo) – Includes one of the current month’s Limited Edition pins.

Original Mickey Monthly contains Disney Parks souvenirs + snacks and offers two options:

  • Classic ($19/mo) – A surprise mix of 2-6 basic and middle sized souvenirs (quantity varies based on value).
  • Magic ($39/mo) – A surprise mix of 4-10 basic, middle and big souvenirs and snacks (quantity varies based on value).

Snack Edition are all about Disney-inspired munchies and offers three options:

  • Fairy ($29.99/mo) – 2-4 mystery snacks
  • Mickey ($49.99/mo) – 3-8 mystery snacks
  • Castle ($79.99/mo) – 4 to 12 mystery snacks


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    If you love Mickey you will love this box!